Lila & Mia’s First S’mores


Remember last year when I posted about Ethan eating his first s’more? It was love at first bite, and to be honest, I don’t know many kids that don’t like s’mores! So this year while camping in Kings Canyon, I thought it would be cool to have the girls try their first s’mores there.

Mia with a death grip on those Hershey's chocolate bars!

Once we explained to the girls what s’mores are and how we make them, they could hardly contain their excitement!

They were most excited about the Hershey’s chocolate and I’m pretty sure we could’ve busted that out all by itself and they would have been perfectly content.

But I wanted to capture them getting their first bites of an ooey-gooey marshmallow melting into that Hershey’s chocolate, all sandwiched between graham crackers. Because there really isn’t anything better, is there?

We had enough for everybody around the campfire to have a s’more or two.

Since most of the kids camping were way too little to be wielding sticks around and into the fire all at the same time, so to avoid any accidents we got my niece Nikki to help the kids make their marshmallows. A debate ensued over which is better: burnt or lightly toasted. I say burnt all the way.

The s’mores were constructed, and it was time for the girls’ first bites. And what better way to experience your first s’more than around a campfire, right? So I thought I’d catch the experience on video. The lighting is really bad, but you’ll get the idea. Here’s the girls taking their first s’mores bite.

And while in one of those big warehouse stores recently, I found this beauty:

Seems perfect if you are feeding the masses like we were. We do have a fire pit in our backyard…I might just have to bust this kit out as an occasional treat when the kids have been really good. Because let’s face it, for as fun and yummy as s’mores are, they sure are messy!

This post is part of my participation in the HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE campaign. All opinions expressed are mine.


  1. I'm pretty sure your girls were thinking "um mommy this is the best thing ever, why are you making me talk to you when I should be eating?" I told my kids we were going to have S'mores last winter when we went to the mountains and we got there and found out that there was a fire ban. Oops! We ate them cold and they didn't care! Gotta love kids! Twingle Mommy recently posted..Be. Wines ReviewMy Profile
  2. CJ just managed his first s'more, with a LOT of adult supervision (I may have been too drunk to adequately supervise the marshmallow toasting at the time . . . though I'm a "thoroughly toasted without ever burning" preferrer . . . until it's time to actually toast the marshmallow and I find that I'm far, far, far too impatient to do what I like) John recently posted..Where I hop over to Lisa’s placeMy Profile
  3. How awesome is that? I love the kit. I have a confession to make: I've NEVER had a s'more. Is there like a support group for that? Can you ask Hershey if there's a hotline I can call? I keep saying I'm going to try it but, I guess I'm waiting for the perfect moment now. Sili recently posted..Do You Remember the First Time Your Baby Moved?My Profile
  4. I can't believe we haven't done S'mores yet this summer! Yes, the epitome of summer! PragmaticMom recently posted..4th of July Celebrations in America’s Home TownMy Profile