I Was a Senior Hottie (I Just Didn’t Know It at the Time)

I’ll admit it: I love to reminisce and look through old pictures…it’s seriously one of my favorite things to do. So when Liz over at a belle, a bean, and a chicago dog came up with the idea to create a linky so that we could link up a post with one or more photos of ourselves taken some time during our senior year of high school, I immediately said “I’m in!”

So I’m going to show you some pics from the end of my junior and throughout my senior year. I graduated in 1992, so if you remember those days, you’ll appreciate these pictures because they’ll bring back lots of memories!

Let’s start with my senior picture:

high senior picture 1992

Note the big hair and copius amounts of hair spray to get height on the bangs and wings. The fake ‘n bake tan. You can’t see them, but I also have the fake acrylic fingernails that could scratch your eyes out. If you were not in high school in the late 80s/early 90s, this style may be foreign to you…but to me? This says high school!

Next we have the very end of my junior year:

I’m on the bottom right. The other girls were all seniors and graduating, so this was our BFF picture. Note my Swatch Watch with the changeable band and scrunchy socks and tennis shoes. Naturally we all wore coordinating colors. And most of us have scrunchies on top of our heads.

Oh, this is a good one:

I’m in the middle. The other 2 girls are also in the photo above. To prove how smart kids are, we thought it would be a good idea during their last week of high school to ditch, not tell our parents, and go to Tiajuana, Mexico for the day to drink and have fun. Three cute, young girls in a foreign country all alone. Dumb asses.

My graduation picture:

Apparently taken either before my fake tan or after it had worn off.

A picture of me that was published in the local newspaper about working seniors.

The reason I included this photo was because of the belly-baring sweater that I would no longer be caught dead in. But the funny part – look at my pants…they’re belted jeans that are waaaayyy above my belly button! We call them mom jeans now, but back in the day? They were cool!

And last but not least:

glamour shot

Who could forget going to the mall to get their Glamour Shots taken with friends?! Where else could you pay to get made up like Tammy Baker and then have your picture taken?

Now go dig your senior pics out, post them, and then link up over at Liz’s place!


