It’s All About Me (Or What You May Not Know About Me)

Here’s something that you don’t know about me if we haven’t met “in real life”: I am a very shy person.

This is always surprising to people who know me or have met me in a situation where I’m surrounded by friends.

I am the kind of person who would never go to a party by herself. I am also the kind of person who would walk into a party and head straight for a corner.

You won’t find me walking up to a group of people I don’t know or have only met once before and striking up conversations…no way. To me that sounds like torture.

If you see me alone at a blogging event, I probably am not going to walk right over to you and introduce myself – the fear of rejection is just too great.

Now what’s funny about this is that when I worked in Human Resources before I had kids, I would stand up for hours at a time and deliver orientation presentations to groups of 100+ people, no problem. Totally different mindset for me – in those orientations I was doing my job, but walking into a party and introducing myself to strangers? Not my job. It actually scares me to think about!

And I know why I’m shy – I’m worried that if I put myself out there and introduce myself that people will say “Nice to meet you” and then go back to the conversation they were having, without including me. Or even worse, I’ll try to introduce myself and they’ll ignore me completely.

The problem with being shy is that it’s often times mistaken for being bitchy. People sometimes think that I’m not talking to them because I think I’m better than them or standoffish or something. It really sucks because I really am not like that at all – I consider myself a pretty friendly person once I get over the shy part.

I know here on my blog I come across as outgoing and sure of myself, but that’s because it’s my space. Most of the visitors I have here are also friends. So they know me and so I don’t have to be self conscious or shy.

So if we are ever given the chance to meet and I am quiet and awkward, now you know why!

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