I’m Either A Sadist Or A Masochist…Depending How You Look At It

Definition of a sadist, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary:

delight in cruelty -or- excessive cruelty

Definition of a masochist, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary:

pleasure in being abused or dominated : a taste for suffering

Now if you remember our trip to Parker last year, then you remember our jaunt through hell.

Which explains why Jason and I are either sadists and/or masochists, depending on your viewpoint. Because guess what? We are going to attempt it again, people! We are going to talk the kids away for a few days…Sea World, Legoland, the beach…you name the cheesy tourist stuff people do in San Diego and we’ll be there!

So wish us luck…I have a feeling we are really going to need it!

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  1. Good luck! It's been a year... Hopefully that will make all the difference. Enjoy my old stomping grounds and I'll see you soon.
  2. Wishing you luck!!!! Have a good time!
  3. Good Luck! You will be fine! It sounds like a fun trip.
  4. Oh, I feel for you. As folk with little ones vacation in our town we see meltdowns all the time. Kids don't remember them. Just their parents. That makes you masochists. But you're making memories and that's what parents do, right?
  5. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    I will start praying now! I bet your will have a blast.
  6. The kids will have so much fun! That's the important thing :) Goodluck! The Twerp and I
  7. Oh, good luck! Trips with kids are a whole extra level of mommy patience.
  8. Ha ha good luck! Maybe this go around will be better :)
  9. LOL! I don't think you're either. There's a better word for people like you: (glutten for punishment?) Ok, seriously ... MOM. Hope you guys have a wonderful time Natalie. :)
  10. Just take your patience pills and everything will be just fine!! Can't wait to read about it! http://chosenchaos.blogspot.com/
  11. Good luck! I hope it goes better this time around. My husband and I have learned that we need two rooms when we travel so sleep is possible. Not to mention the other stuff you want to do on vacation.
  12. LOL...I think "PARENTING" is just a lesson in both of those words, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Thanks for the giggle and have lots and lots of fun :)
  13. You are definitely a masochist. But I totally understand. As crazy as it is to do almost anything with little ones, its so much fun to see the joy on their faces! I bet Legoland and Sea World will be awesome. We went to Sea World in San Antonio a few times and it was amazingly fun. Much more so than I even expected. Good luck! xoxoxo