  1. Natalie, you take the cake on this one! Totally! The big hair, the fake tan, scrunchies, Swatch watches....wow. I love it!
  2. I ALWAYS wanted to get a Glamor shot done but my parents would never let me. I am kinda sad that they went out of business. And yeah girl, you were/are HOT!
  3. I think I love you! So what am I so afraid of?...hold up that's the wrong decade....ummmm....you're too sexy for this meme, too sexy for this meme!
  4. oh my gosh..the glamour shots!! I almost forgot about them!!
  5. This is great!! I remember those belly bearing sweaters. I used to change into them after I left the house since my mom didn't approve :)
  6. You are definitely too sexy for this meme. The sweater...well it rocks the whole darn post. Belly bared but button covered perfection!
  7. You did a Glamour Shot - you were one of THOSE girls. #jealous. Actually, not sure they were even around when I graduated. YOU WERE HOT!
  8. super cute!!!
  9. Dumb asses is right! Love the pics though...I don't think I ever saw your Tijuana picture...good thing apparently. Just wait till your girls grow up. I can't wait!
  10. Classic 90's! I love it! I wish I had a scanner to share some of my trainwreck photos from high school!
  11. You were so darn cute! Haha those belly baring sweaters, just, OMG. :D
  12. OH I so remember ALL of those things, the scrunchies, the socks, the swatch watch!! Wish I had more than just my Senior pic to share!
  13. Looking at all the senior hotties makes me want to call them glamour shots and then I show up and you have an actual glamour shot - I love all the pics you shared!
  14. I am in some kind of awe over here. You are the girl my friends and I all strove to be in junior high. And then? I transferred to an artsy boarding school and Grunge happened, so I never lived the dream. This was great, Natalie. Just great!
  15. Awesome photos and memories. I wasn't quite a senior yet, but I so remember everything you talked about. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Loved my swatch watch! I did a group shot too for a senior pic - very similar to yours. Too cute!
  17. I forgot about Glamour Shots. And that belly shirt? Love that you were wearing it at school. You had the perfect hair!
  18. Oooooh, that Glamour Shot is epic! I like how your cap was pushed waaay back on your head to make room for the hair! Thanks so much for indulging us with this awesomeness!
  19. Ha! I love your mom's comment! So funny! Glamour shots were awesome!
  20. Oh- love this! Seriously love! I adore how many photos you found especially the Glamoour shots one! I had *almost* blocked those out of my mind. Almost. You're gorgeous! :)
  21. DYING! You were so stylin', and I love that you found all sorts of different scenario photos for us to see. Belly shirts and high jeans, oh my!
  22. Great pictures! I love the working shot! I think I may still have some of those mommy jeans.
  23. Oh my gosh. That glamour shot is priceless!! I never fell prey to that one (thank God!).
  24. I love these pics! Look at you rockin' it! Love the hair...and the cropped shirt and mom jeans. Thanks for sharing...these pics are awesome :)
  25. You definitely were a hottie :) I came over from a link in someone's sidebar! I finished school in 1991 so am right there with you!
  26. That made my day! Glamour Shots! Belly sweaters! Awesome.
  27. I love, love, love the glamour shot! Had a couple of those things done and am sad I didn't post one now! Oh, well! You rocked your senior year :)
  28. Glamour shot....EPIC!!!!!
  29. I loved my swatches!!I had so many. I am almost embarased to say that the watch I wear now is a swatch. :) And the scrunchy socks.... yup.
  30. Oh the Glamour Shot really got me! So out of blue. Wham. Super hottie!!!
  31. That lime green belly sweater is AWESOME!! I never got Glamour Shots but I was always jealous of people that did. This is a great post!
  32. Oh my stars! This was truly a hand-covering-mouth-in-disbelief post. Only because it hit home. The scrunchies. The pushed down socks. The cropped sweaters. yikes.
  33. You were a senior hottie and still are. Damn girl, I love that one of you wearing that sexy little crop top and we can see just enough skin!
  34. OMG, GLAMOUR SHOTS! I didn't even think to include my Glamour Shots photo for Senior Hottie! LOL. Well-played. And that particular Glamour Shot? Is EPIC! I graduated in '93, so I remember all of this. The cropped, belly-baring sweaters paired with the mom jeans, the Swatch watches, scrunchies... all of it.
  35. GLAMOUR SHOTS!!!!!! Omg, I had almost forgotten, what a great picture!!!!! You were and still are soooooooo pretty!!!!! Wow, you were just gorgeous girlfriend xo
  36. Wow I totally forgot about the Glamour Shots. Those high waisted pants were so uncomfortable digging into my ribs, but I sported them too! I'm going to be 100% honest and say based on pics I've seen on here before I thought you were closer to my graduation year. How do you age so well? What's the secret?? :)
  37. That last picture doesn't even look like you! Amazing - I love Glamour Shots! And frankly, I miss scrunchy socks.
  38. what a fun post! i relate to all of it :)
  39. it's a tough call between the BFF group shot and the glamor shot - fantastic!
  40. In the 2nd pic: Good lord! That is one big ass watch! :-P And Nat, you haven't aged a bit! Seriously.
  41. Why didn't we appreciate how hot we were back in the day? And girl you were smoking. LOVE the half sweater. The Glamour Shot cracks me up because Rat Bastard no joke had one of his MOTHER and wanted to put it on his nightstand in our bedroom.
  42. Oh my goodness. I don't even no where to begin for this comment. I can't believe you ditched school to go to TJ.
