I’m Flippin’ Stuff Off Again!!

Yep, it’s that time again – time for me to do a complete and total verbal detox! Gigi from kludgymom put together the most liberating and satisfying meme ever! It’s called Friday Flip-offs, and this time, I’m not just going to tell you what pissed me off this week, I’m also gonna show you! Friday Flip-offs goes a little something like this…

See this? Doesn’t it look awesome…nice and relaxing? Somewhere to go with a glass of wine to kick your feet up and enjoy the sunset after the kids go down? This is the palapa we have in our backyard.

Now, see this step? It’s the step to get into the palapa. Notice the thin white line around the rocks and the base of the step? I made that line with white chalk because some genius said that ants won’t cross over chalk. We have a huge issue with ants running along the base of that step. And the chalk worked! Except…
Nobody mentioned that the damn ants would just crawl around the chalk line! I would’ve showed you the whole line, but then you couldn’t see the ants. Now Tater just walks right through them. At least when they were against the step, he didn’t step in them!
So, this first flip off is a two-fer…to whoever said that chalk would keep ants at bay, but failed to mention the ants would just move their line next to the chalk – FLIP OFF!
To the damn ants that take over our house, front yard, and back yard for more than 6 months of the year – FLIP OFF!

To the birds that are already eating our unripened and just starting to grow fruit, right out of our blood, sweat, and tear soaked gardenflip off!

To the weather…hello?? This is Southern California – at the end of May – WTF? Grey clouds and rain do NOT belong here! FLIP OFF!
To the dogs, who found, jumped up, and pulled down Tater’s favorite boots to snack on. You guys are jerks. flip off.
To the insurance company, who feels it’s okay to leave our house looking like this after the flood we had…on MARCH 1ST! Quit making us jump through hoops and give us our damn money so we can get our stairs fixed! Flippity flip off for you!
I’m not gonna name any names here (Graco), but thank you for making the heaviest, most unmaneuverable double stroller ever. Flip off, fools!
And, I think it goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyways, once again, I HATE laundry, and I’m giving it a flip off from me, and also from about 99.9% of you reading this. Laundry blows.
And now, 2 happy and exciting things to talk about that don’t deserve flip offs!!
On April 18th, I wrote a post thanking my first 20 followers! I was so excited, and surprised, that people I didn’t know actually wanted to read what I was writing! Last night, I got my 200th follower! I am thrilled and very much humbled to have such wonderful people reading and commenting on my posts everyday. So thank you, thank you, thank you for listening to me, for helping to keep me sane, for keeping my hair from turning prematurely grey, and for making me laugh everyday 🙂
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  1. Pumpkin and Piglet says:
    I joined in with Friday Flip-Off's for the first time today, it's a lot of fun! I have a Graco buggy but just a single one. It's so heavy and awkward, I dread to think what the double is like!!
  2. The Empress says:
    I love Gigi at KludgyMom. And I love reading everyon'es FOF.

    Nice to meet you!
  3. Your flip-offs are hilarious!! Oh and - Saawwweeett backyard! You should see mine, actually no you shouldn't. It sucks. Maybe I should do a flip-off post about a few things too! haha

    Minus the ants - it looks like the perfect place to end a day. :)
  4. Ms. Understood says:
    Wow, your backyard is like a resort. Sorry about the ants issue. I won't tell you what people have told me to keep them at bay or I might end up on next weeks flip-off, LOL. And I 1000% agree with you. Laundry sucks. Congrats on your 200th follower!!
  5. If SHE can figure it out.......... says:
    Great flip-offs! Walked into the sunroom last night and started hopping up and down and doing the HOLY SH*^ THERE ARE ANTS IN HERE dance. Husband was not pleased. I made him go to the hardware store and buy that stuff that kills em - now my sunroom looks like a giant graveyard for ants - at least they are dead AND he found their nest and destroyed it! FLIP OFF to ants!
  6. ants are the WORST! my husband used to put some gooey stuff on the trunks of the fruit trees to keep them off...but they would just climb the fence and find some leaf that was barely touching the fence and use that to climb up!
  7. Taryn L. McCracken says:
    Very interesting. I've never heard of Friday Flip offs until today. :)

    <3 the Palapa
    HATE the ants. We have ant issues too. We have those big black carpenter ants in the house and the red ones outside :(
  8. Ants are the worst....that outdoor patio is beautiful though....I cannot get the laundry under control...every time I think it's caught up, ten more loads appear....That insurance company needs to get on the ball! Gosh! How disturbing! Have a good weekend!:)
  9. Megan (Best of Fates) says:
    Okay, I can't focus on the rest of this post, because holy frick your backyard is amazing - I'm completely jealous!
  10. Allyson & Jere says:
    Your flip offs KILL me! I would like to join you with a giant FLIPPITY flip on the ants. We have a ridiculous issue with them, as in, crawling through the window crack somewhere and streaming across the sill of the kids room. And, so many it makes it impossible to play outside because you just become ant lunch. UGH!! On the upside, your backyard thingy is beautiful!!

    200 followers, you go girl! That's awesome.
  11. Mama Hen says:
    Very funny Natalie! We have ants too! What a pain in the butt! The weather has been funky here in Connecticut also! The boots - yup! That's a dogs job! Have a great Friday!

    Mama Hen
  12. I appreciate you doing the dirty work and flipping off the laundry for me. I'm glaring at it right now.
  13. I'm loving the flip off Fridays. I may have to participate! And I second KLZ: thanks for flipping off the laundry. I can't stand to look at it even long enough to do that!

