I’m Cheating

I love Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, and try to participate anytime that a prompt catches my eye. This week, this is the prompt that caught it:

1.) Write about a time you got in BIG trouble as a kid.

I immediately thought of the time that I hit…wait…I already wrote about it last summer for a Mama Kat prompt! So I’m cheating and sending you back to the post Swing Batter, Batter…SWING! so that you can read the story for yourself and decide if I should’ve gotten in trouble for what happened. I stand strongly by my original pleas that I did NOT in fact deserve to get in trouble!

Mama’s Losin’ It

In case you missed my I Was a Senior Hottie post, you should really check it out. You’ll even get to see a Glamour Shot (remember those?!) of me looking like I’m 40 although I was only 18.

Last thing…I wrote a post on Tuesday about Klout and understanding why it’s important if you use social media. If you use Klout and/or need help understanding it, can you pop over and leave me any questions you might have about it? I’m doing a follow-up post next week.


  1. It totally wasn't your fault! Accidents do happen. I got into trouble many times for things my little sister did - talk about unfair!
  2. You didn't deserve a spanking :( Have you ever talked to your parents about it, now that you're a parent? I wonder if he feels even worse about it than you do, because you're probably right about it being a knee-jerk reaction to his fear about the situation. But poor little you, because who understands THAT as a kid?
  3. Its good to go back to old posts ... in fact, its so good, you need to remember to hook up next Tuesday ;) and you and I still have a date about Klout!
  4. Something very similar happened with me! My brother (8 years younger than me) rode his bike out in front of my tennis racket! I agree, you didn't deserve it. I didn't deserve to be grounded for 2 weeks either!
  5. No, it wasn't your fault! I got hit square in the stomach by my little brother in a batting cage once. Knocked the wind clear outta me! But I don't blame him for that....I probably should've stayed out of the way....
  6. I agree with you! You didn't deserve the spanking. Sounds like it was a total accident. Glad your sister was okay though!
  7. Stopping over from MamaKat's. No way should you have gotten in trouble for that! We have a word for that and it is "accident"! Seems dad was completely scared about the sitch and was thinking straight on this one!
  8. Totally not deserved. I've received my share of undeserved wallops as a kid. But it made me be a better parent. Last week, my daughter (7) was playing on her pogo stick and bounced right into her little sister (3), knocking her down. She realized what she did and started to run off feeling guilty. Unfortunately, her sister was just standing up and the pogo stick K tossed aside went smashing into S's face, cutting her lip open. Blood everywhere. I grabbed the little one, her twin and K and got everyone in the house and tended to the wound. Knowing how I would feel and seeing how K was hysterical with guilt, I just held her and reassured her that I knew it was an accident but she had to be careful of where she was playing and who was around. Oh, the drama. At least I didn't lay into her and my first instinct was to. It was a pretty dumb move on her part, but it wasn't intentional. Raising kids is hard.
  9. Total accident! Enjoyed this the second time around just as much. :)