Just Breathe

This morning. 6 a.m.


I don’t open my eyes. What Buddy?

Can I snuggle with you?

My eyes are still closed as I lift up the warm sheets. Of course you can, I love when you snuggle me.

He climbs in, and wiggles up against me. He squirms and lifts the blankets and kicks around. E, settle down okay? Do you want to go downstairs and watch TV?

No, I just want to snuggle you.

I wrap my arms around him and push my nose into his hair, smelling the essence of him. It’s such a wonderful smell, isn’t it? The smell of your child. I would know it anywhere.

We are holding hands. The wheels in my head are turning with all of the things I need to do. I have things to do. I need to get up and do them. Are you sure you don’t want to watch some TV? Mommy has to work. 

No, I just want to snuggle.

Emails to check. Laundry to start. Twitter parties. Posts to write. Bills to pay. My breathing is getting quicker as I feel the anxiety of what needs to get done. At the same time, I notice that Ethan’s breathing is slowing. His body is twitching as he falls asleep.

And I decide to stay with him. Holding him. He rarely lets me snuggle him anymore, rarely lets me just hold him. I feel my breathing slow and sync with his. We are still holding hands. I snuggle into him, and just breathe.


  1. I love those moments. :)
  2. Right in that moment...that's when you really know what is important and what is not.
  3. I'm always thinking of the next thing, too, rarely taking in the moment. Sometimes, though, it's nice to be reminded to just breathe.
  4. So lovely! It's hard to stop and smell the roses sometimes. I'm glad you got to. These moments with little rugrats are all too few and far between.
  5. Moments like those are THE BEST!!!!!!!! Glad you decided to lay with him for a little while longer!!!
  6. I'm so glad you slowed down and breathed in that moment. I have a 19 year old who is still sleeping (!), and I miss those snuggle moments! All that stuff will still be there so snuggle away! :)
  7. Big happy sigh! Love this.
  8. Snuggling is the one thing I am excellent at as a mother. It is by far my favourite thing and the only thing I do with the kids where my brain is not going in every which direction! Glad you enjoyed your cuddle time :)
  9. So sweet! My Will does the same thing...and the smell of them, always the same. Nothing is better than taking a moment to really snuggle with your kids!
  10. Oh I so love this. I snuggled with my three year old during nap time today and it was marvelous. I loved every single minute of it. And his sweet smell? I too would know it anywhere.
  11. Tim@sogeshirts says:
    Good for you Natalie. You got to relax sometime. No better time than to snuggle with your little one.
  12. Surprise....I'm alive. Anyway, just loved this post. It's so sweet, and one of those GREAT reminders to slow down and enjoy the time we have. Of course, it's MUCH easier to do that when they fall asleep. My kids are crazy ninja sleepers that make "snuggling" rather impossible at times. hahaha Glad you got to have that sweet morning experience. In other news....soon enough I will get to be snuggling my own new baby. Yeah, just announced on the blog...# 3 coming our way.
  13. Aw... this warmed my heart. It sure is hard to stop the brain sometimes isn't it? Just remember these snuggle moments are fleeting. xo
  14. This is what is important in life... nothing else matters. Nothing.
  15. How very awesome. This was a good reminder for me, and I rocked my son for about 15 extra minutes tonight.
  16. Sometimes these are the best times of motherhood.
  17. I wish I had something more than "awwwwwww" here, but I don't. Awwwwwww. A perfect post :-)
  18. I guess this really isn't the place to say I'd like to snuggle with you too, right? Okay. Yeah, I try to work in a snuggle w/ the Mad every chance I get. And those are getting fewer and fewer. Sigh.
  19. Ahhh...I miss those times. While my 12-year-old will gladly snuggle with me, he's bony and even after a shower has an underlying funk.
  20. This: I wrap my arms around him and push my nose into his hair, smelling the essence of him. It’s such a wonderful smell, isn’t it? The smell of your child. I would know it anywhere. Yes. Just...yes. ::exhales slowly::
  21. This is so sweet. I love those moments and while they're all too rare, aren't they?
  22. This brought tears to my eyes! Good choice, momma! All that other crap can wait.
  23. This is just the sweetest thing on Earth.
  24. Those moments are the best!
  25. So incredibly lovely, my friend. Those are the moments that we'll always remember. xo
  26. I find myself lately, remembering to enjoy those moments. My phone, my computer, my brain will still be there later, but right now, if my son is finding comfort and serenity with me....this is where I belong. I love that you stayed in that space with him. It's what the best moments and memories are made of. xo
  27. My baby boy turned 18 last week and I very fondly remember snuggling. Seems like just yesterday... he would talk and fall asleep mid sentence. I miss it and am not ready for him to snuggle with others... but it would be weird for him to ask me to snuggle now. As much as I miss it... enjoy every moment of it.
  28. As a mommy, there is NOTHING better than snuggling up and taking a nap with your little one. I miss when I could do that without a second thought. Now, you're right...There's always SOMETHING that gets in the way! Lindsay recently posted..My Favorite Posts of 2011My Profile


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