A Date With The Girls

Over the weekend, Jason took Ethan to the Miramar Air Show, which he has been wanting to do since Ethan was just a baby. Craning my neck all day to see jets fly really fast is not my thing, so I decided to let them do a Daddy/Son Day. And then, I got an email asking me to attend Knott’s Berry Farm Camp Spooky VIP Breakfast. Without Ethan, would it be possible for me to take just the girls? No. So I forced my mom to come with me.

For those of you who don’t know, Knott’s Berry Farm is America’s oldest theme park, and I’ve been going there myself since I was a kid. I was really excited to share some time with just Lila and Mia, and to see them experience it all themselves for the first time.

They were not fans of Snoopy. Or the “friendly monsters’. Pretty much anything coming at them that was bigger than me? Not having it. But we did have fun!

Now I’m thinking that maybe they were still too little to enjoy the park. They just turned two, and on most of the rides, they had a look of terror and were red from lack of breathing. They were more happy just walking around and getting the trick-or-treat candy that was being handed out.

This is a quick thank you to Knott’s for the invite…we had a blast! I’m even getting year round passes because I know that Ethan will love it, and the girls will in time, too.

Mia. Not happy about wearing a VIP wrist band. She just doesn’t get it yet.

Lila. Totally happy with nothing more than a straw at breakfast.

Me holding Mia after she was traumatized by meeting a larger-than-life-sized Snoopy.

Trying to get one decent picture of the girls together. It didn’t work.

The girls with their trick-or-treat bags, which they would NOT let go of!

Me and my girls hanging out in Camp Spooky…

On the train. Yes, Lila is giving the obligatory The Business. This was their favorite ride.

Mia snuggling with Gramma.

Of course, I did get to see some friends. I missed seeing Wendy from Wendy Will Blog, and that was a HUGE bummer! I did run into my friend Jenny of Karma (continued…) and got to talk to her long enough to plan a lunch date (I’m hoping without the kids so we can enjoy each other!). And I FINALLY got to meet the super cute and very funny Leila from Don’t Speak Whinese and even was lucky enough to force her to take get her to take a picture with me!


All in all, I had a blast, and so did the girls. Thanks again to Knott’s for having us to breakfast and a sneak peak at Camp Spooky!

Disclosure: I was invited to Knott’s Berry Farm to attend the VIP Breakfast Camp Spooky event. I received parking, breakfast and park admission for free. I blogged about it because I wanted to, not because Snoopy forced me to…he didn’t even ask me to! All thoughts & opinions expressed here are mine.


  1. I used to love Knott's Berry Farm! What a great event to share with your family, and I think in time your girls will learn to love it!
  2. What a fun time y'all had. :)
  3. First? Your site is no longer blocked at work for me! Woohoo! Second - I love the smiles . . . I kind of wish my daughter had a little bit of fear in her . . . CJ, if something "bigger than me" approaches him (mind you, "bigger than me" is pretty damn big), gets very afraid. Leila wants to kiss them. And good call on bringing your mother along . . . Whenever the kids outnumber the grown-ups 2:1, bad things happen. Lastly, I'm a guy, but I don't understand air-shows. At all. I mean, it's neat to see things go fast, but I'd just as soon watch it on TV than in person.
  4. What a fun day, I never see these kind of blogger events in MI. I want to move near you!
  5. That place looks really cool...love the shots of you and the girls.
  6. This looks like such a wonderful outing!
  7. All in all, it sounds like a fun time. Smart move on taking your mom. I would have done the same thing. I wish my kids had a fear of things bigger than me. They will run down anyone who gets in their way when it comes to the opportunity to hug (aka tackle) any giant mascot.
  8. Awe, great pictures. Even the bizness ones. (LoL) Girls are almost old enough for Charlie Brown holiday cartoons so maybe they'll appreciate Snoopy a little more. LoL
  9. Isn't it nearly impossible to get a picture where everyone is looking at the camera? My kids rarely cooperate on that front! Even so, you got some great shots. Looks like a really fun day!
  10. It looks like such a great time!!! The girls look adorable!!!! You know, as many times as we've been down to LA, we never have been to Knotts Berry Farm!!!
  11. Sounds like it was an awesome day! Thanks for sharing it!
  12. THose girls of yours are too, damn,cute. My Roo is just over 2 and afraid of Choi fish and baby cows, as well as books on tape, so. . . I'm sure he'd have a meltdown over Snoopy the Large and Creepy.
  13. LOVE the pic with the pumpkins!
  14. What a fun time! The girls look like they had a blast! I love date days with my kids. :)
  15. I can't believe how big the girls are getting. Since I've followed you from the beginning, I feel like I've watched them grow up. And, yes you definitely need back up. Your mom must have been 12 when she had you :)
  16. RIY What a great day you had!!! The girls are so cute! My boys are still scared of things bigger than them, they had wristbands and rides are hit and miss. It's so good when I feel like someone else feels my pain LOL. Love the pictures!!!
  17. Looks like fun! My son runs off whenever he sees those large stuffed walking things too. They had the cow at chick fil A once handing out balloons on the other side of the room and he screamed and shook like I was trying to drop him into a vat of boiling acid.
  18. What a fun event! I'm sure mine would be slightly petrified too, though. I want in on the lunch with Jenny!
  19. Oh wow, that looks like a lot of fun. Glad you had some time with the girls. :-)
  20. Sounds like you had a great date with your girls. These pictures are adorable. I haven't been to Knott's Berry Farm in years. I need to take Lucas.
  21. It was SO nice finally meeting you!! That event was awesome and I have such a soft spot for Knotts. It was especially awesome sharing it with a bunch of bloggers! Hope to see you again soon :)
  22. Oh, thank God! I was so afraid I would never get to see 'the business' again! They are growing so fast -- and, don't you hear that, every day. Love Knotts Berry Farm. Come visit when you can.
  23. Those babies of yours are just delicious. I must meet them before they get much bigger. So happy you had a great time. :)
  24. we are hoping to to a pumpkin patch next week in DC - a Fall fix!


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