Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 13

Lila: Me and Mia are mad. We just found out that Ethan got to answer 20 questions on Mommy’s blog yesterday…on a video! We never got to do a video!


Mia: Yeah, we have to sneak on the computer while Mommy thinks we are taking a nap. But really we are still boycotting naps because we can have a lot of fun when Mommy thinks we are in our room.


Lila: That’s true. We can. She doesn’t even care about the mess we make in our room. But sometimes, she is on the computer and we sneak out and do other stuff.

Mia: I don’t like taking a nap. But Lila still needs one.

Lila: No I don’t!

Mia: Yes you do! Remember the other day when we were playing and you just laid down to rest for a minute? You fell asleep!

Lila: No I didn’t! I was just resting my eyes!

Mia: That’s not resting your eyes! That’s sleeping! I opened the door and went to find Mommy because I was bored and she yelled at me and was carrying me back into bed. Then she saw you and said “I have to get my camera” and then she just made me watch TV in her room. She wasn’t even mad!

Lila: Whatever. You are making this all up. I don’t know where that picture came from. Besides, I want to tell them about Halloween.

Mia: Oh! That was fun! We got to get candy from everybody for no reason! They just gave us candy!

Lila: Well, we had to say “Trick-or-Treat!” and “Thank you”. But we got a lot of candy! And Mommy won’t let us eat it all.

Mia: Mommy is mean. Tater was a pirate and said “AAARRRRR” a lot.

Lila: And poked us with his sword. Mommy had to take it away from him.

Mia: And we were cheerleaders. Daddy LOVES USC.

Lila: We had to say “Fight On Trojans” and that made Daddy happy.

Mia: And I like climbing the stairs. I don’t know why Mommy gets mad at me when I do, but she does.

Lila: She gets mad because you climb on the wrong side of the bars! And you go up too high! She thinks you will fall.

Mia: Well sometimes you do it too.

Lila: No I don’t! I stopped at the second step…you go up 9 of them.

Mia: Mommy says I can’t do it anymore or I will crack my head open.

Lila: Well you might. Look what happened to me on Monday when I fell off of the bed. It really, really hurt.

Mia: It is a big owie.

Lila: This is what it looks like today. It doesn’t hurt as much, but Mommy says it looks like I’m wearing eyeshadow from the 80’s, whatever that means.

Mia: Mommy says we have to stop hurting ourselves or CPS is going to come take us away. Who is CPS?

Lila: I don’t know. But she says we bruise like Georgia peaches like her and if anybody looked at our legs, they would wonder what happened to us.

Mia: And Daddy calls you Crash because you are always taking diggers. He says that you are graceful like Mommy.

Lila: Well he says I go too fast and don’t pay attention. But I think I do.

Mia: SHHHHH! What’s that? I think Mommy’s coming!

Lila: We have to go before she says “Come on! Are you kidding me right now?” and sends us back to bed.

Mia: We’ll try to be back to talk again soon!


  1. Bwahahahaha - hysterical. And wow, what a digger! Having kids is traumatic to our souls. Every time Drew does that I feel TERRIBLE. But also like, WELL, if you wouldn't act like a crazed maniac...
  2. Adventurous lil' boogers, ain't they. I can picture those two wearing cool-looking broad-brimmed, black banded hats, carrying violin cases with mini Thompson's inside terrorising the neighbourhood. If someone goes missing in your street, check for signs of concrete being mixed in your yard and dredge the river!
  3. I love these posts, they always make me giggle. I hope Lila's eye gets better! That looks like it hurt!
  4. I love those girls! (LoL) Loved the photos except the eye one. Ouch!
  5. I swear, my kids conspire just like yours do. And why would you ever, ever want to climb up the "right side" of the stairs? I'm really, truly shocked that my son didn't give himself a black eye for or during his party.
  6. Oh poor Lila! But how funny are they? Dylan likes to do that on the stairs at my mom's house, silly kids!
  7. Those stairs in my house would equal ER probably every week! There's no way I would be able to keep them from them. Poor girl with the big owie!!!
  8. Aw, girls- you so need a vlog. And make such cute cheerleaders. Those steps scare me. We have ones like that here, except they go all the way up- no wall after so many steps. And my youngest likes to climb all the way up. I don't know whether to scream- b/c I might startle him- or what. It totally freaks me out.
  9. Love those girls
  10. I love this post. So adorable. And holy ouchballs her eye looks sore!
  11. This is a hilarious post! Love it!