I’m Talking About The Midnight Warbler

One of the things I look forward to every spring is being able to bust the windows open in our bedroom and to sleep with them open all night. Being able to hear the sounds of the night and that cool air is really relaxing. Seems I just sleep better with the windows open. It is worth pointing out that we have a two-story house and that’s the only reason I leave the windows open, because I’d be too chicken to have them open on the first story.


The crickets chirping, the wind rustling the leaves, the occasional dog or coyote bark are all soothing and I’ve never been bothered by them. But lately, something has been keeping me up (or waking me up) all night long. It’s this damn bird. I am assuming it’s the same one because it is only one singing his sad song all night long, and it’s always the same sound that he makes: “Ah-Ahh, Ah-Ahh, Ah-Ahh” over and over and over and over again. It’s like he’s got it on a loop or something.

It is driving me absolutely insane. Why? Because he usually starts the first round around midnight. Next one starts around 2-ish, and then 3:30 seems to be the main event. By daylight, he’s done. When does this bird sleep?

When it happened for the first time last week, I laughed it off and so did Jason. By Friday, I started keeping one earplug by the side of the bed because I knew that damn bird would start his melancholy chirping. Why only one you ask? Because Jason is such a heavy sleeper that I’m afraid that if I put both in one of the girls would wake up crying and he would ignore her wouldn’t hear her.

But I might have to start wearing two because last night I swear I could still hear that damn bird through the pillow! It’s Ah-Ahh travels into our room, underneath and through the pillow, and into my earplug-less ear.

Now the weird thing about this is that it doesn’t bother Jason at all. I am ready to stab pencils in my ears so I don’t have to listen to Ah-Ahh one more time, but he can’t figure out why it bothers me.

And if you are curious, I looked it up to see what kinds of birds chirp at night in Southern California. There weren’t a whole lot of choices, but if I had to guess it must be a Mockingbird. Wikipedia says: They are best known for the habit of some species mimicking the songs of other birds and the sounds of insects and amphibians, often loudly and in rapid succession.

Loud and in rapid succession? Sounds like that damn bird. It could be a Whipperwill too, but those seem to be native to Southern US.

So I jest (kind of) when I say this: I want to kill this bird. It’s gotten to the point when I think I hear it even when I don’t! I’m cranky for being woke up even more often than normal during the middle of the night, and I want it to go away.

Anybody know how to get rid of an irritating Mockingbird?

Yeah, I stole the idea for the title of this post from Rolling Stones’ Midnight Rambler. I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as a Midnight Warbler, but if there was, I would want to shoot him, too.

Photo Source: Wikipedia


  1. Sadly, I know what you're talking about. Except that the mocking bird at my old house was mimicking the dog's whimpers when he wanted to get back in the house. Do you know how unnerving that sound is? Yeah. I can't remember what I did. Or perhaps I want to leave no evidence on the blog of what might've taken place ;-). Good luck. I suggest finding the nest and moving it. That'll teach him to mock!
  2. I have absolutely no clue but it would drive me nuts too! We have a family of swallows who build a nest above our front door every spring and first thing in the morning, they'll all sit on the eaves right outside the kids' bedroom window and squak and make all kinds of racket. It wakes the kids up of course and then the entire house is awake. So trust me if I knew of a way to get rid of these annoying birds, I would share it with you!!! Helene recently posted..The Moment a Mother is BornMy Profile
  3. Hehe, silly bird! I hope you are able to sort it our soon and get some rest! And I totally get the no open windows at night on the first floor thing. Except now with my two year old I'm terrified to leave them open on the second floor either..... Maybe when he grows up we'll do the open windows at night thing again. And hope for quiet birds. :) Julia recently posted..Over The MoonMy Profile
  4. Thankfully our local birds don't begin until about 5:00 am so I am able to wake and enjoy their morning songs. :) Good luck with yours. Cindi recently posted..44 WishesMy Profile
  5. I'm pretty sure that the birds sleep at night here but I'm pretty sure that if one of them didn't it'd keep me awake too! Maybe you'll get used to it??? Jackie recently posted..#MyMichMemory: Giveaway #1 with the Henry Ford + Linky!My Profile
  6. OMGOSH! This totally reminds me of the movie "Failure to Launch" with Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Jessica Parker and Zooey Deschanel. Have you seen it? There's the most hilarious scene about a mockingjay that keeps Zooey up at night. Buahahhahaha. Go rent it now!! Desiree Eaglin recently posted..The Best Mother’s Day Brunches in So CalMy Profile
  7. Please! If you get an answer post it! This mocking bird starts at midnight in the tree outside my bedroom and doesn't quit til approx 5am. This has been going on for years. It mimicks everything from car alarms to my neighbor's shrill voice (my nieighbor yells at her kids all day). I have recorded this mofo cause people ask me why I'm always tired. When I play the rocrding for them they almost can't believe it's real. I just threw a handful of change at the tree (it was the first thing I could find that I figured wouldn't be too inhumane). It seemed to work for the past 5 min. We'll see if it lasts. Good luck. ~Annie, sympathizer
  8. Brigitte says:
    OMG - I just got on this site because I'm trying to find a way to kill those stupid birds. Yet again another night of no sleep, because they wake me up and then keep me awake. I have earplugs in both ears, close my windows (which kills me to have to do that) AND I put my heavy covers over my head and literally press it up against my ear, and I STILL can hear those stupid birds. They have never been there before, but started about a month ago, and I haven't had a good night's sleep yet. Somebody told me to buy a fake owls and put it on top of my patio cover - that would keep them away. Haven't tried it yet, but a gun sounds pretty good right about now, too. I am exhausted!!!
  9. I am pulling my hair out with the same problem -- also in Los Angeles. Starts every night at midnight goes until dawn. I'm thinking about getting a slingshot or something. Did you ever figure out a solution?
  10. QView32 says:
    OMG, this is like a support group! I'm in San Diego and these damn mockingbirds keep me up EVERY NIGHT! I love to sleep with the window open, but NOT ANYMORE! What's their lifespan? I'm hoping they'll die or something!! It's driving me CRAZY!
  11. Barry McKokinner says:
    Thanks so much for posting! I thought I was the only one tormented by this bird! I live in Tustin. About $50.00 solved my problem.... I bought a pellet gun
  12. Donald Wilson says:
    Okay, I really thought that bird was out to get me. It is comforting to know that others are kept awake. Not really. It always starts just after midnight and goes for a few hours. I am trying to embrace the chirping, I have thoughts of embracing a sling shot instead.
  13. Oh sweet baby jebus. I found this delightful blog post because here it is, 1:15 am, 2 months into listening to these birds that are slowly (or quickly) driving me bat-shit crazy. I'm in SF South Bay and my bedtime has now reached 2-3 am every night no matter how early I have to be up because it's useless to go to bed sooner. I wish I only had 1 bird, here it sounds like at least 5. This is the first time in my life I've dealt w/ night birds & wish they'd GTFO! I need a cat.
  14. warbler hater says:
    I live in London and every mid February my nightmare begins as this bird from hell start their never ending melancholic songs that starts from 2 am and goes till 10 pm I am going nuts as these birds are invisible and yet their noise seems to be coming from everywhere, it is really hot at the moment and yet I have to keep all my windows shut and have a constant white noise to mask the horrible melancholic sound from this idiot and evil bird, i really think this bird species is evil as it has a kind of sixth sense and can find a way to get his horrible singing echo all around, I actually love the singing of other birds as they are soothing but this warbler bird has a very strange effect on my psyche and when hear it i just fall into a gloom has anyone else felt the same about the sound of this demonic warbler bird? peace and joy to all


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