If Your Kids Liked “Madagascar”, They’ll LOVE Delhi Safari!


There’s something about an entertaining movie with a big message…movies like The Lorax. The kids are entertained, the parents are entertained, and everybody learns something. Kids love movies that make them laugh, and I know mine like movies about animals…and they absolutely LOVED Delhi Safari!

I also liked Delhi Safari because it kept me entertained and engaged. Lots of times I’ll have to suffer through watch movies with the kids that make me want to stab my eyes and ears out. This is NOT one of those movies! The well-known, funny cast wrapped me around its finger from the first scene, and after the last scene, I didn’t want it to end.

About Delhi Safari…

Delhi Safari an independent animated film that is under consideration for an Oscar and was first released in India, but has been recast for the U.S./Canadian Market with some pretty big names: Brad Garrett, Jason Alexander, Vanessa Williams, Christopher Lloyd, Jane Lynch, and more. It’s a PETA endorsed film that revolves around the preservation of the environment and is a celebration of wildlife.


DELHI SAFARI revolves around five animals of the Borivili National Park that decide to meet the Prime Minister in Delhi with a plea to stop builders from encroaching on their forests.

The tranquility of jungle life is threatened when a real estate developer begins construction on a new subdivision. The unlikely team of a leopard cub named Yuvi, his mother the leopardess Begam, an unruly monkey Bajrangi and a lovable bear named Bagga; realize that the only way to stop things before it is too late, is by talking to the humans… which will take a major feat: enlisting the support of the only human speaking animal, Alex, the Parrot.

Long since “off the reservation,” Alex lives in a high-end neighborhood, with all the conveniences of modern life from air conditioning to a massive flat screen television… and a Master.  Surrounded by his comforts, he lives in denial that he is someone’s pet.  Rejecting the pleas of his friends; they resort to kidnapping him and showing him what has become of their precious home.

With the clock ticking, the troop set off on a seemingly impossible journey meeting an eclectic array of characters along the way. Arriving in Delhi, they cause absolute commotion and with it, successfully get the attention of the media. Now in the spotlight, they must share their story and get the support of the only ones who can make a difference: humans.

My kids loved this movie! Mia was a fan of the fiesty Begam, while Ethan and Lila both liked Bajrangi. My favorite was Bagga. Thought subtle, the message was clear. The kids “got” it, and have watched it again. The movie is funny for both children and parents, and is entertaining the entire time.

Go see this movie! Take your children! Help spread the message!

Disclaimer: In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, I am disclosing that I was selected as a Brand Ambassador and received a copy of Delhi Safari to help me with this film review. Any publicly stated opinions of the film and their products remain my own.


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  2. [...] If Your Kids Liked “Madagascar”, They’ll LOVE Delhi Safari! (mommyofamonster.com) [...]