I’m Addicted To…

…social media.

I’m a tweep. I’m a Blog Frogger and a Community Leader. You can find me on Facebook. I know my Alexa ranking, I know my Peer Index score, my Technorati authority, and I know I’ve got Klout. I’m on a Mom Panel and I’m a Buzzmama. I’m a Made Man. I Make Fun of Stuff.

I’m a blogoholic. I track stats, I know my Google PageRank, I know how many friends I have on Google Friend Connect, and I am recording my children’s day-to-day lives, and one day their own children will be able to read it.

I’m learning how to drive traffic to a site; how to optimize my chances of getting found by search engines (just look at all these links!). I Stumble Upon, I Digg, I’m Delicious, and I like posts when I can (thumbs up!).

I give shout outs to friends, I tweet all day long (even when I’m busy), and I retweet things that make me happy, make me laugh, and make me think.

I share other bloggers’ words by way of my Monster Likes, inviting my friends to guest post, and allowing friends to post anonymously. I help mother and fathers feel “normal” with my Monster Mommy Moments.

I’m learning to write and even ask for critiques of my writing. I found a passion I didn’t even know I had (Thank you Red Dress Club!)

I’ve gotten a part time job blogging and tweeting and learning how social media can improve a business’ success and profits, and I’m crossing my fingers on another opportunity. I even have a chance to speak in front of a hundred people about what I’ve learned over the past year.

I’ve made friends; shared laughter and tears. I’ve met women I blog with every day in real life for the first time, though it felt like I had really known them for years.

I’ve read words that people have shared about their deepest, darkest secrets, fears, losses, and loves. I’ve blogged about my own, too: depression, infertility, post partum depression, mommy guilt, shame…the list goes on and on. We are not alone.

I’ve had some amazing people help me get to the point I’m at today by answering questions, holding my hand, and explaining how things work in the Land of Blogs and Tweets and SEO. In turn, I’ve helped others learn about and understand blogging and tweeting.

I’ve made friends from around the world, gotten to go back to work (even though I never have to leave my house), I can talk to people anywhere, anytime. I’m part of a Mafia, a tribe, and a secret society. I found that I’d rather write than read (though just barely), and that being a bookworm in the blogging world is actually cool.

Social media has changed me in more ways than I could write in one post. And I owe Tonya a great big thank you for introducing me to blogging – she inspired me to walk down this path, and I’m loving every minute of it!

And so it goes…

Mama's Losin' It
I wrote this post for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop in response to Prompts #5: How has social media changed you?

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  1. Great post! I can agree with so much of what you've written. Last year I had a Facebook account, this year I'm a social media addict!
  2. It was my pleasure, friend! You are u to your eye balls in it now and there's no turning back. Keep up your social networking because I know I'm not alone insaying that I love you and your blog. xoxo
  3. The Empress says:
    And now we can thank Tonya, for bringing you to us.
  4. you are awesome. Nice link job, too. :)
  5. Great job with that prompt!
  6. And I am sure glad that you did choose to walk down this path. :)
  7. miracleon32ndstreet says:
    And I thought I was so hip with my Twitter account and Twellow membership! AGHHH! There is a whole other world out there of social media!

    Great post...I came here from Mama's site, so I hope you can check out my entry, too!
  8. When you see it written out like this, that really is a lot of stuff we've learned in a year.
  9. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    Umm...when do you eat, exactly? ;)
  10. MommaKiss says:
    Can't believe all you've accomplished since starting - nice job woman. Happy to know you. Truly.
  11. The mad woman behind the blog says:
    All those links just make me tired. BUT I am thrilled for you and your success. Thank you Tonya for bringing you to us.
  12. And a big thank you to Tonya for that, my friend! This is great, really sums up how a lot of us feel about this whole little world we are inhabiting together! But wow, you sure have me beat...I don't know what the heck half those things are you mentioned!!
  13. I agree with KLZ. I was torn between this prompt & the one I wrote about. Great post! (You linked up just after I did.)
  14. Well said! No regrets. It's fun and I agree with all of your points. You have accomplished so much!
    Congrats ...

    Stopping by via Mama Kat's!
  15. I guess I owe Tonya a big thank you too! I really loved this post. It got me all fired up. You should be really proud of your awesome blog. xo
  16. slightlyoffbalanceblog.com says:
    It is amazing how social media has changed all of our lives. How we communicate and how much more we share with an endless community. I am envious of your level of involvement, but am thrilled to have at least a small piece in this adventure. I am keeping track of this post for when I am ready for more.
  17. There's a lot of power behind our words...it's an amazing community isn't it!
  18. Wow. I totally didn't know all that stuff existed, nor do I even know what half of them are!! I am proud to say I belong to some of those, especially being a Made Man. ;)

    Great post, Natalie!!

    --The Drama Mama
  19. Well, I'm glad you started blogging so I could meet you. :)
  20. Wow! That's a ton of networking! I'm in awe.

    Great post!
  21. Life Without Pink says:
    Wow you have a lot going on! That's so awesome for you, great post!
  22. Megan (Best of Fates) says:
    It's just SOO addictive! Well, not quite as addictive for me, as I don't know what half of those things are. But the blog and Twitter part hold true!
  23. John and Allie Fields says:
    How in the world do you keep up with all of that stuff? Thanks to Tonya for bringing you to the world of blogging!!!!
  24. Great post! I've visited most of the sites before but I had to run out and check them again to see what my standing is!
  25. blueviolet says:
    You're plugged in all the way!
  26. Wow!
    I was worn out just reading your social credentials.
    How do you keep up?
  27. BalancingMama (Julie) says:
    Great decision to start blogging! I love your stuff. I'm enjoying it as well. I don't know if I'll see success like you have... but as long as it stays fun for me, I'll keep doing it. I wish this could be my real paying job!
  28. I must thank yu for alerting me to a few social media sites that I'm not addcted to... yet LOL! Thanks for a fun read, your post made my day
  29. Well, I know social media has changed my life but no where near as much as yours :)
  30. Tim@sogeshirts says:
    That is a very impressive social media resume. So glad we have got to known each other during the last 4 or five months.
  31. The Twin Spin says:
    Great post! I mulled over this one, but you did a great job in pulling it all together.
  32. The Flying Chalupa says:
    I always learn something when you write about the nuts and bolts of blogging. Blog Frog is on my list!

    I don't care what your husband says - you're the sweetest!
  33. It's kind of scary when we list all that we do and know when it comes to blogging.
  34. Andrea (ace1028) says:
    It really is an amazing thing, isn't it? I totally tweet like crazy, so I get that. And the things we blog about, the ability to let it all out in the space that is ours? Perfection! Great post!
  35. blueeyedadri says:
    Great Post, thanks for sharing all the reasons I should blog more.
  36. Leslie Limon says:
    I'm addicted to blogging and facebook. I'm almost to that point with twitter. And after reading this post, I realize that there is still so much more I could be doing. :)
  37. Visiting from the link up -
    But yes - just think, a few years ago I would have read this and said, "What?" Now i smile knowingly.
  38. Sluiter Nation says:
    Woot to Tonya for bringing you to us!

    And holy shit, woman! People have said that I am crazy busy in the social media world...half of what you wrote up there? latin to me.


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