Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 7

The Business You are not going to believe this. My mom dumped us. She told us that she was going to go away for a little bit, and she’s been gone FOREVER. I’m not sure if she’s ever coming back or not, and I’m not happy about it. Why would she want to leave us?


The Business What I want to know is where is she? Why couldn’t we go with her? I don’t understand why she would want to leave us, either…we always want to be with her! Tater seems to be having fun though. But I miss her.


Lila: Can you believe she is even making us do work for her? Her friend Dana at 18 Years To Life is hosting some party thing and she wanted my mom to tell you stuff she says to us that she can’t believe she really says.

Mia: Stuff like “Do you want a spanking?” Why would I ever want to get spanked?

Lila: Or “I’m not telling you again.” But then she always does.

Mia: Oh, and she says “ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?” and “I am SO done with you guys”.

Lila: She asks me a lot “Did you poop again?” She also says this one a lot: “Mia! Do NOT pull Lila’s hair or I’m going to pull yours!”

Mia: And she tells me “We don’t eat food in the bathroom” and “Don’t put your cup in the toilet”.

Lila: And she always tells us “DO NOT eat the dog food!” And snails. She says “What’s on your face? You guys better not be eating snails!”

Mia: Oh, and “Please keep your fingers off of your pee pee”.

Lila: And what about this one “You guys are driving me to drink”.

Mia: And she always says she understands why her daddy used to always say “Can’t you just go outside and play or go play on the freeway or something?”

Lila: She says a bunch of other ones, but those are the only ones we can think of right now. Anyways The Empress wants to know what the naughtiest thing we did all week was.

Mia: That’s easy! Mommy gave us those yummy cookies that taste like cake and they have the blue frosting and sprinkles all over them. She made us sit at the table to eat it so we wouldn’t make a mess. But we did make a mess…a big one! She was washing the dishes and not paying attention to us because we were so happy we got cookies.

Lila: At first we were just eating it but then Mia started mushing it up in her hands and they were all blue so she started shaking them all over the place and the cookie went everywhere! Then I copied her, but I got an itch behind my ear and got it in my hair.

Mia: So then I put it in my hair. And then there were crumbs all over the table so I tried to put them all on the floor so she wouldn’t see the mess.

Lila: But when she finally checked on us, she was mad! She was so mad that she didn’t even yell!

Mia: Yeah, she just said “Okay Ladies. No more cookies for you.” But she will give us another cookie, won’t she?

Lila and Mia: I don’t know…let’s go ask Tater if he can reach them. See you all later!


  1. Ha! these ladies just crack me up! I love the bidness more than you can imagine :)
  2. Ha! This series cracks me up!
  3. Hee hee hee! Love the twins! "Driving mommy to drink" - SNORT!
  4. As usual, they crack me up. I don't spank Abbey, so I don't know what possessed me to say this, but one day I was so frustrated, I said, "Do you want a SPANKING?" She stopped in her tracks, looked all happy, and said, "Yes! I want a spanking! What is it?" Like I was asking her if she wanted a cookie or something...
  5. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    I love this! I found myself remembering that I say many of those same things.
  6. Oh girls..... ;)
  7. This is so cute! Hope you're having fun!! Oh, the "go play on the freeway" request. I've heard it, and I've said it. And you know? I wonder when people become their parents. DH even tells me things sometimes that he says to his dad, like "If you're so bored, mow the lawn" or "If you're so bored, you can empty the dishwasher". Like, EW!
  8. Ha ha hilarious! Those crazy girls!
  9. Aw, girls, mama will be back for you and all your cute messes soon! Nat, I so say so many of those things, too!
  10. Oh my gosh this cracked me up!!!!
  11. You really need to write a comedy/parenting book of these Natalie. I'd buy for sure! LoL Hope you're having a good time. :)
  12. Oh i love these girls' posts! They are awesome!
  13. Definitely create a "bidness" book for these two. Too funny. "Drive you to drink!" Like you can get away with blaming those sweet little babies... hahaha...
  14. From my sick mind to you, Natalie: I thank you for this series. Love sitting back and watching. It's all SOOOOO good.
  15. Could they be any cuter!!!! I think NOT!!!! Oh how I feel your pain with these two cuties. My little guys give me a run for my money every language is getting worse and fiftieth every day. LOL. God I hope we all make it to 4. ;)


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