I’m Not Here

I’m not here today…well, I’m here just to tell you that I’m really not here but over at Our Mommyhood talking about Thanksgiving traditions (and how I’m gonna be stuck at the kids table this Thanksgiving instead of gossiping and drinking at the adult table. Sigh).

So go check out my post over there!


  1. I'm off to our Mommyhood. You better not disappoint me...kidding...maybe... ;)
  2. I have to head over and find out what could make you give up some good gossip at the adult table.
  3. Mommy Needs a Vacation says:
    Fun!! I love guest posting/posters!
  4. I am sending you a flask, so that you can still drink at the kids table. At least that will make their jokes funnier....
  5. Following you from Top Mommy blogs...I survived a toddler and infant twins, once upon a time.

    Maybe we will see you over at http://teensntoddlers.blogspot.com/
  6. Hey, there's nothing wrong with the kids table. That's probably where you'll get the best dirt. Just make sure your wine glass stays full!
  7. I was the only kid in my family for a long long time, made for a sad kid table let me tell you.