Keeping Tater Busy: DIY Birdseed Pine Cones

I try to find things to do to keep Tater from harassing trying to get my attention when I’m trying to blog clean and take care of the million things I’m supposed to do everyday. Auntie S came over a few weekends ago and her and Tater spent the afternoon together, during which they made little DIY Birdseed Pine Cones. It kept him busy for a lot longer than anything else ever has, and the birds love them! We keep making new ones and hanging them in our trees – it’s so much fun to watch the birds eat from them!

DIY Birdseed Pine Cones

I had a few of you ask me how we made them, and it’s super easy. I think it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways, that this is definitely a do-it-outside project. Let’s face it, anytime you have kids and birdseed together, there’s gonna be a mess! Here’s whatcha do:
  • Get a few pine cones
  • Spread peanut butter all over the pine cone
  • Roll the peanut butter pine cone in birdseed
  • Cut a very long string of yarn. Tie one end to the stem of the pine cone and the other end to the tree branch
  • Have fun watching the birds!

Let me know if you try it, and if you have any success with it! Thank you Auntie S for the idea, and thanks to hubby for keeping the pine cones freshly buttered and seeded!


  1. This is an awesome idea and one I plan to use when the boy is older. And we have trees.

    My mom used to have us make our own play doh to save time. Plus, then she didn't feel guilty throwing it out so it didn't end up stuck in the carpet.
  2. Teaching Tiny Tots says:
    Cute idea!! We made some Bird Biscuits using cookie cutters to make heart shaped biscuits to hang.

    We will have to try this one!
  3. Natalie...We did this a couple of days and it was tons of fun...Then I look out my kitchen window and see a stinkin squirrl running off with it! I will try again though. Such a great project to do!
  4. isn't it great to find something that keeps them busy? i still remember a time when my son was little, because it was so surprising, that he sat outside at his little table with watercolors painting, for like 2 hrs! the last time we made these feeders the squirrels loved them :)
  5. Heather says:
    Great idea....where did you find the pine cones?
  6. We did this last week at a kids fair. However, they used lard instead of PB which my favorite window licker decided to try. I was so disgusted, I couldn't even look at him. I can't believe I gave birth to that boy. Playdough, boogers, crayons, shopping carts I kind of get....but lard? GROSSS
  7. Diana's Domain says:
    OMG-That brings back so many memories. The other thing I used to do was strip the kids down to a pair of old underwear and let them fingerpaint to their hearts content IN the bathtub. (Unfilled & dry, of course). Done painting? Hose off and good to go!
  8. That is too Awesome, I love it.
  9. Natalie says:
    Teaching Tiny Tots - we'll be trying the biscuits for sure!

    Jenny - I'm telling ya, we have the same problem here with the critters stealing our cones! Hubby couldn't figure out what was breaking all the little branches on the tree, but now we know!

    Heather, we have a damn pine tree in our front yard the city planted (in So Cal? Really?) so we have pine cones galore. I bet Michael's carries them, though.

    Diana - Tater got fingerpaints for Christmas that I promptly put away (out of sight, out of mind!). I'm going to dig them out and let him go crazy! Good idea - thank you!!
  10. We made these once...the squirrels carried them away! Too funny!
  11. Very cool idea!!

    Thank you so much for coming by over the weekend and commenting on my blog!
  12. bbcd mama says:
    This is something I haven't done since I was young, but Kate would LOVE it!
  13. If SHE can figure it out.......... says:
    Just blog hopping and happened upon yours! Great idea to keep kids occupied AND feed the birds - I remember making these when we were kids! Love your blog!
  14. Christine says:
    What a great idea to keep Tater busy! I'm sure a bit of pb made it into the mouth as well?? :)
  15. Cute idea. I have a great book full of cool and EASY ideas for babies and toddlers alike called "Baby Play & Learn: 160 Games and Learning Activities for the First Three Years" by Penny Warner. I highly suggest it!!Sometimes, I'm just not feeling that creative and need to keep my little monster busy! Check it out.


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