Klout: What Is +K and How Does It Work?

It is no secret to anybody that I have a huge crush on Klout. I tweet about it, I understand the basics of it, and I help promote it. I don’t know why, but I was drawn to it and have so much fun with it that I want everybody else to like it too!

I have already told you about what Klout is and how you can find out your score. I also told you all about Klout Perks and how you can get free stuff (I’ve gotten wine and gift cards!) simply by spending waaaayyy too much time on Twitter (my first love).

And then it started happening: people started looking at me for answers to their Klout questions! And people started telling other people to ask me about their Klout questions! I was ecstatic and so excited to be able to help people understand Klout!

Until Klout introduced “+K“. Because guess what? I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand what it was all about, why it would be important, if it affected my Klout score, or what the big deal about it was.

description of klout +k

Now here’s the lowdown on Klout’s +K that you probably see tweeted throughout the day. You might see a tweet saying “I just gave @xxxx a +K about (whatever) on @klout” and then a link to the +K. It would look like this:

(From @AKludgyMom): I just gave @mommyofamonster +K about klout on @klout http://t.co/uZPBXUN

Super cool, but what does it mean is exactly?

Another thing that so many of us don’t understand is how Klout decides what we are influential about. I was influential about “Minnesota Twins” and “Disease”, though I never blog or tweet about either thing! I wasn’t even sure that the Minnesota Twins were a baseball team!

So I went to the source. So many of you had questions that I couldn’t answer with 100% certainty. I reached out to @meganberry (Klout’s Marketing Manager), who had read and promoted my post about Klout Perks. I asked if she would be willing to answer some questions for me, and she said yes!

So here are your questions, and Megan’s answers.

@angiekinghorn: Would love 2 know the point of K+, and how that relates to Klout Perks.

Megan’s answer:
It allows users to vouch for their peers’ influence in topics. For example, if my friend gave me great marketing advice I might want to give them +K on marketing.

Klout Perks often do rely on topical expertise so as we move forward +K will be one of the factors we use to judge topical expertise.

@shellthings: Does it change our Klout score?

Megan’s answer:
It currently does not change your Klout score, but our team of scientists are looking at the data we get from it to determine if we should add it in (and how) in the future.

@mommyneedsvaca: I just signed up for Klout. When will I get topics that I’m influential about so others can give me +K? How is what you are influential about it calculated?

Megan’s answer:
It depends on your level of activity. We look at tweets that receive engagement for topics (i.e. get RTs or @messages) so some will get topics sooner than others.

@Mrs4444: How is what you are influential about calculated? Is it by certain words, hashtags, etc.?

Megan’s answer:
We perform semantic analysis on the tweets that get you the most engagement and then assign the tweet back to a higher-level topic. If you see a topic that doesn’t seem right you can remove it and our topical analysis will get smarter.

So there you go! I probably became influential about “Minnesota Twins” because I blog about “twins”!

Now another question I’ve been getting a lot on Twitter is “How do I give somebody a +K?”

It’s really easy!

1. Go to Klout.com and log in (or create an account and then log in).

2. Type in the Twitter name of the person you would like to give a +K to (example: If you wanted to give Megan Berry one, you would type her Twitter name “MeganBerry” into the “Enter a Twitter User Name” field at the top right of the screen.

3. Once you see the person’s profile that you want to give a +K to, you will see a section towards the top right that says “Influential About”…click “see all” and you will see all of the topics that Klout says that they have some influence about.

4. Once there, you will see to the left of each topic a “Give +K” button. Click on that and you just gave your favorite tweeter a +K! You can also tweet or share on Facebook that you think they have influence about  particular topic in the box that pops up after you give the +K.

*You can give up to 5 +K’s a day, and you can give them all to one person on various topics or spread the love around and give them to 5 different people. You DO NOT have to give +K’s away everyday, and whether you do or do not give them out, it will not affect your own Klout score.

Thank you again Megan (and Klout!) for your awesomeness and for taking the time to answer these questions…it really helps the entire subject of +K make WAY more sense!

For more information, visit Klout’s introduction to +K page, or if you have any questions about Klout or how it works, feel free to leave them in the comments section and I will get you an answer!

Also…who is on your Free Pass list?My Free Pass List post was such a hit that people wanted a linky for it! Write about your Free Pass List and come link up this week!


  1. Wow, this is very enlightening. I assumed the +K was helping my Klout score because it went up this week...good to know it's just my tweeting! Super helpful Nat!
  2. Well there you go. All cleared up now in one perfect post. Nicely done friend!
  3. I don't know much about Klout, so I'm scared of it and don't want to use it. I'm just getting COMFY with twitter now, in fact.
  4. Great post! I have been having fun the last week or so, hopping around and giving out +Ks.
  5. Super informative. Thanks a bunch for these posts. :)
  6. Thanks for this Natalie, I was wondering if +K added weight to the overall Klout score. What are the benefits of handing out +k though? I do it anyway because it's fun and it's a great way to engage, but it seems a little bit like us pushing @klout onto Twitter, more than anything else. Aside from that, I love Klout!
  7. This explained a lot, Natalie! I was concerned that the +K stuff was affecting the organic nature of how Klout was calculated. Glad to hear it's not!
  8. Great post Natalie, you klout ambassador you.
  9. awesome! although I am still in a quandary as to how I become influential about Cats and Smoothies... :) no matter - thanks for clearing up some of life's little mysteries - especially how to give +K to people... because sign in though I might I never quite figured that one out :)
  10. So apparently I need to Tweet more? Not sure how I can possibly tweet even more than I do!!
  11. Natalie! You are my hero! Thank you so much for finding out the answer to my question. :)
  12. Very cool info, Nat! I'm glad to hear the +K doesn't affect Klout. It seems like it would become one more thing that people would ask for- I could see people tweeting "Please give me +K on (insert subject here)" instead of it being an authentic thing.
  13. I read another interview with megan berry also said that if you @ a random tweet just to say hello to someone they take into account what that random tweet said. So that might be why people are getting some random topics! I loved this post!
  14. Great info on Klout! I will say, when +K first started, I was a bit addicted. I couldn't agree more with Shell's comment!
  15. I really wish you could assign +K for topics that you weren't already assigned as influential for, though I'm pretty sure I'd be "off the charts" for "douchebags" :-)
  16. I think I gave you Klout about Klout...
  17. Thanks for these posts, Natalie! I'm trying to figure out this Klout thing. Your posts really helped.
  18. very helpful! I'm still not sure I need another thing to do, though! But, yeah, it was all kind of greek to me, your post was very enlightening.
  19. Glad to know the +K doesn't affect it. I do like Klout, but being in Canada I can't take advantage of the perks which really sucks.I hope this will change one day soon and the perks will be for everybody not just U.S. residents. ~stumbled~
  20. Hmm, interesting. I'd been receiving these messages and didn't know what they meant or whether I should thank the person who gave them to me or not. Thank you!
  21. My Klout topics finally changed to reflect more of the "right" topics I'm associated with. Now I hope I can keep them! BTW Minnesota Twins IS one of my topics and I'll take it. =) I had "Muppets" for the longest time and it made no sense since I think all that happened with that word one time is a tweet from my blog post. But then there were topics that should be on there that I use constantly, but still have yet to make it to my list. =)
  22. Ah! I'd been wondering whether +K affected the Klout score. Thanks so much for answering that!
  23. I have a lot of work to do on Twitter!!!!


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