Love Taking A Road Trip? Here’s Why I Want To Make That 4 Hour Ride To Vegas

The other day, I was at a playdate at the park with my sister and a friend. It was near the end of the date, and the kids were all tired, hot and grouchy. So of course we started talking about our lives before kids. The quiet. The freedom. The fun with friends. The no whining. And of course that brought us to remembering all of our road trips to Vegas. Which led us to thinking about planning a road trip.

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The three of us, along with my other sister, have made many a trip to Vegas for a getaway weekend. Before kids it was just for fun…after kids it was for fun and (let’s be honest) to get away from the kids.

Planning A Road Trip

They say half the fun of a road trip is just getting there…and if you take a ride with us, that’s the absolute truth! There is excitement, laughter, there are a lot of conversations that begin with “remember that one time…”, there’s talk about the kids (Of course, right? We can’t wait to get away from them but then can’t stop talking about them.) Sometimes there’s arguing. Sometimes there’s tears. But there is always, always a feeling of love, support, and friendship.

We have made trips in blizzard like conditions. We have made trips in the dead of summer when it’s 115+ degrees. We have left early in the morning, and sometimes not until after dark. Come hell or high water, we let nothing stop our trips!

One of the best things about road trips with friends is that the time always seems to just fly by. We talk more (uninterrupted) in those 3-1/2 hours than we probably talk in months. Even though we see each other every week for a playdate, that doesn’t mean we actually get to talk about anything of importance. Those few hours with nothing to do but talk gives us a chance to catch up on each others’ lives…I’m talking about life, not just the kids.

And I always learn something new about everybody on a road trip. Maybe it’s a secret or an annoying habit, but something new always turns up.

Don’t get me wrong – the trip to Vegas is always fun…the ride home is usually a lot less exciting and a lot more quiet. Reliving the weekend usually keeps us occupied for awhile, but then it’s back to checking in with the kids, emails, and readjusting to real life.

I don’t think I’ve been to Vegas since I’ve had the twins, and that’s been 3 years. I used to go at least a couple of times a year. I think I’m due for a Vegas weekend…especially after thinking about how much fun the ride there will be!

What is your favorite road trip memory?

Kia wanted to hear about my favorite road trip, and I was happy to share! I was compensated for this post, however all the opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Where do you stay in Vegas? I stayed at the Luxor when I was there for a mom's 40th bday but I don't recommend it. Very smokey! PragmaticMom recently posted..Gift Guide: Best Math and Science ToysMy Profile
  2. I agree - there is something so special about the moments you share with your friends on a roadtrip. There is a certain sense of freedom, adventure and sisterhood that takes over and while you may not go Thelma and Louise - its times like those that I remember most. Kiran recently posted..YesterdaysMy Profile