There is LIGHT within your darkness

There is hope within your fear;

You can break free from the ties that bind

and the demons always near.


You can destroy your self made hell

you can leave your self built prison.

You can decide which way to steer –

the direction that will help your mind clear.


But there is a catch; a price to pay.

You must let go of your self hate.

It won’t be easy or pain free,

but you can’t afford to just let it be.


You need to find out from where it comes,

why it’s here and why it leers

into your life, into your heart –

how it’s gotten so damn smart.


It figured out how to make you tick.

It figured out how to keep you sick.


Only you alone can stave it off;

only you alone can kill it.

Only you can find a way –

you can’t afford to let it stay.


Because “YOU” are no longer you alone.

You now have a legacy.

Part of you is your beautiful boys,

and as they grow they’ll sense your misery.


I will not finish these words I write

because this is not the end.

Your journey is far from over.

The first step is in your hands.


Are you listening? A short piece of fiction inspired by the word "listen".I wrote this for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop for Prompt #1:Write a blog post inspired by the word: light. 

I am not a poet, and I know nothing about writing poems or if this even qualifies as a poem!

These words flowed out of me quickly, and I have the original written words that I wrote years ago (2010? 2011? 2012?) for my brother, who at the time only had a boy, not boys.


Since then, years later, he finally realized that he had a problem and went to rehab. Though he’s not perfect, he’s still my brother and I love him with all of my heart. Every day is a struggle for an addict, and I hope these words wrapped around his heart in his darkest hours last year when I finally gave them to him, and I hope they gave him some comfort.


  1. Beautiful and perfect. It's as if you saw into my heart! Thank you!!
  2. Love your last lines: I will not finish these words I write because this is not the end. Your journey is far from over. The first step is in your hands. That is true of all our journeys! Jerralea recently posted..Drawn to the LightMy Profile
  3. Yes, it's a poem. It's moving and evocative, and I'm sure they brought your brother some clarity about changing the direction his life was taking. Kim recently posted..What I Wished I Had Said: The Twenty/Twenty Hindsight ChroniclesMy Profile
  4. For you not being a "poet" you nailed it. I think your words were beautiful and heartfelt. I hope your brother is doing well now.
  5. So much truth! Addiction is an ugly battle and a helpless war to watch. I hope it helps him! Your poem is absolutely beautiful! Kat recently posted..Taste Testing BuzzBallzMy Profile