Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 2

The Business Hello! You may recognize me…I’m Lila, and I give The Business. My mom wanted you guys to see it so she took a video of me doing it. I don’t mess around when I give The Business.


The Business Hi! I’m Mia, and this is me trying to give The Business. But if you watch the video, you will understand why nobody ever asks me to give The Business.


Lila: Yeah, she tries but just doesn’t know how to do it. Tater doesn’t either.

Mia: Tater looks like he has to blow his nose when he does it.

Lila: My mom said you guys wanted to ask us more questions, but we are sick and I don’t feel like it so I’m not going to.

Mia: My mom took us to a big park with a choo choo train and animals.  Lila fed the goats but I didn’t want to. They were stinky and dirty. And my mom made us walk instead of ride in the stroller and I got tired and made her carry me.

Lila: And then we got home and we took a nap. But I woke up just a little while later cuz my ear hurt. And then Tater woke up crying and said his ear and his neck hurt. And he kept crying. He cried a lot. More than me, and that is a lot. So my mom took us to the doctor. He said we are sick and now we have to take medicine. It tastes like bubble gum.

Mia: But I don’t. I’m not sick.

Lila: But I am and since I’m sick, nobody else can be happy or have a good time. All of you get to be sick with me and Tater!

Mia: And you probably won’t let mommy sleep, huh?

Lila: I don’t know…I haven’t decided yet.

Mia: This won’t happen too often but since Lila is sick, I get to tell you how our mommy took us to the water park last week. Tater liked playing in the water and so did Lila. But I didn’t. I just wanted mommy to hold me. Because I’m cute and didn’t want to get wet. It was cold. And wet.

Lila: Yeah, you’re a baby. It was fun.

Mia: But mommy got me wet anyways and I didn’t like it and I cried. And I wouldn’t let her put me down. Because if she’s gonna make me cry, she has to hold me.

Lila: Show ’em the pictures!

Mia: Oh yeah, we have pictures…look!

Okay, so here’s me rocking my bikini. Lila is the other girl and she kept trying to push me in the water. That’s probably what she is getting ready to do in this picture.

This is Tater. He is squirting some little girl that we don’t even know and he thought it was funny.

Lila: I’m tired! We’re going to bed, Mia. Say goodnight!

Mia: Goodnight! And next week we’ll tell you about how we went to the park and we will answer questions.


  1. Aaaahhh, I can actually hear them talking! Don't be fooled by Mia, it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for (as you know. Sorry the kids are sick...ear aches are no fun! Now, go hold Mia or she will cry!
  2. I am literally so in love with those little girls, I want to bring Gio and Jacob to you and have a playdate. It sounds like we each have one of each, a sweet, scared kiddo and a smart ass ;) love this Natalie!!!! love love loveit!
  3. They never do stop the "if you make me cry, you have to hold me" rule, do they?
  4. Ha ha love it! Thanks for letting us have a glimpse into your everyday with those adorable kids! :)
  5. Aw, sorry you girls are sick. Feel better soon.
  6. I hope they are better soon. :( Poor girls!
  7. Love it! Hope they are feeling better soon!
  8. I love how you write it from their voice, it's hysterical. Hope they feel better - and all let you sleep. Poor lil kids (and momma)
  9. I love this series! You have the cutest little girls!!
  10. haha! I LOVE Lila's "business" she is adorable! That video was absolutely necessary & made me smile & laugh - so Thank you Lila! :) Hope the kiddos feel better quickly!
  11. "Show 'em the pictures!" Love it. Do they babble to each other a lot? R&C go back and forth between real words and jibbersh, and I often wonder if they can understand each other.
  12. I love them! No really, send them on over! Hope you're have a great weekend lovely lady!!
  13. so cute. i love their little conversations :) and random you pronounced Lila like LIE-LA or like LEE-LA? I had a student with that name and she is a LEE-LA (because she is Latina).