Lila and Mia Host The Bidness – Round 14

I am SUPER excited to be guest posting over at SITS and sharing my tips for how to build a blog community (loyal readership) on your blog! If you are interested in growing your readership, definitely stop over and read it! But Lila and Mia also have a few things to say here, so I’m handing the floor over to them now…

The Business Lila: My mom never lets us talk anymore. Even though she knows you guys like it when we do.


The Business Mia: Yeah, she’s mean sometimes. She doesn’t even want us to play on her iPad. We love Angry Birds.


Lila: Maybe she would let us if we didn’t get into so much trouble all the time. She always says that we start one mess and while she cleans it up, we make two more.

Mia: I don’t think that’s true, though. I think she just thinks everything is a mess. We are just having fun!

Lila: I know! And then she makes us go play outside, so we throw rocks. Daddy doesn’t like that. We like to take the bark out of the planters, too. We throw it in the lawn, all over the patio and at the dogs. We get in trouble for that a lot.

Mia: Uh huh, we do. Mommy says “I never let you play with that and you always get in trouble, so why do you keep doing it?!”

Lila: Doesn’t she know it’s fun? That’s why we do it!

Mia: You know what else is fun? Throwing stuff in the toilet.

Lila: Yeah! And unwinding the toilet paper roll. And trying to flush our diapers. Did you guys know that doesn’t work?

Mia: Mom doesn’t think so. Mom is never fun.

Lila: You know what else is fun that mom doesn’t like? When we dump cereal all over the couch. Or out of the box. Or try to feed it to the dogs. She doesn’t like any of those things.

Mia: Getting Tater in trouble is fun too. All I have to do is start crying and mom yells “TATER!” like she’s really mad.

Lila: Even when he doesn’t do anything! That’s probably why he hits us all the time because he knows that even if he doesn’t he’s still gonna get into trouble.

Mia: Our mommy got our haircut finally. Did she tell you that? Now they call me Lloyd because she says that is what my haircut looks like.

Lila: Well, at least you have hair! The lady told mommy I can’t wear piggy tails in my hair anymore or it won’t grow!

Mia: Yeah, I do have more hair than you.

Lila: We got tricycles for Christmas, and I love riding mine. Mia just pushes hers around though.

Mia: It’s not my fault that my feet don’t reach the pedals! You’re a giant!

Lila: No I’m not! I am big like Tater.

Mia: Well, it’s still fun even if I just push it.

Lila: And the last thing we want to tell you is that mommy says we talk a lot. And ask a lot of questions. And she says we are going to drive her to drink with all the questions.

Mia: She just gets mad because she doesn’t know the answers, I bet!

Lila: Tater knows the answers! He knows everything.

Mia: Mommy says he thinks he knows everything.

Lila: I don’t know. Maybe he is smarter than mommy. He’s way more fun than mommy!

Mia: SHHHHH! What’s that? I think Mommy’s coming! Or is it Tater?

Lila: Well if it’s Tater, he can help us find a mess to make, right?

Mia: Let’s go find out!


  1. my kids always make hot messes too. my house is never clean. it's annoying. Desiree Eaglin recently posted..From the Archives – Unspoken RulesMy Profile
  2. Loved the post over at SITS today! And this one... this makes me glad that I don't have twins.
  3. Oh how I've missed the 'bidness'. (LoL) Love the girls. Good luck Mom. Cindi recently posted..Mary, Martha & 'Marty'My Profile
  4. How freaking funny. All of it! But really I should have just lifted your picture because it took me forever to find a good one :) Great minds girl. Your sits post was great too, I did catch that yesterday! Poppy recently posted..Bald Men Should Not be in Charge of HaircutsMy Profile
  5. Yesterday, this was an actual conversation between my twins: A: Mommy getting a hammer upstairs? W: Yes! TO THE COUCH! Let's jump! Later: A: Mommy in the basement? W: Yes! to the MOVIES! Pull them all out! The Joy of Twins my A#$ Catherine recently posted..I Guess I Didn’t Knock That Wood Hard EnoughMy Profile
  6. I'm beyond certain that Tater is a wonderful mess maker with those two :-) My two talk, all of the time . . . but I have absolutely no clue what they're saying. That drives me to drink now . . . so, when it translates to questions, I'm sure it will drive me to drink then. And speaking of things that drive me to drink, when does unrolling the toilet paper stop being fun? Because I really, really miss putting toilet paper in the toilet paper holder. John recently posted..Where I hope for some new Instagram filtersMy Profile