Lila and Mia Host “The Bidness” – Round 5

The Business Hi! It’s Mia. I am so excited because Lila is letting me do this again today! She’s usually bossy and takes charge of everything. But since I’ve been in so much trouble this week, she said I can talk first.

Mommy is still mad at me. Remember last week when I told you about how I keep taking off my diaper? Well, Mommy thought she could outsmart me by putting my diaper on backwards. But it doesn’t work. I either just reach around and keep pulling on it until it comes off or if that doesn’t work, I just wiggle out of my diaper.

Either way, I am NOT going to keep that thing on when I sleep. I hate it.

Hi. It’s me. Me and Mia have been doing battle big time over this. I’m even referring to it as Mommy vs. Mia.

So many of you tried to give me advice on how to handle the whole diaper-taking-off-and-peeing-everywhere situation, so thank you. However, my kid is Houdini. Seriously, she’s got mad skills when it comes to getting out of that diaper.

Tonight we’ll be trying a onesie to see if she will stay in that. (Whispering) I’m worried that she will just try to pull the diaper out from underneath the onesie.

The Business Mom, I heard you and I think you are right. Mia is BAD, BAD! Every time we go to sleep I try to tell her that she needs to leave her diaper on, but she just looks at me and laughs and takes it off. And then I tell you when we wake up “Pee pee, pee pee” and then Mia laughs again. She’s BAD, BAD.

Mia: I’m not BAD, BAD! I just like to be naked. You know what else I like? Playing Who Can Scream the Loudest. We’ve been playing that a lot lately even though it makes Mommy and Daddy so mad that they give us Time Out.

Lila: Yeah, I love that game. Tater plays too. Then Mommy really yells when we all play.

Mia: Mommy never lets us do anything fun.

Mommy: You guys know I’m still here right? Mia, you guys do lots of fun stuff. I let you play naked in the backyard even though you pee everywhere.

Mia: Well, the dogs do it, too.

Lila: But Mommy keeps asking us if we have to use the potty because we are Big Girls now and need to start using the potty. That’s why she took it outside for us.

Mia: I don’t like the potty, either.

Lila: I like the potty! But I want to talk about something else.

Amy from Spread a Little Thin wants to know: Do you guys gang up on Tater?

We do. It’s fun! He gets really mad when he is trying to play with his blocks and we want to play too. Then we take them away from him and he hits us and yells for Mommy. He doesn’t like us to do that.

Mia: He doesn’t like us to go in his room either but we do. He keeps his crayons and markers in there and sometimes he forgets to put it away so then we suck on the markers and put them on our faces like make up.

Lila: But when we do that, Mommy gets really mad because even though the markers are supposed to be easy to clean up, it’s hard to get the colors off of our faces. But we just want to look pretty! I like coloring on Mia’s face.

Mia: But I don’t like that because you push too hard. I would rather put it in my hair.

Lila: Okay, so The Empress wants to know what the naughtiest thing we did all week was. Besides Mia peeing everywhere, the worst thing we did was knock all of Mommy’s shoes off of her shoe rack.

Mia: We LOVE playing with Mommy’s shoes! I love the high heels and Lila likes the flip flops. But we have to put them all over the floor so we can pick which ones we want. She gets so mad!

Lila: She says “I don’t even know why I bother cleaning! You guys are going to be banned from my room if you do this one more time.”

Mia: She’ll make us stay out for a day or two but she always let’s us back in. I will never stay away from the shoes.

Lila: Uh oh! Here comes Tater!

Mia: Hurry! He’s coming! If you have questions for us, leave us a message and we will answer it next week!

Lila and Mia: Bye bye!

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  1. This is hilarious! Have you tried putting her in a onesie on top of pants? It might be a little hot for that. Duct tape?
  2. Hilarious! My son is starting to wiggle out of his diaper too, so if you figure out that magic trick that works? Pass it on!
  3. I think duct tape is the secret to keeping diapers on (joking...maybe). Good thing one likes the high heels and the other likes flip flops. Reduces the fighting over Mommy's shoes.
  4. The joys of almost potty training :)
  5. I am so in love with this series. I am having the same issue with Harlan. She is taking off her clothes and her diaper and then running around naked. It's even gotten so bad that she did it at a play date. Let me know how the onesie works, thinking about trying that next.
  6. Why do kids always suck on markers?! My son is 5 and still colors on his face! I hope the onesie works. If not, duct tape might be the only option. In my house, we say "If you can't duct it..." (I'm sure you can figure out the rest of that saying!)
  7. I love The Bidness, this is so funny! Mia, I know what you mean about the freedom of nudity. My Monkey enjoys it tremendously too. However, your Mommy needs a break, so keep your diaper on ok? It won't be long before you won't have to wear one!
  8. R's Mom says:
    My friend had this problem. She ended up having to put her daughter in one-piece pajamas (the footless kind), and put the pajamas on backwards, so the zipper was going up her daughter's back instead of front. That way, she couldn't get out of the pjs, so she couldn't get to the diaper.
  9. oh my god, I can't ever get past the pictures, that face is just all kinds of WONDERFUL...I love her giving us the bidness. ;) I have no advice for the diaper, my kids actually would rather NOT be naked, so I have the opposite problem. Sort of. and I love that they are already attracted to your shoes, girls after my own heart. :)
  10. These posts always crack me up! Thanks for the chuckles and, good luck to ya'. (LoL)
  11. Oh those girls! Such trouble makers!!! Yes, I forgot to suggest the onesie. That does help. A little. :) too bad it's summer. footed pjs - on backwards - help, too.
  12. I've TOTALLY used duct tape. It even comes in pink if you wanna get cute about it.
  13. I had to put my daughter in a onesie when she wouldn't leave her diaper alone. Worked well enough until she learned how to take off the onesie.
  14. Making mental note, despite the only 15 month difference in age of my boys, be thankful they are not twins!! 2nd, don't know what kind of advice you have gotten but have you tried a cloth diaper cover with snaps? Those are pretty sturdy and the snaps arent easily undone!
  15. Ask mama if she tried the backwards diaper, so you can't reach the tabs to pull off. The onesie..won't work. You'll just reach up and undo. Ducttape worked for us, and backwards did, too. You girls are WONDERFUL. But, I'm sick that way.
  16. I hope you find a solution for the diaper issue...I know that is getting really old to keep changing sheets!
  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE this and wish I had something to offer other than my laughter. It wouldn't be any help if I offered to come play w/ the girls in your closet, would it? B/C I seriously need help in the shoe department.