My Life In Pictures: November 16 – 30, 2016

Over the last year or so, twice a month I share my Instagram pictures since I can’t seem to find time to write! I call it My Life In Pictures. You can see all of my previous posts here.

I shared what we were up to at the beginning of November, and here’s what we were up to at the end of November.


The kids were off for Thanksgiving break, and spent lots of time in their PJs. They also all got the stomach flu, which was not fun, though much easier now that they can all make it to the toilet when they get sick! We saw the movie Trolls and loved it.


I devoured the book Victoria, by Daisy Goodwin. I loved it and wanted more! You can check out my book review or pick up a copy to read here.


We celebrated my sister-in-laws’s baby shower! She’s having a little girl in April, and that baby will be the 16th grandchild and my 17th niece/nephew! Funny thing is, she already has a nickname…Number 16. Nicknames are huge in our family – between my siblings and all of our kids, we have over 80 of them.



I started decorating for Christmas! How cute are these wine cork Christmas trees that my SIL makes? They are perfect sitting on our bar.


Since they were little (no seriously, click that link because the pictures are SO cute!), the girls always sit together or are very close to each other. And like in this picture, I often find them sleeping together and touching. I hope they always stay close.

What were you up to in November?


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