I Have Every Excuse In The Book For NOT Getting Into Shape

I got out of the shower yesterday to Lila saying “Mommy your butt is really big.” I looked in the mirror and was disgusted by what I saw. My belly is so big most days I can’t button my pants. My thighs are dimpled with cellulite and really gross to look at. I am not happy with myself right now. At all.

I hate the way I look, but I can come up with 100 excuses for not having the time to get into shape.

No really, if you try to explain how beneficial or easy or fun or simple it is to take that first step to get in shape, I have an excuse for why I can’t. They aren’t good ones, not of one of ’em, and I know.

I have complained on my blog about needing to lose “those last 5 lbs. for BlogHer“, which have since turned in to another 10 or 15. I failed. The picture is why.

Then I found a stroller that was supposed to make me skinny again because it was going to make me look forward to walking.

I wrote about wanting to give myself 21 days to lose weight, while holding myself accountable here on my blog.

I wrote about how buying new clothes might be easier than losing weight.

I’ve tried Alli. The results were less than desirable.

That’s at least 5 times I’ve written about losing weight, and yet here I am, heavier than ever.

I’ve got the Bar Method thinking it would be fun to do.

I read Fit Moms for Life and was so excited by what I’d learned – finally! Something I could stick to! Or not…

I got the Journey Gym, which was actually a great tool, but I just didn’t stick to it.

I’ve bought work out DVDs that still have the wrappers on them.

I bought a Wii so I could get Wii Fit, and my excuse for not using that right now is that Jason hasn’t hooked it up  to the TV.

My most recent purchase was the Brazil Butt Lift a few weeks ago that I could not wait to get. It’s still sitting on the counter.

My top 3 excuses?

1. It’s the middle of the week. I should just wait and start on Sunday.

2. I opened a bottle of wine, so I should finish it before I start so I don’t waste it.

3. I don’t have time (even though I have plenty of time to watch crappy TV every night.)

Truth is, I have been considered “thin” my whole life. I have no idea how to exercise and I have no willpower because I’ve never needed it. Yes, I know I’m getting older and of course weight gain comes naturally with this. Yes, I know my body will never be the same after having kids. Yes I know I just have to “do it”, but I can’t start!

I really need to lose weight. I WANT TO lose weight! I’m just lazy I guess.

So it boils down to these two options: I need to man up and JUST DO IT or I need to take Lerner’s best bathing suit advice ever, though I spend entirely too much time outside in the water to do that.

I guess option number 1 it is. And I need your help. What is your #1 piece of advice you would give to someone who hates to exercise, loves to be lazy and eat crap food and drink wine, has no willpower or motivation, and who is tired of being tired of needing to lose weight. No motivational talks! I want honest answers! Please help!

