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Last week, many of you read my post What is Klout? And What Is My Klout Score?. I mentioned at the end of my post that I wanted to tell you about Klout Perks and how you can get free stuff just because of your Klout Score! This is part two of my Klout spiel.

Why Klout is Important

Now we all know that people with influence, like celebrities, are given lots of free stuff…and I’m talking cool and very expensive free stuff. Why? Because whoever’s giving it to them wants them to talk about it. Wants them to be seen using it or wearing it or driving it.

Last week I told you about the  BlogHer and Ketchum PR study that shows that bloggers’ voices and opinions have replaced celebrity endorsements as reliable sources – when people want to know the truth, they seek it via social media, not through advertising. So in a way, if you’ve got a good enough Klout score, you’re also a social media celebrity of sorts…and that can get you free stuff.

What is a Klout Perk?

When we use social media, we all have certain things we talk about a lot. For me it’s parenting, wine, and cooking. Once you get used to using social media, you’ll notice that certain things you talk about sparks a lot of  interest among your audience, and that results in retweets, @ replies, conversation, etc.

If you use Klout, they keep an eye on influencers – people that can and do generate a lot of “talk.” Klout believes that your influence should be rewarded. They decided to do something about it – they give Klout Perks. According to Megan Berry, Marketing Manager at Klout, Klout Perks “pairs active, engaging, and influential social media users with brands that are likely to be of interest to them based on topical influence, location, and other factors specific to each campaign.”

How Do You Get Klout Perks?

Obviously, you have to sign up with Klout…how else would they be able to track your Klout?! When Klout has the right Perk for you, you will be notified via email or @message.

Many people think that you can only get Perks if you have a super high Klout score – not so. With Klout Perks, Klout’s goal is to recognize people for their passions and there personal sphere of influence.

The criteria for who gets a Perk is determined for the most part by the brands, depending on their goals, size of the opportunity, and target market.

I mentioned I talk about wine (a lot). Klout suggests that if I talk about it in an interesting or authoritative way that makes people want to respond or interact, I would likely be a top consideration for a wine-related Perk because I’d be a good fit.

And guess what? I did get a wine related Perk! Lot 18 recently gave wine influencers a $100 credit to their site to buy premium wines at heavily discounted prices. Because I am a wine influencer, I can also invite my friends (you!) to get a $10 credit to the site – just visit this link: http://bit.ly/igkt6P.

I also received a $50 credit to Plum District. Influential moms received a $50 credit for Plum District’s exclusive daily deals. I purchased OneHope wine with my credit.

What Happens When You Get A Perk?

No expectations. Of course, I think it’s nice for you to tweet about it and spread the word!

That being said,  Each page on Klout’s website clearly states its “Influencer Code of Ethics”:

  • Klout will never sell or give away your contact info.
  • Participating (or not participating) will not change your Klout Score.
  • If you accept the offer you are not required to do anything. We do not want to “buy” your tweets. You are receiving the product because you are influential and have authority on topics related to the product. This is a more targeted form of receiving a sample while shopping at the grocery store. You are welcome to tell the world you love the product, you hate the product or say nothing at all.
  • If you decide to talk about the product Klout asks that you to disclose that you received a sample.


So if you haven’t already gotten a Perk, don’t worry! Keep doing what you’re doing and when the right product comes along for you, you just may get a surprise tweet from @KloutPerks!

Your Questions Answered

I’m no Klout expert, but I am going to try to answer your questions based on my knowledge of Klout.

Elle (@AMidwestAffaire) asked: What I would like to know is what is considered low, what is acceptable, and what is high? #klout

Elle, there’s really not a scale…the more social you are, the higher your score will become. And because there are so many factors that make up your score, it’s hard to say what’s high or low. The more you tweet, the higher your score.

That being said, it is work to keep your score up. Mine fluctuates a couple of points based on how much I tweet. I was offline all weekend and most of the week so far this week, and my score did drop a point.

Isiah asked: How bad is one’s klout if they don’t have a facebook and/or twitter account?

