I’m Not Here Because I’m At Scary Mommy and Mom It Forward!

It’s been a long time since I guest posted anywhere. I used to do it often, and loved the feeling of sharing my words while putting me feet up in someone else’s space. Recently, I was given the opportunity to guest post on two blogs that I love and that I am very excited to be at!

Infertility Jealousy


I’m over at Scary Mommy’s (Scary Mommy’s!!!) talking about what it’s like to be jealous while suffering through infertility. It’s a snarky, but truthful post about my feelings.

If you have ever experienced infertility, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. If you are currently going through it, know that these feelings are totally normal. If you have never had any problem getting knocked up, make sure that you “don’t be that guy” when talking to your infertile friends.

If you are visiting from Scary Mommy, hey there! Nice to meet you! I struggled with unexplained infertility for many, many years before finally conceiving my son Ethan via IVF in 2007. Two years later, we tried IUI and conceived our twin girls, Lila and Mia.

Take a look around. I hope you’ll decide to stay and visit.

Halloween Style Candy Popcorn


Over at Mom It Forward, I’m sharing a recipe for candy popcorn, Halloween style. It’s sweet, crunchy, salty, and yummy. And it’s so easy that the kids can help.

If you are visiting from Mom It Forward and looking for more recipes, I’ve got lots of them! I love sharing recipes and tips. I hope you can find something that helps make your day easier (or yummier!)

Head over and check out my guest posts if you have a few minutes. And if you leave a comment on either post, I’ll pay you back in virtual candy popcorn!

Do you enjoy guest posting? What is one of your favorite guest posts?