Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 11

The Business Lila: Mommy took us to The Park the other day. She said it was a berry farm or something. All I know is that there was a HUGE dog there named Snoopy and she wanted us to take a picture with him.


The Business Mia: And we said NO WAY.



Lila: Yeah, cuz he was BIG. And scary. He kept waving at us and trying to get us near him for a picture.

Mia: I think he wanted to eat us. He was scary.

Lila: And then after we got away from Snoopy, she made us go on all of these things and I couldn’t breathe.

Mia: She called them rides and said they were fun. They weren’t fun. They were scary too.

Lila: I don’t know why she was trying to hurt us, but it was really bad. I kept saying “No, no!” and she kept saying it would be fun. But it wasn’t.

Mia: But then we got candy! We just had to walk up to people and say “Trick or Treat” and they gave us candy! It was great!

Lila: But Mommy said we had to share with Tater but we didn’t want to. Tater doesn’t share with us.

Mia: And Gramma was there too. And Mommy said no more candy but Gramma let us eat more.

Lila: Yeah, Gramma is nice!

Mia: Yeah, she is.

Lila: I don’t like wearing diapers. I want to wear Big Girl Panties. Mommy gets excited when I go pee pee and poo poo on the toilet. But Mia is still scared to go poo poo. She just wants to do it in her diaper or on the floor.

Mia: It’s too hard to go on the potty.

Lila: I want to go pee pee outside like Tater does, but Mommy won’t let us.

Mia: Mommy is mean sometimes. She doesn’t let us do anything fun!

Lila: Uh oh! She’s coming! She’s gonna be mad if she knows we got on the computer! Let’s go see if the bathroom door is open so we can play in her makeup before she finds us!


  1. Very Funny! I can just imagine the scene!
  2. I love your girls! Too funny! LoL And, good luck with the potty training.
  3. I love it! I don't think there's a Gramma in the world who can say no. Good luck with the potty training.
  4. Is it wrong that, if we ever meet, that I'd bring a large bucket of candy to make sure that your girls, at the end of the visit, thought I was nice? I'm really, really, really nervous about potty training, because I clean up enough poop as it is between diapers & the pets. It sounds like, at least for a little while, I'm going to be cleaning it up from unexpected places for a little while.
  5. Oh, such a mean mommy!
  6. OH the things we expose our children to as the mommy! It's just downright horrible! HA!
  7. These girls crack me up! So sad they have such a mean mommy :)
  8. how adorable!! I've often thought about decoding my girls' chatter. Love this :)
  9. I truly could not love those little girls more....WOW :) They are so adorable, and they write SOOO well ;)