  43. OMG, this all looks so familiar...I had totally forgotten about swatch watches!!!! I graduated in 1987 but the styles were still similar! And yeah...the high-waisted jeans with the tight belt...can you believe we ever thought that was such a cool look??
  44. Holy crap! You have a collection of wowzas here!!!! YOu're still cute, but girl....that glamour shot. Holy!
  45. OMG!!!! I swear we could have been best friends in school!! Same hair... same outfits... the socks, mom jeans (pegged of course)... and let me not leave out the glamour shots! I have one of those too and didn't think about bring that one out! Scary...
  46. Holy Glamour Shots! I always used to whine to my parents about getting Glamour Shots but they never succumbed to my whining. You were definitely a senior hottie!
  47. Love the Glamour Shots picture! I think we all have secret Glamour Shots hidden somewhere!
  48. The Glamour shot made me laugh out loud. Who didn't have those done? But the others... still look like you. Minus the BIG hair, of course. I am SO hoping I can find mine and participate in this most excellent idea!!
  49. Glamour Shots for the win! Love how you incorporated so many trends here.
  50. Love, love, love! So pretty! I don't think you're getting due credit for those hair wings that only my friend Jaymee was ever able to accomplish. Bravo. On a separate note, judging from your header, you might like this post: http://mysuitcasefulloftricks.blogspot.com/2011/04/my-magical-box.html Or maybe not. XOXO, Ali
  51. Now those are HOTTIE pics! Stopping over from Liz's. Loved the scrunchy sock days and I am needing those high waisted pants about now to hold in mom tummy blobs!
  52. Wow, Glamour shots. Been a long time since I've heard that name. (LoL) All those shots are glamour shots as you're very pretty Natalie. :)
  53. natalie.. You might win. First because of the awesome bangs. O-M-G how amazing are they? Then, because you have an acutal picture of you wearing scrunchy socks and tennis shoes.. with friends who are wearing them too. AND, you have a friend who crimped her hair! I SO wanted to crimp my hair! Also? There's the side hair sprayed hair that is sticking out and combed back. I love it. Oh to achieve such hair perfection! Then we have the belly shirt and barbie jeans. To capture this picture is rare but you've done it! Last but not least the glamour photo. You look 40 and you want to! Because you're young and want to be old. Glamourous! Didn't we all! GREAT WORK
  54. Ahhhh! The swatch and the wings in your hair and the belly baring sweaters are taking me right back! You were definitely a hottie.
  55. You really were a senior hottie!!! All of my high school pics are mortifying, but look at yours, you gorgeous girl!
  56. Someone mentioned that Glamour Shots had gone out of business, but there is still one open at Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN...not such a blast from the past if you've ever been there....
  57. That's too much glamour for a Wednesday afternoon!
  58. A walk down memory lane ... scrunchies, matching shirts, swatches, high-waisted jeans. Too fun!! :) And painful all at the same time! :)
  59. Scüchis and those darn white socks and KEDS! Ahhh yes, good times. I love the glamour shot. I have one of those too but not that well taken. Very cool!
  60. You are so cute I want to kiss you. ;) And love all that HAIR In the second pic with all your BFFs!! I graduated in '93 so I'm right there with you girl! I was bitter that my parents didn't pay for Glamour Shots. All my friends had them done... gah! Yours is awesome!
  61. OMG love it! You were a senior hottie! Look at how you rock that half shirt :)
  62. Sweet Vally High, this is one of the best posts I've read all day. I seriously think we were separated at birth. My hair, the bangs and wings - just as high. I did not do a glamor shot, though - you totally win at that. Gawd I love you.
  63. That sweater? Classic. You still look so young now that I never would have guessed you were a tad older than me. I won't tell anyone.
  64. I knew that there was some logical reason for the holes in the Ozone layer...all that dang hairspray...HAHAHAHA
  65. I was class of '99 - but still - I (attempted to) ROCK this stuff in elementary & junior high!! the big bangs, the hair scrunchy, the scrunchy socks, the cropped tops... AWESOME. this is just fabulous!!! :)
  66. You were totally a senior hottie. I love the belly baring sweater. I had forgotten all about Glamour Shots, which is surprising since my mom and I had done them.
  67. Ah, the scrunchy. Has a more fabulous hair accessory ever existed? Love the photos!
  68. Yes m'am you had hotness written all over you! Love that BFF pic!
  69. Wow, you really were a hottie - and your kids looks SO much like you! Holy cow. Tijuana - HA!
  70. I never was able to get Glamour Shots but I was SOOOO jealous of all my friends who did lol.
  71. Looks like you & I were both pretty typical all-american seniors...totally love that belly shirt in the picture for the paper! Such a Senior Hottie! :)
  72. A-dorable! You WERE a senior hottie! If only I looked half as good as you!
  73. Love the photos ,YOu were a hottie! I am cracking up at the Glamour shots:)LOL
  74. ok so you are totally the age my friends' older sisters were when we were in 7th grade. The girls I SOOO wanted to be! You looked EXACTLY the way the teens in the movies looked! SO jealous! And that half shirt? Would never fly now-a-days in schools...but that is because the pants are cut so low we are afraid of seeing vag cleavage! This is one of my FAVE senior hottie posts!
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