Lila and Mia Host The Bidness – Round 15

The Business

Lila: We are mad at my mom right now. She’s dumping us to go on an airplane to go to work far away. She left this morning.


The Business Mia: Yeah, she snuck out before we woke up. She is going to a conference. In Blissdom. Or called Blissdom. Or something.


Lila: She said she is going to miss us, but she sounds pretty excited about it. Why can’t we go with her? We are good!

Mia: Yeah, we are good! We will be quiet.

Lila: Instead, she says we have to stay home with Daddy.

Mia: Tater too. Tater is really mad that Mommy is leaving. So is Lila. Cuz Lila is a sissy-la-la.

Lila: I LOVE MY MOM! Why does everybody make fun of me because I always want to be with her?!

Mia: Because you cry if she even leaves the room! You need to chill out!

Lila: I don’t need to do anything. I already miss her.

Mia: I bet Daddy will take us to the park! He always takes us to the park.

Lila: Yeah, he does. And he lets us sleep in his bed with him. I think it’s because he’s lonely without Mommy.

Mia: I don’t know…I have heard him tell Mommy that we are horrible to sleep with because we are all over the place and we kick him.

Lila: Mommy says he is an Independent Sleeper and doesn’t like to snuggle like we do.

Mia: I don’t like to cuddle either! I just want some space. I get hot.

Lila: Well, Mommy let’s me nuggle her. I love nuggling.

Mia: Tater will sleep in his own bed. I bet Daddy tries to sneak in there too! He says it’s not comfortable, but he has more room. If he sleeps diagonally.

Lila: Tater snores. I hope Daddy doesn’t put him in bed with us!

Mia: This wouldn’t even be a problem if Mommy just didn’t go!

Lila: She says she needs to have “me” time sometimes. Why does she want to be alone?

Mia: Maybe she loves us so much that she doesn’t want to share us with Daddy and Daddy is making her go!

Lila: Oh! I bet that’s true!

Mia: Don’t tell Daddy we know that though.

Lila: Yeah, we don’t want to hurt his feelings.

Mia: Okay Mommy, we’ll try to be good while you are gone.

Lila: But don’t have fun. We want you to come home and if you have fun you might not come home.

Mia: SHHHHH! If Tater hears that he’ll go crazy!

Lila: Just come back, okay Mommy? We love you!

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