iDeaPLAY Tablet Review: A New Tablet For The Kids

Disclosure: I received a sample of the product for my iDeaPLAY Tablet Review, no other compensation was given. Opinions expressed are my own.


The kids have my old iPad, which is constantly being fought over. I will be honest and say I’m not a huge fan of them being on it because I worry that they will access inappropriate content by accident (some of the YouTube kid-friendly videos they like to watch link to other NOT kid-friendly ones). I also worry that they might drop it and break it. So when I was given the opportunity to do an iDeaPLAY tablet review I jumped at the chance.


iDeaPLAY is a newly released children’s tablet that’s geared towards young children (ages 4 and up). It is an Android device that was designed specifically with child safety as a number one priority. iDeaPLAY is compliant with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) that ensures the safety and privacy of kids under the age of 13. It includes a customized version of Famigo software, which was designed to regulate the tablet content. It will automatically remove things that I don’t want the kids to access like social media, chat and browser features. And as a bonus, you can say bye bye to those pesky advertisements and pop up ads.


As a mom, iDeaPLAY gives me complete control over what content the kids can few and what features can be accessed in Kids Mode.

Each week I receive a weekly recap via email that tells me an update on which apps my children are currently using.

I also like that the iDeaPLAY is that it’s a fully functional tablet that adults can use in Regular Mode. In Regular Mode, you have internet capability so you can access things like Netflix, Skype, and your email.


One of the best features of the iDeaPLAY is the safety casing that it comes in. I’ve seen the kids with my old iPad, and let me tell you, that don’t treat it like it’s a computer…they treat it like it’s a toy. The silicone protective bumper iDeaPLAY comes in not only protects the tablet, but also makes it easy to find since it’s a bright orange color. It’s also lightweight, is water resistant, and drop resistant.

There were a couple things I am not a huge fan of. The instructions that come with it aren’t very detailed at all, so we did a lot of figuring things out on our own. Also, the device has to be plugged in to be charged, and it doesn’t seem to hold a charge for as long as some of the other devices the kids play with.

iDeaPLAY children’s tablet is priced at only $129 and yet it comes already pre-loaded and ready for action with child-friendly apps and premium content. You’ll find games like Doodle Jump, Shrek Forever, My First Zoo Kids ABC Alphabets, Color & Draw Math Bugaboo and many more. You can also add their favorite age appropriate apps from Amazon’s app store and premium and free apps, movies, e-books and music from the iDeaApp Marketplace.

The iDeaPLAY also has a camera and calculator. It comes with a set of ear buds, too…which is a huge bonus since the kids always seem to want to play with it when I’m trying to work!

You can check out the iDeaPLAY website, and connect with iDeaPLAY on Facebook and Twitter.


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