Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 10

The Business Lila: Well, we got into a lot of trouble this week. Mommy says we’re like little tornadoes and leave a mess wherever we go. She also says that as she cleans up one mess, we are already busy making another one. And I guess that’s why she wants us to tell you about what we did on Monday.


The Business Mia: Yeah, she was NOT happy with us at all. I’m surprised we didn’t get in big, BIG trouble.



Lila: I think it’s cuz we pushed her past the point of fighting with us – she just gave up. It was kind of nice to get away with no spanking or anything!

Mia: So here’s what happened. We decided to play in the toilet first. We got the little cups from our play kitchen and used them to scoop the water out of the toilet and on to the floor. It was my idea.

Lila: It makes the floor slippery and it’s fun to walk on it. We were going to clean it all up with toilet paper so we wouldn’t get caught, but Mommy found us.

Mia: She screamed a lot. And then she got a towel and cleaned it up so we didn’t even get to play with the toilet paper!

Lila: Then she made us get out of her room and closed the door so we couldn’t get back in. There’s this thing on the door that keeps us out. We are still trying to figure out how to open it.

Mia: But she started putting the laundry away that she had done in the morning and when she put stuff in her closet, she forgot to shut the bedroom door! Then she went downstairs. Daddy was on the computer upstairs. We had been playing in the toy room, but we snuck past him and went into the bedroom.

Lila: Cuz we love playing in her makeup and putting it on. The lipstick tastes yucky, but we like to try to eat it anyways. And we like scraping all of the pretty colors she puts on her eyes out of their cases…the colors are so sparkly and pretty!

Mia: Uh huh. That’ s true. But then last weekend I discovered it’s fun to play with mascara and make my blonde hair black. The black looks funny!

Lila: Yeah, and it feels weird when I put the mascara thingy in my mouth. The bristles are soft!

Mia: So we each took one of her mascaras and hid in the closet. We sat against the wall on the big pretty bedspread she put there since it is so hot, and we opened up the mascara.

Lila: I put it on Mia first, and then she put it on my eyes and lips. Then we decided to put it on the wall. We were coloring later Tater does with his crayons.

Mia: It was so much fun! And she didn’t come looking for us for a long time!

Lila: Cuz she thought Daddy was watching us!

Mia: We heard her come upstairs and call our names, and we were really quiet because we didn’t want her to find us because we knew we’d get into trouble. She asked Daddy if he put us down for a nap, and he said no that he thought we were with her. Then they both said a bad word and came in the bedroom closet.

Lila: They both started saying “Girls! Bad! Bad!”, and then Mommy told Daddy to get the camera.


Mia: After we got cleaned up, they told us to go downstairs and watch TV with Tater. We went downstairs and found a glass of water sitting on the counter.

Lila: We decided to dump it out so we could play with the water since she wouldn’t let us play in the toilet.

Mia: Yeah, and when she came down on caught us and said she was done for the day and that we were Daddy’s problem for the rest of the day.

Lila: So now we aren’t allowed to play with any cups of water OR in the toilet OR with her makeup! She never lets us have any fun.

Mia: Uh oh! She’s coming! She’s gonna be mad if she knows we got on the computer! Let’s go see if the bathroom door is open!

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  1. I'm dying. I know I shouldn't laugh...I really do. But...but...but... Giggle.
  2. I find it so funny that I know two people (on Twitter) whose daughters are named Lila and Mia. You two are a bit older than the other two, but it's something for @coollegumes to look forward to.
  3. So hard not to laugh when you guys do such funny things. If it was my kids I don't think I'd find it so funny, but, well...
  4. HA! That picture of them covered in mascara has GUILT written all over it!! So cute!!
  5. That is just too funny! They look so cute all covered in mascara!
  6. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    What a mess! JDaniel decorated himself with pen. It was everywhere on Wednesday.
  7. These stories are great. Well, not great for you at the time but definitely hilarious for me to read. Those girls are adorable.
  8. Oh Lord woman, how do you do it??? They are the cutest and fiestiest little girls..I just adore them! Yet as the mom of twins too...(and I only have to truly deal with them all day on weekends) I know how hard it is once they are in cohoots! They make for great stories...but your wall looks unhappy ;) I have two nice boys for them!!!!
  9. Although they make me laugh, I feel for ya'. LoL
  10. I'm really sorry but giggle! She really went at her leg didn't she :)
  11. Yikes! I don't know what I would have done, probably sat and cried! They look really proud of their accomplishments!
  12. Oh Nat...I am so sorry, but I just think they are hysterical! And yes, you can still send them over anytime. But I will hide my mascara and lock the bathroom doors. Just in case.
  13. Wow...Just wow! I am laughing so hard at the thought of mascara brushes in their mouths. Yuck! And that's some impressive mascara cover on the leg up there.
  14. I have no words. I don't know how you keep up with them. I would have cried.
  15. Oh honey! You poor thing! DH is notorious for not really watching the girls when he's watching them. Not even a misunderstood time of being in charge. Baby R colored on the entry way tiles the other day - five feet from where he was sitting at the computer. Thankfully it was only crayon. Sigh... I guess the plus side to the mascara on the wall is that it was in the closet so no one will see it...
  16. Oh, girls! What a mess!
  17. Gosh, I hope it wasn't expensive mascara! it wrong that that was my first thought?
  18. I am just going to say that this mischief will stop.... kinda.
  19. I know it wasn't funny to you, but it is to me and cute. I didn't notice Mia's leg until now. OMG! The scraping of the eyeshadow would have made me soooo mad though! I need to post Waylon's mascara picture.
  20. It takes a strong woman not to beat her children/husband black and blue. That's all I'm saying.
  21. OH I just love how you wrote this from their perspective!! It is hilarious! AND, I hope you had a big fish bowl glass of wine after they went to bed!!
  22. God kids are annoying aren't they??!?! Yet, so hysterical!!
  23. my kids love my makeup, too, especially digging their fingernails into it. WTH
  24. Something is in the air...I'm sitting in the nursery pumping and Mad is in playing with my makeup. Apparently Adonis thinks he can parent from sofa in front of the baseball game.
  25. Oh girl. I don't want to say this is funny, but...
  26. WHOA. Just whoa.
  27. I am always so nervous to read these (my girls are 8 months old)... sometimes I think don't read it, you don't want to know. But then I think, no you should read it, it may help you. N. E. R. V. O. U. S