Keepin’ The Kids Busy

With the colder weather here, we are all stuck inside a lot more than we’d like to be. Not only that, we’re stuck inside with the kids a lot more than we’d like to be stuck inside with them!

Trying to keep them busy so they won’t harass/attempt to kill each other has been a challenge; I’ll admit it is enticing to let them all play on the iPad all day which keeps them out of my hair, but the last thing I’m trying to do is raise little iPad addicted couch potatoes! So what have we been doing a lot of lately? Playing board games.

Even though the girls are only two, with a little help from me and a little patience from both me and Jason, they can play along with us when we sit down to play. It’s been something that we are having a lot of fun doing as a family.

I have found several games that are both educational and that also require team building skills. They are geared at young children, and there aren’t any losers – everybody ends the game as a team so everybody wins. These are perfect for the kids who are all having some issues with sharing and taking turns.

But we also play games where there are winners and losers – I think playing these games are just as important. Ethan needs to understand that in real life, you don’t always win no matter who hard you try – and he needs to understand that that’s okay. He needs to learn the disappointment of losing, and then trying again. He needs to learn to always keep trying.

Okay, so enough with the lessons…why we really play board games so often is because it’s fun! We laugh, we tease, we high five, we support each other and we do the happy dance when we win.

Our collection of board games continues to grow, slowly but surely. I have always loved playing board games so I look forward to the day when we can all sit down and play old school Monopoly or Scrabble. Even more, I’m looking forward to coming up with a favorite family game that the kids want to play with their kids!

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