Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 4

The Business Psst! I’m Mia. I have to be veeerrryyy quiet because if Lila knows I’m doing this, she’ll come and take over and won’t let me talk. She’s bossy.

I wanted to tell you about something that I LOVE to do but that makes my mommy mad. I love to be naked.

I hate wearing my clothes and I especially hate my diaper. I don’t even like to sleep in my diaper anymore. My mom used to put us down for a nap in just our diapers, but then I realized it was super easy to pull it off and then just be naked. And so I would wake up from my nap but I would be all wet.

Then Mommy would come in and say “Oh Mia! Bad girl!” but I didn’t know what the big deal was because I just took off my diaper! So then she started making me wear pants to bed and I got mad because I don’t like to.

So after she puts me to bed, I take off my pants and my diaper. Yesterday when I woke up, everything was all wet and my mom said “MIA! YOU HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR DIAPER ON! BAD GIRL!” Then she washed all my blankets and I was mad because I didn’t get to take my blankie downstairs. She said I could if I would stop peeing all over everything.

Then when I took a nap, I took off my diaper and when I woke up, everything was all wet again. And when Mommy came in, she said,  ”DAMMIT MIA! I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE YOUR DIAPER ON!” and she spanked my butt. And she never spanks us! So then I started crying. And she didn’t hold me because she was taking all my blankets off my bed again. And she wouldn’t even let me have my blankie!

This morning, she came in when we woke up, and she flipped out. Because last night before I went to sleep, I took off my diaper again. I hate that thing! She was yelling and told me she was going to tape my diaper on. Then she took off all my blankets again and washed them.

She was really mad at me.

Then I heard her tell my dad that somebody on Twitter told her to put my diaper on backwards! She said she was going to do that when I take my nap. I don’t know what that means, but I am not going to keep it on.

The Business Mia, what are you doing? Are you doing The Bidness without me? Move over!

Mia: No! It’s my turn.

Lila: You better move or I will bite you!

Mia: NO!

Lila: (bites)

Mia: OOOOWWWW! MOMMY!! (runs off…)

Lila: Okay, so The Empress wants to know what the naughtiest thing we did all week was. Well, Mia keeps peeing in her bed. She takes off her diaper and Mommy gets mad. She says Mia is bad. But I am a good girl and leave my diaper on.

I like to play in the toilet. It’s fun. Sometimes Tater doesn’t flush it and then I stick my hands in the water and Mommy gets so mad! And she gets really mad when I put toys in there and she has to put her hand in the pee-water to get it out. Then she says I’m a bad girl.

Mia: Lila! Mom said you have to let me talk too!

Lila: I’m just telling ’em about the toilet.

Mia: Yeah, that’s gross Lila! I don’t know why you do that.

Amy from Spread a Little Thin wants to know: Where is your favorite place to go and why?

Lila and Mia: Auntie Angie’s!

Mia: We love to go to Auntie’s house! She’s got a big trampoline, and a pool, and a swing set…

Lila: Yeah, and she gives us snacks and we drink juice.

Mia: Yeah, Mommy doesn’t let us drink juice.

Lila: But Auntie Angie does. She makes fun of my mom for not letting us have juice.

Mia: Mommy says it’s too messy and leaves spots on her floors.

Lila: Uh oh! Here comes Tater! I have to hurry! Mommy found some new stuff she puts on my butt called Patty Cake and I love it! I don’t get rashes! She wrote about it if you want to check it out.

Mia: Hurry! He’s coming! If you have questions for us, leave us a message and we will answer it next week!

Lila and Mia: Bye bye!

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  1. Oh No! Thankfully neither of my little ones have habitually taken off their diapers, but my pediatrician recommended wrapping a strip of duct tape around the waist of the diaper. Might be worth a try!
  2. Thanks girls for answering my question! I could see why your mommy gets upset though when you take your diaper off Mia. It doesn't make me to happy either when my son does it. Come to think about it, you girls and him would be great friends :) I have another question for you though... Do you guys gang up on Tater?
  3. Oh, you gotta know how funny this is to me. I think the backwards diaper is brilliant..she can't reach the tape tabs that way. Also? duct tape is impossible to lift off. xo
  4. Love Lila and Mia. Oh the diaper thing. Why do they love being naked so much? My little one used to take his off. So I put him in pull ups. He's partially potty trained so it works well. He does try to pull it down but he hasn't managed to get it off just yet! I have a question for the girls: Does Tater get involved much in your naughtiness?
  5. Ugh!! I feel for you, my friend! Taking diapers off is the worst. I went through that phase, as well. Hope the diaper backwards helps. By the way...the bidness is still awesome!
  6. My little girl LOVES being naked too!! Except... well... it isn't just "wet" UGH... It is days/nights like those that I wish I had registered for a video monitor so I can see when she starts to strip down.
  7. Can you put her in a onesie? That worked for a couple of my kids. The other two... when they started that 'bidness' I decided it was time to toilet-train... I figured if there was pee everywhere, we might as well try heading in that direction :) Your kids are hilarious!
  8. Oh, my boys all went through taking off their diapers. My oldest does it all the time. Drives me insane. He'll take his diaper off and then run to find me, throw his hands up in the air and yell "NAKED!!!!!" It's really hard not to laugh.
  9. Wow...that would drive me bonkers too. I can't imagine walking in after nap/night to find a fully soaked bed with a naked baby! You must be losing your mind LOL! Hope she keeps that diaper on soon!
  10. OH I needed this laugh! As frustrating as I know it is. Stinking smart kids. At least it's only pee you're dealing with...or is it??
  11. I just laughed so hard my 4 year old tore himself away from Kung Fu Panda and asked what was so funny. What a riot! Did putting the diaper on backwards work?


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