Ms. L’s First Teeth

Funny story…or maybe I want to laugh so I don’t cry because I feel guilty. We were at my sister A’s house the other day. Her daughter Ms. S is exactly one month older than the twins, so Ms. S’s 8 months old and the twins are 7 months old. Sister A told me that Ms. S is finally getting her first tooth!
I say finally here because Ms. S is already crawling, climbing, walking around things while holding on, starting to let go and stand on her own….Ms. S’s going to be walking any day now. The twins aren’t even sitting up yet!! I know, I know….they were born 5 weeks early so technically I should be tracking their development at what a 6 month old is doing and from that standpoint, they are right on track.
But I digress…back to the teeth. I told Sister A that the girls do not have any teeth in sight and are not even showing any symptoms of teething (sidenote: we refer to the twins as “the girls”, “little mommies”, or “the sissies” but rarely refer to them as “the twins”. But I digress again! I’m really bad at that today). Then today, hubby, Tater, and I are having lunch. I tell hubby that Ms. S is getting ready to break her first tooth. Hubby replies by asking if ours are getting close to doing the same. I say no…but as I say no, I put my finger in Ms. L’s mouth because she’s on my lap. And what do I find? Her two bottom teeth are poking through!
When did this happen? Where’s all the drool? My perfect angel was not being cranky, grouchy, or any different than usual! Her little nose had been running a little; shouldn’t that have been my sign (as Larry the Cable Guy would say!)? I feel so bad that I didn’t know; I feel like I missed out on a milestone!
Ms.L, congratulations on getting your first teeth…two of them at the same time! You are getting so big, so fast. I love you, little mommy!
Cheerios and teething biscuits here we come!
And so it goes…