The Lost Art of Letter Writing

I’ll admit it, I rarely (if ever) hand write notes or letters. I’ll buy a card jot a quick “Thinking of you, we love you” and send it on it’s way in an envelope with a printed return address label.

It’s a lost art, really. I don’t think many people sit down to actually write pages and pages – we email, we make phone calls, we text, Facebook….we do just about everything BUT actual writing with our hands!

So when Tiny Prints contacted me to ask me to do a review of their products, I initially almost didn’t do it because I thought they only did invitations and holiday cards. Luckily, I checked out tinyprints website, and found that they offer many types of invitations, cards, and stationary.

I had been wanting to buy some personalized stationary because Jason’s grandma is a letter writer, and expects a letter in return. I can type and send her 3 pages of what is going on in our lives…but she wants it handwritten so I can usually only manage to sit down and write (maybe) a page. I’d like that page to be on pretty paper, not on notebook paper.

tinyprints is the source for chic and modern stationery for all life occasions. I decided to review some stationary with return addressed envelopes because I needed them and knew I would use them. I was expecting some nice stationary that looked like it was cheaply produced…I was REALLY wrong about that!

The card stock that the stationary is printed on is high quality, and looks expensive although it’s actually very affordable. The selection was huge, and the selection and creation process was very easy and user friendly. Once I had placed my order, they sent me proofs of exactly what I ordered to confirm that the stationary was what I wanted and expected…and that I didn’t screw up any spelling or numbers. Within just days after I approved the proofs, I received my order.

I know that I will use tinyprints again, and hope that you will check them out – I highly suggest that you do! Right now, they is offering free shipping on any order over $45, so hurry up to get that deal!You can also follow tinyprints on Twitter and on Facebook.

And so it goes…

I’m guest posting over at Theta Mom on Tuesday! Please go check it out – it’s all about why every single blogger should be using Twitter!

I received free Tiny Prints stationary for hosting this review and giveaway. All opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced by any other source. I was not compensated to provide an opinion of the product or Tiny Prints.


  1. This is something I will tell my wife about. She might be interested.
  2. I love love love this company!!!! Jealous that you were the chosen one though ;)
  3. I didn't know they did stationery either. Personalized stationery was on my Christmas list because I hate scribbling a note to Buddy's teacher on a scrap piece of paper.
  4. Oooh, kind of jealous that you got to do such a fun review! I love personalize stationary. I still do handwritten thank yous (for myself and the kids - which includes my husband, LOL) and also occasionally write a little note to my grandma, because I know she loves getting things in the mail. I will check out Tiny Prints; I have always just thought of them in terms of invitations/announcements/holiday cards!
  5. I am like an old-lady.. I like soap and stationary. They make the BEST gifts for me. The lousy thing is that though I have said this a million times, the only people who "get" it are my sister in laws... never hubbie. I guess its a girl thing?

    I know lots of moms who have used tinyprints. I understand they do a great job- though I have never used them myself.
  6. Sippy Cup Mom says:
    I love Tiny Prints! Cute stationary!
  7. samantharogers says:
    I swoon at all things stationary. Fancy paper and envelopes and all the lovely things that go with them. Nifty pens. Oh the time I can spend seeking out new and amazing writing products. Great review.
  8. heidi @ wonder woman wannabe says:
    letter writing really is a lost art, isn't it? I sure to love getting one though! With texting and tweeting email is on it's way to being a 'lost art' as well.

    Speaking of tweeting - enjoyed your theta mom feature! :)

  9. I'm in puffy hearted love with Tiny Prints.
  10. Megan (Best of Fates) says:
    Ooh - I love the idea of letter writing. Now if only I wasn't too lazy...

    (though as I pointed out in today's post, that's one of the many ways Valentine's Day is saving America)

    (Yeah, I went a little weird today. Even for me.
  11. Love Tiny Prints...such cute stuff! I used them for both of my kids birth announcements.
  12. Practical Parenting says:
    I love Tiny Prints notecards! I order from them often. I keep hearing about you and just saw your post on Theta Mom...great post! I'm following now and look forward to catching up!

    Practical Parenting
  13. I use Tiny Prints for my world famous Christmas Cards. It's probably not what they had in mind for their product, but I am still a very good customer.
  14. LeeLee Loves Cards says:
    Here Here! This really caught my eye because of the title. It's so true, people don't right letters any more, and it's a shame. You've inspired me to maybe make a change for myself and get those handwritten notes out to people! I've stumbled and bookmarked your site for my visitors (I have a photo book, photo card site--I am absolutely HOOKED on this stuff!!). Wonderful Tiny Prints review too. I love those guys! Their cards are amazing. Thanks!
  15. I love getting written letters...I learned to love in while in college, and then when hubby was in Iraq it was the highlight of my week (or month...depending upon how quickly the mail traveled). It's a beautiful sentiment...old fashioned, perhaps...but elegant and beautiful!
  16. I love Tiny Prints and have ordered from them before. They did a beautiful job with our son's birth announcement.

    As a side note, I love receiving anything in the mail that isn't junk or bills. :)
  17. I see Tiny Prints A LOT at Christmas time. They do make the cutest stuff!
  18. I LOVE Tiny Prints! I have used them for years, since my 4 year old was born. Party invites, Xmas cards and baby announcements. Now I'm gonna look into their personalized stationery! I am all about personally hand written notes for the added special touch.