I’m Not Here Today…

I’m not here today because I’m at Dances with Chaos!

Kelly and I were instant friends and she’s someone I adore. She asked me to guest post, and I couldn’t say no! She wanted me to write about traveling with children, and well, let’s just say I didn’t write about a positive experience. A vacation with kids isn’t really a vacation at all!

So go check me out over at Dances with Chaos!

And definitely check out my latest review and giveaway for Happy Fit Me– to win a one year membership to get yourself in shape! Believe me – you want to see this!


  1. Going to check it out now!
  2. Off to check it out!
  3. Awesome post over at Dances with Chaos, which is a really awesome blog name, btw! How've you been, Nat? I've missed you!
  4. Love Kelly, off to read...