Kids In The Garden: Mia And Her Green Thumb

One of the things that Jason and I both try to have the kids help with is gardening and maintaining the plants in the yards. Lila and Ethan can take it or leave it, but my little Mia has a green thumb. The girl loves to romp around outside with me, picking weeds, watering strawberries, and watching things grow. When it comes to kids in the garden, it’s looking like I’ll be putting my eggs in one basket with Mia.

Over the summer, she wanted to take care of her own plants. So when I found these little greenhouses complete with seeds at the dollar spot in Target, I picked them up.

Tips for gardening with kids in the garden. Includes what you can use when you don't have pots to start seeds in...natural pots right out of your kitchen!

I never have luck with growing cilantro, but I was hoping Mia might. As you can see, she did it all by herself. She was so proud! And when those seeds started to sprout, it was fun for both of us.

Long story short, the basil made it but the cilantro did not. Sigh.

Kids in the Garden

What I love about having the kids in the garden with us is that it’s a passion of both mine and Jason’s. We both had parents who loved being outside making things grow and we do too. I love that the kids know the names of plants and flowers that many adults don’t even know. They are learning that some plants stay green all year and that some plants die after a season.

This year, the kids learned that if you plant a few strawberry plants close together that they will vine off and you’ll have more and more strawberries. They carefully pick through the plants to make sure there aren’t any bugs or snails, and they make sure that the fruit is left alone until it’s perfectly red.

Having the kids in the garden is fun for all of us. I usually try to keep the garden as organic as possible. Whether you choose to go green in the garden or not, what to do if you can’t find dollar spot greenhouses? It’s no problem at all.

Tips for gardening with kids in the garden. Includes what you can use when you don't have pots to start seeds in...natural pots right out of your kitchen!

Chances are you have perfect little pots to start seeds in even if you don’t realize it: egg shells and paper egg cartons.

Tips for gardening with kids in the garden. Includes what you can use when you don't have pots to start seeds in...natural pots right out of your kitchen!The great thing about starting seeds in egg shells and/or egg cartons is that when the seeds start sprouting, you pop them straight into the soil, shell or egg carton and all. Both vessels are 100% biodegradable, so as your seedlings grow into big, strong plants, the shells and carton will start to decompose and eventually become part of the soil. It’s good for the soil and it’s good for the plants!

Mia loves when I let her start seeds in eggshells; she thinks it’s cool. And it is. And she thinks is even cooler that when she puts them in to the soil that the shell will just break down and become soil.

If you have kids in the garden and want more organic gardening tips, I have some of those too! Did you know that a lot of veggies will regrow in the garden? Check out my post for how to regrow celery, green onions, and more.

Do you garden with your kids in the garden? What tips can you share?


  1. I have never tried gardening, but would love to start. We have a new yard now and I'm trying to figure out if we have room for a small garden. anna whiston-donaldson recently posted..New DigsMy Profile
  2. I am known for having a brown thumb. I think I am improving a bit, though, these past few years. My youngest son in the one who seems to be the most interested in gardening - he was my little weeding assistant this summer. I love the egg shell and egg carton idea - so neat! Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted..Finding Our Styles – Guest Post at Coach DaddyMy Profile
  3. Love your website! I've been interested in organic gardening for a few years. Your tip on starting seeds in egg shells is a great idea, will give this a try... I think a step-by-step system when starting out saves a lot of trial and error and will save a lot of time and money. Andrew Davies Christchurch Andrew Davies recently posted..Customer FeedbackMy Profile


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