Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 8

The Business Remember last week when I told you that my mom dumped us? She didn’t. I guess she went to work way far away. She learned all kinds of things about something called SEO and someone named The Bloggess took a picture with her and she was really excited. She could’ve just stayed here and taken a picture with us!


The Business We missed her so much! We kept saying to Daddy “Mommy? Mommy?” and he said we were driving him crazy because she was at work and that she would be home soon. But it was a long time.


Lila: So we were really happy when she came home! And she took us to McDonald’s for lunch. We love french fries.

Mia: And we didn’t want to take a nap because we thought when we woke up that she would be gone again! But she wasn’t!

Lila: And then she started saying “I can’t believe I wanted to come home” because we were doing a lot of whining. She gives us what we want when we whine. She says she would rather have wine but I don’t know what that means.

Mia: But we have got into a lot of trouble this week. You know why? Because we figured out if we BOTH make a mess at one time, we don’t get in as much trouble because she just wants to clean up the mess!

Lila: But she says bad words when that happens. And Tater covers his ears. Most of the time he helps us make the mess but when Mommy finds us, he says “I didn’t do anything.” Sometimes she believes him even though it was his mess.

Hi. It’s me. Ladies, why don’t you tell everybody what you did that made me flip out?




Mia: I don’t know what you are talking about?

Lila: Are you talking about the dirty rice? Because you keep telling everybody about the dirty rice.

Mia: Oh, the dirty rice. We love dirty rice!

Lila: It’s fun to take our bowls and then dump them out on our heads! That’s funny!

Mia: And then I throw it! So then Lila throws it! And Mommy gets really mad. She said she will never make dirty rice again.

Lila: Yeah I heard her talking to Auntie A and she said “do you know how hard it is to get 2 cups of rice off of the tile floor?” She was not happy about it. That happened before she went away to work. She said she was glad she was leaving.

Oh, and The Empress? You always want to know what we do that’s naughty. We made Mommy flip out this week, too. We did two BAD BAD things.

Mia: Mommy made us chicken nuggets and tater tots for lunch. And we love the white dip!

Lila: Mommy calls it ranch dressing but we just call it white dip. Anyways, she was doing the dishes and not paying attention. So I put some white dip on my finger and put it on Mia’s belly. And then Mia put some in my hair.

Mia: And when Mommy figured out what we were doing she went crazy! She even started to cry. But we told her we were just painting each other. We even painted our hair. She let’s us paint so I don’t know why she was so mad.

Lila: Yeah, that was weird. And then yesterday we were outside playing and Mommy was getting dinner ready. We started throwing sand at each other. It was fun! But then Tater came outside and said “Oh, you’re gonna get in trouble!” and then he ratted us out to Mommy.

Mia: She just said “I am SO done” and then made us go take a shower because we had sand everywhere and she did not want it in the carpet and she didn’t know if she could get it out of our hair.

Lila: Wait! Mommy just got on the computer! Let’s ask Tater to go get us a sucker! See you all later!


  1. Hysterical! So glad I didn't have twins. One at a time is hard enough.
  2. I love the comment, "And to think I wanted to come back!" Words to live by! My heart went out to you when I read that you cried. I think you were still massively overwhelmed at having me the Bloggess! That would take some recovering! I am so happy that you had this experience! I must scour other posts to see if there is the pic of you and the Bloggess!
  3. Made me chuckle. Glad you were able to get away for a short break.
  4. Hee hee, the twins are so cute! And poor you! I imagine there's a lot of cleaning up to do eh? And fantastic that you met The Bloggess!! I saw the picture! *jealous*
  5. Mia and Lila sound just like my six. It's a hoot reading about their shenanigans. We solved the food-play-mess-dirty kid problem by, you'll love this, feeding them in the tub. They're naked anyway and whatever they don't eat or decorate themselves with goes down the drain. Plus lots of bubbles. Keep the water low until they've eaten then tub and scrub. Of course, you have to stay right there but it's the most fun dinner ever.
  6. I am crying with laughter. D is 18 months, and I cannot imagine two of him with his messiness. He had a covert sand operation yesterday; I thought he stayed relatively neat in the sandbox until I changed his diaper. The shower was my friend as well.
  7. Ha ha those girls...always making mom crazy LOL!
  8. What a handful - I'd bring you a great big bottle of wine if I knew where you live. ;)
  9. Oh, those naughty, adorable girls! My boys see me get on the computer and think it's PARTY time.
  10. LoL. Welcome home huh? Thanks for the laughs.
  11. Don't you love it when the baby gets ranch dressing in their hair? Jealous of your photo with the bloggess!!! Hope you had fun at EVO and can;t wait to meet you at Blogher!
  12. Oh this is precious! The secret to the rice situation is to ignore it until it dries and then sweep it up! Works for Cheerios too. :)
  13. That's awesome! Really cute.
  14. LOL!!! I love those little girls and am so sorry they are giving you "things to write about" ;) but if it helps, mine are not any better..they give me lots of "fodder" too. ;). But I love these posts, they make me feel less alone in my twin mom world!!!