Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 3

Hello! You may recognize me…I’m Lila, and I give The Business. My mom wanted you guys to see it so she took a video of me doing it. I don’t mess around when I give The Business.


Hi! I’m Mia, and this is me trying to give The Business. But if you watch the video, you will understand why nobody ever asks me to give The Business.


Lila: Yeah, she tries but just doesn’t know how to do it. Tater doesn’t either.

Mia: Tater looks like he has to blow his nose when he does it.

Lila: My mom said you guys wanted to ask us more questions, so we are going to answer them.

Mia: We like to play a game we call “Who Can Scream the Loudest?”

Lila: Me-ya! It’s not time to talk about that yet! (Note from Mommy: That’s how Lila says Mia…Me-ya (as in the first part of yawn). We think it’s because she used to say ‘mimi’ and we’d say “Good job! Try to say me-ya.” It’s funny how she over-pronounces the ‘ya’ part)

Mia: Okay, but can we talk about it? I like that game. I do this: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH”

Lila: Not right now Me-ya! Mommy said to be good or we won’t be able to do this anymore! Okay, so here is the first question.

Leigh Ann from Genie in a Blog asks: Do they babble to each other a lot? R&C go back and forth between real words and jibbersh, and I often wonder if they can understand each other.

Lila: Of course we talk to each other in our own secret language! How do you think I talk Me-ya into doing things that Mommy says “NO! NO! BAD! BAD!” to?

Mia: Yeah, we thought Mommy could understand us, but she doesn’t.

Lila: She has no idea what we are up to until it’s too late.

Mia: Poor Mommy. And she says I speak Chinese…that’s part of the way we throw her off.

Lila: Well, it’s usually your idea and I get blamed for it!

Mia: No way! I just follow along cuz you say we won’t get in trouble but we always do.

Lila: That’s a lie. Moving on…

Katie from Sluiter Nation wants to know: Do you pronounced Lila like LIE-LA or like LEE-LA? I had a student with that name and she is a LEE-LA (because she is Latina).

And, who wears the Sass Pants more often?

Lila: We pronounce it LIE-LA. Mommy really liked Lily but Daddy said no because they know somebody with a little girl named Lily.

Mia: But Mommy says we never talk to them.

Lila: Yeah, that’s true. And I wear the Sass Pants the most.

The Empress asked: I want to know the NAUGHTIEST thing you did this week.

Mia: Lila dragged me into Tater’s room and we took out all of his crayons and markers and tried to eat them. Then we drew on each other and his bed. But my mom didn’t FLIP OUT like she usually does because she had to do laundry…whatever that means.

Lila: Oh, and we dumped out all of Tater’s blocks and all of the cards from Candyland and put them all over his room. Me-ya, what do you think mom was doing while we did all that?

Mia: She was on the ‘puter, I bet.

Lila: Yeah, you’re probably right.

Alison from Mama Wants This asks:

Do you choose what you want to wear for the day? Or does your Mommy make you wear what she thinks is pretty?

Mia: She picks out two things and we get to pick what we want. But I would rather just be naked.

Lila: Me too.

Amy from Spread a Little Thin asks: Do you drive your Dad as crazy as your mom?

Lila: We drive him more crazy. That’s why he says he goes to work.

John from The Adventures of Daddy Runs a Lot asks: When do you start planning the adventures? I mean, is there anything in motion that will make mom really, really crazy?

Mia: Yes! “Who Can Scream the Loudest” is our favorite game and I am so good at it! Mommy gets SO mad! She puts us on time out and sends Tater to his room!

Lila: But we love that game! The best is playing it in the car!

Mia: Yeah, that is the most fun! Okay, it’s our bedtime and Mommy is saying we have to go to bed. She said we are making her crazy. She wants to sit down and do nothing.

Lila: Today she even told Twitter that she wanted us to start calling her Daddy. But we don’t want Daddy, we want Mommy.

Mia: And she says Tater says Mommy too much. And that we do too. And that she needs some me time, whatever that means.

Mommy: And with that, we are out! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Tim@sogeshirts says:
    Wow that is too cute. Cute and entertaining. You need to interview them more often :)
  2. The twins never fail to disappoint! Love this series, Natalie.
  3. So cute!! I would love to see them in person...except for when they play the game about who can scream the loudest.
  4. Ha ha no they don't disappoint! :) I have always loved the name Lila!
  5. The screaming game is oh, so much fun. Especially in the car. I've tried changing my name, but it never works out.
  6. They are so adorable!! Abbey never played the scream game, but Dylan loves it, and now she plays with him :( Also, I love the name Lila. It was on my short list for Dylan, but then he was a boy. And a boy Lila doesn't work so well :)
  7. Girls, when your mommy has to "do the laundry" if she's in front of the computer? She's not doing the laundry. If she's got a wine bottle in front of her? You've been very naughty. And she might give YOU the business.
  8. This is just so cute, Nat! That screaming game is so awful in the car.
  9. Oh Nat, you know how much I love those girls!!!! having twins myself I am very familiar with the screaming game, the cards all over the place game and the crayon on the furniture game.... Just when I think they can't get any cuter, they DO!!! thanks for making my Fridays!
  10. THAT made me laugh. I love it. The naughtiest thing you did. I would like to ask, while I'm still smiling here, that you made every THe Bidness post have the naughtiest thing they did all week. Eating crayons and markers? Coloring each other up? Too wonderful.
  11. They are too cute! My daughter plays the screaming game with herself!
  12. Aren't those post-crayon-eating moments grand?
  13. lol, hilarious. Yup, both kiddos sleep together in a pack and play in our bedroom but we'll probably move them to a crib in a couple weeks and have them share that together for another couple months because you are so right, they do sleep better together.
  14. oh mah lawd. Eddie is into screaming fits right now. uncool, you guys.
  15. Hi girls! Thanks for answering my question! I think you should start calling mommy daddy too. Then can you teach my kids to do that. I think they will listen you you more than me. I have another question: Where is your favorite place to go and why?
  16. Have a good weekend, you little sassy pants ladies [love that].
  17. Love it! From Rachel and Claire to Lila and Mia: "Tell your mommy that naked is the new black. Also acceptable? Never wearing pants. Ever."
  18. LOL too funny! Monkeyman loves that stinkin screaming game too. ugh...will it ever stop being fun?
  19. I love that the Empress asked what the naughtiest thing they did THIS week was, sets us right up for next week's repeat question!