I’m Officially Twittering!!

The blogging powers-that-be (meaning all the people that blog and do it well) mentioned that I should be twittering. They didn’t contact me directly and say “Natalie, you need to Twitter!”, but everything I’ve read suggested that it is a very good idea.

Follow mommyofamonster on Twitter

If you Twitter, please tell me your Twitter name and I’ll be sure to say hello! I don’t know what I’m doing yet, so if I don’t get right back to you, I’m not ignoring you! So please hang in there and I will…eventually!

Special thanks to Poppy at funnyorsnot for forcing me pleading for twitter followers and getting me to finally sign up. I’m sure I’ll appreciate it when I know what the heck is going on 🙂

And so it goes…


  1. alicia says:
    You go girl.
  2. bbcd mama says:
  3. Welcome to twitter. I love to use it when it works for me. Twitter hates me for the past 2 weeks. But that is a whole other story. Anyways I am following you feel free to follow back @noliesplace
  4. Christine says:
    I followed!

    I'm @AMamaStorkKnows

    If you need any help, just ask. :)

    If you are on your home screen, find where it says Home on the right side bar and right underneath it you should see your twitter name. Click there to see who has mentioned/tweeted you. That's the first thing you'll need to know to keep up with your friends.
  5. Trench Mommy (Mandy) says:
    I highly recommend downloading the FREE tweetdeck from tweetdeck.com. This helps you keep up better and makes more sense...at least it did to me. E-mail me with questions!
  6. Twitter is so much fun. But slightly addicting. I can be found at @southmainmuse. The name of my weekly newspaper column. Happy tweeting.
  7. One Love Mama says:
    Yay welcome to Twitter, I love it! You can follow me, @GingerSpiker
  8. Welcome to a whole new world of social networking. I'm following you there too.... :)