If you don’t use Facebook or Twitter, you won’t have a Klout score. Since the score it made up of your activity on these forums, if you don’t use them, Klout can’t calculate a score!

If you have additional questions, please feel free to leave them here and I’ll try to get you answers.

Hope this was helpful!



  1. Thanks Natalie for this. How awesome that you got some nice stuff, just for tweeting etc! My question is: as I'm not in the US, does that mean I don't qualify for Klout Perks?
  2. I just love the fact that you have the title of "wine influencer." It seems to suit you, my dear! ;)
  3. Klout rules!
  4. Hey Natalie, Great post, thanks for sharing about Klout and Klout Perks! Alison -- we do have some international Klout Perks as well! -Megan @meganberry Marketing Manager, Klout
  5. I love Klout. I try not to check mine everyday, but it eventually happens :P
  6. This is great info. Thank you! Now I want wine.
  7. Great info, so I need to hashtag more and wait for my perks!
  8. This is great! I love Klout Perks!
  9. this is a great How to...I recently joined KLOUT and am trying to tweet more often. Thanks for giving us the 411 on it....I appreciate that. :)
  10. Wine influencer... hee hee! Thanks for sharing more info.
  11. Thanks for the teach! I'm registered with Klout, but wasn't aware of Klout Perks. Off to follow them on Twitter! :>
  12. I appreciate this forum--Thanks. What I'm wondering about is what Klout says I'm influential about--Movies. I am so NOT influential about movies. I go to a handful of movies a year and yes, I've tweeted a couple of times about them, but I am so much more passionate about parenting, teaching, technology, blogging, etc. How do they arrive at that? Is it hashtags?
  13. Natalie, thanks for this - I was wondering what Klout Perks people had been receiving. What worries me about them is that they could be divisive in a blogging community for example - which is exactly what you *don't* want when you're running a campaign to build a buzz about something in a particular niche. What I mean is, most blogging communities are quite close knit (I know just about every person in London who blogs about London - we get together monthly for goodness sake!) so if I knew a friend had received a 'Perk' and I hadn't, and I was then approached to talk about that product as part of a campaign (without the incentive of a freebie I know lots of other people have received), I don't need to tell you what my response would be...
  14. Sorry, I'm going to add something else that expands on the points above (I've just read Mrs4444's post!). My Klout score is 42 which is quite respectable, and I'm an authority on 'London' and 'Travel and Tourism'. That's fine - it certainly fits with my main online activity. But, I'm also keen on covering emerging bands in London and, unlike Mrs4444, I go to the cinema regularly, and write reviews of movies and of live gigs which usually get quite a few views. There's nothing relating to those subjects in my Klout summary however - and given that my gig reviews are often the *only* one online (all the other search results are listings) in certain respects I can have a great deal of 'influence' in that area. My suspicion is that Klout is rather a blunt instrument - as the British study into gaming it a few months ago seemed to prove...
  15. Thanks for this post Natalie. As you know, I am just now learning about Klout. Does Klout pick topics that you are an influencer for? Are there any topics under my profile. Why am I still so confused when I go on there????
  16. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    I need to do more with my Facebook page. Thanks for sharing this great information. I Stumbled this post.
  17. Thanks for posting this. I qualified for a Klout perk this week. I went to check what it was - Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof protection. I had to google it because I wasn't sure what it was - deoderant apparently. So there you go. I'm not sure what I've done to qualify for a prize of deoderant but I think I'm going to start tweeting about wine, seems like a better bet! :-)
  18. Informative piece. I clearly need to tweet more about my wine drinking habit! ; )
  19. I love how fast klout is growing! I always miss the deadlines for my perks though :( Thanks for the great explanation! Stumbled from blog frog!
  20. Yet another perk I need to look into! Thanks for the info! stumbled
  21. Should I be following @KloutPerks? Do they really tweet at you when you get a perk?
  22. Very informative! That clears some stuff up for me. Now if only I could think of something to tweet more often. I'd love a new pair of yoga pants and some running shoes! :)


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