Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 9

The Business Lila: You won’t believe this. My mom dumped us. Again. We went to San Diego last week and went to Sea World and Seaport Village and the beach, and she went back without us.





Lila: Oh relax. She will be back. Or at least that is what Daddy and Auntie and Gramma are telling us.

Mia: Well why couldn’t we go with her?

Lila: Because she is working. I don’t know why she can’t just be on the computer here. We have a computer.

Mia: Maybe she had to get on a special computer. She better not be at Sea World.

Lila: And you know what else? She is making us do some of her work! We have to tell you about something that she wants to do and she is so excited about it that she asked us to tell you since she isn’t here!

Mia: We were looking through her wedding album and she was showing us pictures before we were in her belly and her and daddy could do whatever they wanted.

Lila: Yeah, but she wants to see your favorite wedding picture! This is hers:


Mia: She says it makes her happy every time she sees it! And now look at this:


Lila: Isn’t it cute? We helped her make it!

Mia: No we didn’t!

Lila: Shhh! They don’t know that! She says stay tuned because she is going to tell you all about it next week! But she also wants you to start looking through your wedding album for your favorite picture!

Mia: Don’t forget The Empress, Lila! She always wants us to tell everybody what we do that’s naughty.

Lila: Well, you flipped out at Sea World and wanted to be held the whole time.

Mia: So? I love being held! You wouldn’t go to sleep at the hotel!

Lila: Well, I wanted to talk. I’m not used to getting to sleep with Mommy!

Mia: Okay everybody, we have been quite for Daddy long enough. Lila, let’s go start whining and maybe he’ll give us a treat!

Lila: That’s a good idea! See you all later!

Mia: Oh wait! Do you like burgers? If you want to win some really yummy products and get a yummy burger recipe, then you’ll want to read my Mommy’s post called Lawry’s Signature Burger Recipe…With A Twist! See ya!


  1. These always make me giggle... probably because I have twin girls (7 months) and I often imagine what they are saying to one another!! Hope you are having fun at BlogHer!
  2. Hee hee! Love reading The Bidness, you girls are awesome. And what an exciting reveal! Unfortunately, I did not have a wedding, so no Down The Aisle for me. Can you ask your mommy if I can put up pictures of a civil ceremony anyway?
  3. LoL. Love the girls and can't wait to see more.
  4. Aw, girls, your mom will be home soon! Nat, I can't wait for the wedding pics- your is so gorgeous!
  5. OMG, that picture is just GORGEOUS and since August is my ANNIVERSARY momth, I am so excited to be able to share pics , in fact I had John just upload some for me last week so I could share them all the month. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!! Hope you're having fun my friend. xo
  6. if that picture is any indication of the rest of your album, i'ma say "WHOA!" So pretty. glad you're away enjoying yourself.
  7. it's like you know exactly what's going on in your girls' heads. :) LoVE IT.
  8. That's awesome. Great idea for a link-up! Looking forward to it.
  9. beautiful!! and so cute with the kiddos!
  10. I bet they got tons of treats while you were gone.
  11. Love this! Hope you had a great time in SD - the wedding picture is stunning! :)
  12. I don't even have to think about my favourite picture. I know exactly which one I would pick! And I agree with your mom, that picture of her and your Daddy so so great. So happy :)


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