Interesting Results From YOUR Feedback (Including Bringing Back ‘The Bidness’!)

Last week, I asked for your input about the goings on here on my blog. I wanted to know what you like and don’t like here. I was somewhat surprised by the results, and wanted to share them with you.

I want to say thanks to all of you who took the time to respond! If you haven’t had a chance to respond yet, no worries, I’m leaving the survey open for another week. You can take the survey here.

And now on to the results…

QUESTION: I used to have a feature called Mommy Moments and I would have a guest poster share a story about parenting every week. Do you like reading guest posts? Would you like to see the feature come back?

ANSWER: 70% of those who responded do enjoy reading guest posts, and 45% of you would like to see my Mommy Moments feature come back. I’m going to work on bringing it back and if you are interested in writing a Mommy Moment, please let me know.

QUESTION: Do you enjoy when I post recipes?

ANSWER: 81% of those who responded do enjoy when I post recipes, and of those people 55% think once a week is enough.

I recently purchased 2 domains for a food blog I’ve been thinking about starting. While I still will continue to post recipes here occasionally, if I start a food blog I will be posting the majority of recipes there. This may not happen for a long, long time, but when it does, I’ll even be giving all of you to post recipes there as well!

QUESTION: I write on other sites every week, and when I do, I usually write a short post directing you to my other posts. Do you click over and read them?

ANSWER: 80% of those who responded sometimes click over to read posts I’ve written elsewhere. Going forward, I think that I will just write one round up post at the end of the week and then you can decide if you’d like to click over and check out what else I’m chatting about in other places.

QUESTION: Would you prefer to see more posts about day-to-day life (stories about the kids, parenting, etc)?

ANSWER: 85% of those who responded said yes. I was shocked to see it was that high! Starting next week, I will be posting more about the craziness that goes on around here on a day-to-day basis. The kids still get into trouble on a regular basis and I still try to keep up with them. I have lots of things to write about on this topic…you’ve been warned!

QUESTION: Does it bother you when I post sponsored posts? When I do a sponsored post, I try to keep the content relevant to my life and my usual content. Do you feel I do that?

ANSWER: Over 71% of those who responded aren’t bothered by sponsored posts, thankfully. I only accept sponsored posts that I feel “fit” here in this space, and that I have a connection with. I was glad to know that over 95% of those who responded feel that I keep the content relevant to my life and my usual content since I work very hard to do that…nobody that responded felt that I don’t keep it relevant to my life, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

QUESTION: How do you feel about reviews and giveaways? Do you think I post too many reviews and giveaways?

ANSWER: 50% of those who responded like reviews and giveaways, 20% don’t like them, and 30% don’t care either way. I was very happy to know that most people aren’t bothered by them – I like the opportunity to check out new products and try out products that I might not otherwise know about.

55% of respondents don’t feel like I do too many reviews/giveaways, which also made me breath a sigh of relief. I try really hard to keep a balance, and was glad to find out I’m not doing too bad at it.

QUESTION: Is there anything else you’d like to tell me?

ANSWER: Thanks for all of those extra thoughts and words! I got a lot of insight from them and appreciate them.

I did have a couple of favorites including “Bring back the Bidness!” and “More wine!”

For those of you who don’t remember or who weren’t reading when The Bidness was around, let me explain…

Lila used to make a face we called giving The Business (check out her doing it “live” here). You guys loved it! Here is the picture that made The Business famous:

That’s my sweet Lila giving The Business. It was scary. I tried to sell The Business, but nobody but Mommy Shorts wanted it.

Unfortunately, Lila has stopped giving The Business. However I did ask her to do it this morning and here’s what I got:

Not the same, right? Anyways, people like The Business so much they wanted more of it. That’s when The Empress from Good Day, Regular People had the idea that I should host a feature called The Bidness. That’s not exactly true…she wanted Lila & Mia to host The Bidness! Every week, they would “write” a post about life from their points of view. You can check out their posts here.

Anyways, they were super fun to write and I know the girls would like to tell you more about what they’re up to…don’t be surprised to see The Bidness make a comeback!

As for the wine…well, I’m always up for chatting about and/or drinking wine. Let me see what I can do to fit that in here, too!


  1. How interesting, love that you shared the results. I'm always torn between when to do sponsored posts, when to share links to other places I'm writing, etc. Would love to see the Bidness again, although if you are like me, I had a really hard time writing in my youngest's "voice" once he actually started talking. Jessica recently posted..A place to landMy Profile
  2. Interesting results, thanks for sharing. Love and miss the bidness. :) Tonya recently posted..Dear FamilyMy Profile


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