Lila and Mia Host “The Bidness” – Round 6

The Business This was a long week here at our house. Me and Tater and Mia all have colds that my mom calls “Booger Noses” and our noses are raw from all of the wiping. I use my shirt to wipe my nose, and so does Tater. Or our blankets whatever’s handy. But Mia uses her arms. She has boogers dried in her hair, on her forehead and cheeks. Mom says it’s disgusting.

The Business Well I don’t want to get my blankie dirty wiping boogers on it! Then Mommy will take it and put it in the washing machine that scares me when it goes and I won’t be able to hold it until it’s done drying. So I just use my arm.

Lila: Another thing we’ve been doing this week is going poop in our diapers and then taking them off. That makes Mommy REALLY mad!

Mia: I hate having poop in my diaper!

Lila: Me too. But Mommy asks us if we want to go on the big girl potty but we don’t. Only pee.

Mia: I don’t understand why we just can’t be naked all the time.

Lila: Yeah, Mom is weird about that.

Mia: But the bad part about playing outside when we are naked is that the grass scratches up our buns and then they hurt and we cry. I don’t like when they get all red and itchy.

Lila: Oh, and you know what else? We LOVE eating frozen yogurt on-the-go things outside! They are like Otter Pops but even better! Except I like to suck on mine and eat it really fast. Then I throw a fit when Mommy won’t give me another one.

Mia: That’s why I eat mine slow!

Lila: But you eat it SO slow! Mommy says it’s like watching the owl in the old Tootsie Roll commercials,whatever that means.

Mia: That’s why I eat mine slow!

Lila: Okay, so The Empress wants to know what the naughtiest thing we did all week was. I think that judging by Mommy almost crying when she watched us do it, it would be showing her how we climb out of our cribs.

Mia: Oh yeah! She reaaaallly didn’t like that! She called Daddy and everything!

Lila: And now she is saying it’s time for big girl beds. She said she isn’t ready for that.

Mia: I don’t know what the big deal is. Tater doesn’t sleep in a crib.

Lila: I know! Why doesn’t Tater have to sleep in a crib?

Mia: Uh oh! Mommy’s coming. Hurry before she catches us on the computer again. She put us on time out for pushing the buttons yesterday!

Lila and Mia: Bye bye!


  1. Hahaha that's adorable. I mean, the twins. Notsomuch the boogers everywhere and the poop in diaper thing. And this series! LOL. I have a question for you girls: Are YOU ready for big girl beds? What color will your linens be? Will you get to choose them yourself?
  2. That is too cute! I always wonder what they are really thinking. I think I'm the only mom in the world that was excited for the big girl bed switch, I still love it! And I still think I'm crazy.
  3. Forgetful Momma says:
    I too was excited for the big girl bed! She got her whole room redone for Christmas (paint & border from us and bed set from grandparents).
  4. Sounds like you ladies had a crazy week! Can't believe they are climbing out of their crib. Have you tried a crib tent before getting the big girl beds?
  5. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    They have the most wonderful chats.
  6. I'm laughing for you, I really am. Have you tried onesies yet for keeping the diapers on? I really don't know what else to say because there's never an easy fix. In the tub the other night, my son was giving me "the look". All I could think of was your girls.
  7. Hahah! Love those two. And poop-capades? That would make Me vomit
  8. That is cute...My daughter gets everything in her hair. blech.
  9. Oh no! I cried when mine learned to climb out of their cribs!
  10. Oh my- we went through a whole take off diapers when filled with poop phase too. *shudder* And climbing out of cribs? Whole new ballgame now... May the force be with you.
  11. I remember when my middlest climed out of the crib. I heard a bang. Yeah. Cold shudders at the memory. GOOD . FREAKIn' LUCK. NOW, Natalie. We'll see you in 6 mos... xo
  12. Those two crack me up! LoL They bring back lots of memories. Thinking of you! :)
  13. Oh momma don't let your babies grow up to be bloggers. This was too cute. My baby girl refused her crib by like 18 months. She wanted no part of that baby business.
  14. Man, Babe is a computer junkie, she's figured out the mouse, how to turn Sticky Keys on and how it make everything French. Its amazing and frustrating when typing emails Aux gens. L'arrêter.
  15. It took me forever to adjust when my kids started climbing out, then giving up naps and my whole schedule went down hill. I still miss that old life.
  16. I love this! Those girls are amazing writing cool posts like this, lol. I thought it was only my son who used the big boy potty for peeing and the diapers for pooping. I don't feel so bad anymore. Great Post!
  17. The Booger Bloggers... your girls and their bidness crack me up every time :)
  18. How clever your girls are -- authors, already! What a great way to spice up a blog and create a whole new voice. Love their sessions. Getting the big girl beds was a tough one, for me, too! Next thing you know, it's college. Enjoy these years. Come visit when you catch your breath.
  19. oh the stories I have, it's like reliving it all over again. Having Twins is TOO MUCH Fun isn't it????? Loved this!!!


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