Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 1

The Business Hello! You may recognize me…I’m Lila, and I give The Business. My mom said that you guys like when I give The Business. She said that her friend The Empress liked it so much that she wanted us to talk to you. So here we are. This is Mia:

The Business Hi! This is me trying to give The Business.



Lila: Yeah, but she doesn’t do it right.

Mia: Yes I do!

Lila: No you don’t. Anyways, my mom said you had questions for us. We are going to answer them.

Alison from Mama Wants This asked: Who is usually the instigator of these troubles your Mommy writes about and The Empress so enjoys watching from the sidelines?

Lila: Me. But I’m sure Mia will say her. But don’t listen to her because it’s me.

Jessica from My Time as a Mom asked: What should the Empress change her nickname to (if she was ever going to change it)?

Mia: The Lady With the Truffles. I loved the truffles she sent my mom. And my mom keeps telling us when we are “BAD BAD” that we have to go live with The Empress and that’s okay because she has chocolate. And she likes us. A lot.

Kir from The Kir Corner asked: Girls, what are your favorite toys right now? How do you decide?

Lila: I like what Tater likes. And what Mia likes. And whatever they play with, I take it away. And if they won’t give it to me, I do what my mom calls the dolphin squeal. It can make your ears bleed.

Mia: I like purses. And balls. I really like balls. And I don’t share balls.

Lila: You should see her with those stupid things! The only time I want a ball is when Mia has it.

Mrs. Jen B from The Misadventures of Mrs. B asked: How much would you looooove to spend a week with your Auntie Empress so she can experience your hijinks firsthand?

Lila: We have her fooled into thinking we’re cute. She loved when my mom told you guys how we made a mess in the bathroom and the kitchen.

Mia: That’s true. We could probably get away with a lot. We like her. She has the truffles and Baby E. I like him, too.

Leighann from The Endless Rant of a Multi Tasking Mama asked: What are their visions for this feature?

Mia: What does that mean? What are we going to talk about? I think we’ll talk about how much my mom says “NO! NO!” and “You guys are driving me to drink”. But we can’t drive yet.

Lila: She needs to mellow out. She never lets us do anything fun. Even Tater says that.

K- from Pull Up Your Potty Seat, This Could Take Awhile asked: I would like to ask the girls their thoughts and steps to achieving world domination as they seem well on their way.

Lila: I’ll answer this because she obviously was asking me. It’s simple. I will tell Mia what to do and she will do it. Sometimes she gets mad and hits me, but she usually does it. Then we will make Tater do whatever we say or he’ll run away. We know how to drive people crazy my mom always says. That’s how we’ll do it.

Mia: That was the last question. But The Empress also wanted to know “How do you decide what to do that will make their mom lose her mind that day?”

You know what we like to do? Play ‘Who Can Scream the Loudest’. My mom hates that game!

Lila: Oh, and she hates when we won’t stay in her seats at the dinner table. She says that throws her over the edge. But she never jumps so I don’t know what that means.

Mia: I think it just makes her mad because we get a a time out. Time outs suck. But sometimes in the morning before we get up we spit and whoever spits the farthest gets to decide how we will drive mom crazy that day. It’s the best part of the day!

Lila: Yeah, time outs do suck. Well, my mom says we have to stop talking now and take a nap. You can ask us more questions, if you want. And next time we are going to tell you how my mom tries to keep us busy during the week. She doesn’t like when we rip the plants out of the garden or spill our milk all over the floor. She isn’t really much fun.

Mia: But it is fun when she dances with us! And plays Ring-Around-the-Rosey, that’s fun too!

Lila: Oh, and see that poll about product reviews and giveaways over on my mom’s sidebar? She wanted me to ask you to tell her what you think. She likes getting free stuff for us, but says she doesn’t want to annoy you guys.


  1. Natalie? I am exhausted just reading their post. Seriously, how do you do it?! And I love that Mia can't do The Bidness if her life depended on it!!
  2. O, man... I am in stitches... and it started at those pics and continued through the post! This is priceless! Thanks for letting Mia and Lila host "The Bidness" :)
  3. Girls: I want to know the NAUGHTIEST thing you did this week. That's the juicy stuff
  4. This is hilarious and tiring! I'm with Sherri, how do you do it?!
  5. Oh they are too cute! You must be so proud (and clever). Sandy
    • mommyofamonster says:
      Thank you!! I think they're pretty cute too ;) Proud, yes...clever? Not so much! I wish I could take credit for the idea, but it came from the Empress!
  6. Funny! I love the twins. My question: Do you choose what you want to wear for the day? Or does your Mommy make you wear what she thinks is pretty?
  7. Very funny. Love it! The devious lives of debutants. (LoL) Thanks for sharing.
  8. Bless you, Natalie, they sound like a handful. Funny, but a handful.
  9. thanks for answering my questions, did you learn that dolphin squeal from Gio??? I"m just asking, cause he makes that noise too, esp when he taking things away from Jacob. OH and he only wants stuff when Jacob has it, did he teach you that too????? LOL I have another you have ANY idea how cute and adorable you are????? this is the best feature ever...I cannot wait for Fridays now. :) WHEEEEEE.
  10. Nat, as the mom of twins, I feel you girl. I really do. ;)
  11. I'm with the Empress - we need to know what the naughtiest thing you did all week was. And, when do you start planning the adventures? I mean, is there anything in motion that will make mom really, really crazy?
  12. I love how Mia tries to give The Bidness. She's too cute to do it. Of course, Lila is cute, too - I prefer a sassy you get some sass outta each of those little hambones.
  13. How cute! Love the answers. I hope the Lady with the Truffles starts passing those things out more often. They sound delicious.
  14. They are so cute! I have a question too: Do you drive your Dad as crazy as your mom? PS Happy Mother's Day :)
  15. Funny, that's exactly how I pictured them sounding!
  16. Oh, this is so cute!
  17. ok girls...who wears the Sass Pants more often? And Nat? I need a nap after reading this. WHEW!
  18. Hi. I'm new around here. I love your blog and can see many other people do, too. That picture of Lila is classic!
    • mommyofamonster says:
      Hi Christine! Thanks for stopping by and for your very kind words :) I look forward to getting to know you better!
  19. Love this!!! Can't wait for next week. :)
  20. Oh ladies. I've got a little fella that drives his mama to cocktails sometimes too. Y'all would have fun together!
  21. I love them, even more so now that I've witnessed the Bidness firsthand. This is a GREAT feature. I love hearing their little personalities!
  22. Oh how I loved this.


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