    So sorry about your flood--that sucks! Is that the first time you've flooded? Our yard floods occasionally, but fortunately the house has not. But it's a super-scary thought. Do you have a post on it? I'll have to search around.
  14. NanaDiana says:
    Send your laundry here-I'm a Mom-I'll do it for you!
  15. The waiting was well worth it... great flips. And sorry about the ants and the weather (Pretty typical here though), and of course the laundry. WE ALL EMPATHIZE WITH THE NEVER ENDING LAUNDRY!! To the insurance dimwits that are causing undo agnst- here's a FLIP OFF from me too.

    And congrats on hitting 200!! Your blog is awesome!
  16. Heather says:
    I found something that works with ants....I just used it a week ago because they marched right in and took over the kitchen trash. AMDRO from homedepot. pour some of it and they take it home to the nest...day later...mine are gone. When it gets bad I wander around and put it by the spots that I think they have the nests. Love it!
  17. Courtney says:
    LOVE the palapa. I'm so jealous!
  18. Natalie says:
    Angie - there is a link to the flood! It makes me mad just to think about it...just click on "the flood" under the pics of the stairs and it will take you right to it :)
  19. We had a huge toad under our door mat. Yep, let your imagination go wild.
  20. Kristin Glasbergen says:
    Is that a lime tree in your garden?? Sorry I lost my focus. Yeah, all those rotten people, flip right off.
  21. way to go on 200 followers! what kind of fruit trees do you have?
    i hate graco...i love chicco!
  22. Aging Mommy says:
    I hate the invasion of ants that occurs every summer too - so far we've not had them in the house, but every July or August they arrive and they drive me crazy!
  23. Hey! I flipped off ants and laundry too! This was great venting girlfriend! Funny blog;)
  24. Oh my goodness this one was hilarious too! I love all these friday flip offs going around! I feel the universal negativity lifting and moving over Canada. Sorry Canada.

    Congrats on all the traffic! We just started in April too!
  25. Flippity flip off to you! Love it. You rock. so funny.
  26. I don't know why..but the chalk line is cracking me up. who ever thought of that?? We have tons of HUGE ants on our back deck...Maybe I should pull the chalk out.


    Laundry..I hate you too!
  27. I love your palaypa. Love it. I used to have a condo that was built over former strawberry fields so I couldn't even leave a crumb on the counter or we'd be over run so I feel your pain. And, this cool late May weather IS weird. Where in SO CA are yoU?
  28. Angie@ Suburbia UNleashed says:
    I heard of the chalk line before too. Ants suck!

    I will be saving my things to Flip off for next week!

    Laundry & Dishes top my list. I feel ya.
  29. Hi! I thought I clicked on to follow you when I read your post earlier, but I accidently forgot to hit "done"! So here I am, your newest follower! Thanks for following me too! Can't wait to journey on our mommyhood together;)
  30. I didn't even see you had twins. Ok, now you are even cooler :).
  31. Great flips....I hate bugs of all kinds - like in a really over-reacting way, so ants would drive me over the top.

    Now...please tell me your secret in getting a 10x increase in your blog followers in one month? it's taken me one month to get to 100 and that's basically begging people! Do share!

    thanks for participating in my meme...I appreciate it :)
  32. I agree about the So Cal weather..Its May! not rain with weird wind season..throws me off..anyway love your blog.. came across it at blogfrog and am following you now.
    Aysha (Wonderful Gifts for Wonderful People)
  33. Mommy Vandy says:
    Hi there! I'm your newest follower and am really enjoying your blog! I live in CA as well and I was so over that bad weather!
  34. The Urban Cowboy says:
    New visitor here, your flip offs were hilarious! I'd trade the weather of Southern CA with ours any day.
  35. Yay! I see you and your new site! I bet Tater would kind of think his monster likeness is pretty cool.

    Um, can I come sleep in your palapa?? Pretty please?
  36. I'm loving the Palapa and that's such an interesting fact about the chalk keeping away those unwanted visitors-eek! Can't stand insects.
    Stopping by from SITS, have a great wknd!
  37. mommytries says:
    Wouldn't it be cool if we could recruit ants into the military? Ants and roaches...It's as if they are that species that never expire! Where do they come from anyway???? As you can tell, I have ant headaches too...and other than my slipper, i am giving up on an effective killer. And as for the laundry...my 2 bags are actually doubling as sofas as we speak... :)
  38. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip says:
    Can I come live in your palapa? It is soooooo pretty.

    And in the meantime, I'm with you on the ants. We are in Texas and the ants are sinister and evil here. They invade absolutely anything and at least around here, they laugh at chalk or any other devices used to attempt to scare them away. (And they bite you and once even caused my son Diego to go into anaphalactic shock.) Flippity flip flip to you, ants!
  39. amyblam.com says:
    Dropping by from the tea party.
    Your backyard? Is amazing. Love it.
    And your header is fantastic!
    I, too, love Gigi and the friday Flip offs and did one this week.
  40. New reader over here. I love the look. And the fact that you can call your kid a monster. I do it all the time and people give me the look. You know the one. Anyway, I love the Flip-Off Friday thing. Hilarious.
    I'll be back!
  41. TIGHTWAD says:
    Love your Friday Flips! Very funny. Insurance companies be damned! From a fellow Lady Blogga, Tightwad
  42. great flips....good times, love doing this myself!! seems everyone is flippin off laundry and bugs lately!
  43. Stopping by from the lady bloggers! I have to agree with the stroller flip-off. Strollers suck! Everyone one except the stupid little umbrella stroller is a pain in the butt.
  44. Fun meme! And I learned something new about the ants and chalk! Weird.
  45. You're hilarious and I'm with you on the laundry... I'm on load #4 for the day. WTF?!
  46. Mama Mandolin says:
    Haha! I love your blog! I just found this today and am now a follower :) Taking a button thank you very much.

    I have twin boys...I know how you feel about the stroller situation. Luckily I did not fall trap to Graco!


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