Lila and Mia Host The Bidness – Round 16

The Business

Lila: I’m sure my mom told you that we were all sick last week. Or that they were all sick last week. I didn’t get sick because I am tough.


The Business Mia: I got sick. It wasn’t fun. My belly was mad at me or something. It wouldn’t let me have any milk. It wouldn’t let me have anything or it would send it back out. I cried.


Lila: Yeah, poor Mia. I felt bad for her and so I was very nice to her. I didn’t even hit her or try to take any of her toys. I didn’t want my belly to get mad at me like hers was mad at her.

Mia: Tater was sick too. His belly was really  mad at him. But Mommy says that we all must be feeling better because we are back to our ornery selves. She said between everybody being sick and the pouring rain on Saturday that we have spent “entirely too much time together.” But if we didn’t spend time together, what else would we do?

Lila: Mom says that we need to give her some space. She said she’s ready to get a nanny for us.

Mia: But I don’t understand….why would Mommy need a nanny? She’s big.

Lila: No, dummy! Mommy doesn’t need a nanny for her, she needs it for us!

Mia: But we don’t need a nanny! We have Mommy! She is our nanny!

Lila: That’s why she wants a nanny! She wants to get away from us!

Mia: But why? I don’t want to get away from her.

Lila: She tells us that we drive her crazy. But I don’t see her driving when she says it. Maybe she needs to go to Crazy or something. I’m sure she would come back.

Mia: I don’t know…Tater always says that if we are bad Mommy will go away and never come back.

Lila: Tater doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He needs a nanny.

Mia: Maybe that’s why he goes to preschool. Maybe that’s where the nannies are.

Lila: I don’t know. All I know is Daddy says we don’t have enough money to get mom a nanny. So I think we are safe. Unless she decides to drive to Crazy.

Mia: Well if she goes to Crazy, I want to go with her.

Lila: But that’s why she wants to get a nanny! She doesn’t want to go to Crazy!

Mia: Or maybe she really does and she’s just pretending she doesn’t! Mommy can be tricky sometimes. Like when she sneaks out without us knowing and makes Daddy watch us.

Lila: We need to pay closer attention so she can’t do that anymore. We should go find her now and make sure she didn’t sneak off without us!

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  1. LoLoL! Love it! Hope everyone is feeling better now.
  2. I confess I have snuck out on JDaniel too. He tries to keep his eyes on me at all times. JDaniel4's Mom recently posted..Using Coinstar at Bi-LoMy Profile
  3. If you do end up driving to crazy, know that I'll be there, already. I'll be the one pantsless, with wine. John recently posted..Where I think about how my blogging voice was formedMy Profile
  4. Hahahah, I love this!! I used to be able to sneak out with no problem but now my kids know how to unlock the door and chase me down the street. Yes, they will literally run after the mini-van. And Tim, of course, has no clue. I usually have to call him from the road and say, "Uh, dude...your kids are running after me down the street. Get off your ass and come get them before they become street pizzas." Helene recently posted..Well, it does make sense...kind of, sort of...if you're 5 years oldMy Profile
  5. I love these posts!! I got caught sneaking out and haven't been able to do it since. Barbara recently posted..Mommy styleMy Profile