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  1. Oh. This is the story of my life. Except I'm not thin. I'm creeping towards 200 lbs, have diabetes, and NEED to make a change. But I, too, hate exercise, love to sit for hours on the computer, LOVE to eat hamburgers and fries, chips and dips, etc...I had improved...for a little while, but I've slowly crept right back to my old habits. It's so hard. I wish I had the answers!
  2. MaryBeth0129 says:
    I saw pics of you at Blogher and thought you looked fabulous and actually thought to myself "damn I wish I looked that good!" This post describes me completely but I definitely have more than 10-15 pounds to lose. I'm honestly discouraged b/c I'm eating better (using myfitnesspal to track it) and constantly going preparing to move and my clothes arent fitting any looser.
  3. what about just changing ONE thing? one tiny thing, to start? Like maybe going for a walk once a week, or committing to doing 25 squats while you're cooking dinner. The idea of losing weight is so overwhelming, maybe if you break it up into baby steps? gigi recently posted..What I Learned From Caine’s ArcadeMy Profile
  4. For me, I have to schedule it and pay for it or I'll find an excuse not to do it. I did Pilates 2x/week for 6 years. That helped make my twin stomach back to . . . well, good enough. I now go to a metabolic bootcamp 2x/week. The trick for me is scheduling it and paying for it. Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. recently posted..Easter. South Texas style.My Profile
  5. OK, I have really, REALLY strong opinions about this because this was the story of my life, too, for a long time. I thought I had no willpower, but what I actually didn't have was good information about what foods were good for me and what weren't. The answer is you CAN'T do it while eating crap food. But you can retrain yourself to like good food. If you think you can handle 30 days of willpower (or even 15 would probably work) do this: http://whole9life.com/2012/01/whole-30-v2012/. Try it, and don't even worry about exercise. I found that when I started eating appropriately, I got stronger and faster even when spending most of my time in front of the computer. JulieVK recently posted..The last strawMy Profile
  6. I've been most successful about taking control of my exercise when I stop myself mid-whine, put on some gym clothes, and break a sweat. I love the "start on Monday" excuse - and that's exactly why I need to just GET UP off the couch and do something (anything!) on Wednesday when I'm whining. Mrs. MidAtlantic recently posted..Train to CatchMy Profile
  7. Cynthia G. says:
    My sister blogged her weight loss journey to hold herself accountable. She posted before pictures and made us all promise to make sure she kept us all up to date with her progress. She started with just trying to make 1 healthier choice a day with her food. Choose this over that kind of thing. She tried to choose water whenever possible instead of any other drink. She found a walking partner who also needed to lose weight so that she would have someone else counting on her every week to just walk for 1 hour. By putting everything out there and talking about her struggle people around her started to encourage her and joined her on her journey. She now walks 2x's a week and does Zumba every Monday and since January 1st she has gone from a size 12 to a size 6. You can do it!!
  8. I'm pretty sure that I could have written this post... as a matter of fact I have a similar one started. I love food & to do nothing. Now... I'm using an app on my iPhone to help me watch my calories and track everything I eat. I'm starting there and will eventually add in exercise. Good luck!! Jackie recently posted..Wordful Wednesday ~ TodayMy Profile
  9. I've always struggled with my weight and I finally joined a gym last summer because they had childcare....and I have 4 kids....so it was a no brainer.... but it turned out I love the classes, I do Zumba, Step, and Body Pump and I really do enjoy it...I do the machines and stuff too but the classes are my favorite, because I have to stay and finish...don't want to be that fat girl that can't keep up...ha! Not a Perfect Mom recently posted..Hashbrains Rule!My Profile
  10. I love to work out but don't love to eat well. I am trying to make one change at a time with my food. Maybe do one little thing at a time over the course of six months. Once a week or once every 10 days add something new. I'll bet it adds up. (I actually wrote a post about how to make treadmill workouts a little less boring, which might help if you go to the gym. I won't link, b/c you know where to find me if you're interested--it involves watching Revenge & listening to music...) angela recently posted..Treadmill Interval Training TipsMy Profile
  11. Oh go, I so get you. I was physical a LOT more growing up, dance classes and in the college color guard ( I had a six pack from that) and its been getting worse and worse. It's so hard to start a diet, or exercise for me, I have no willpower! The only things that stick are small changes - glasses of water, eating a smaller portion, ice tea instead of soda. And buy a 2 story house. I definitely gt a little less jiggle. Megan recently posted..Photos with the Easter bunnyMy Profile
  12. I'm not over-weight, and I have the luxury of being tall, which forgives a lot, but I know what you're staying-----YOU want to feel good when you look in the mirror! I found that the only way I'd do it, was to get up early. Not every morning, b/c this mama loves to sleep in, but two mornings a week I get up and go to boot camp. It was helpful for me for two reasons: 1. I'd already paid for the session (whether I show up or not) and I want my $$ worth. 2. There were people "waiting" for me, holding my accountable, and I don't like to disappoint. I'd definitely suggest, in one way or another, find a workout buddy, or group. That way you're not doing it alone. I love drinking wine in the evenings too, and I often have the same mentality---might as well just finish off this bottle! :) I started drinking large glasses of water along with my wine, so that, seriously, I'd be too full to drink that much wine. I don't do it every night, but I try to do it most nights. It's help me make a bottle last a of couple days :) I know where you're at is not a fun place to be. I found that once I had a plan of action, I felt SO much better. I hope you find something that works for you (and that you'll share it with us). Bonus: I laughed when you said your daughter was right there when you got out of the shower. My girls always are too---that's another thing---I get home from boot camp take my coffee into the bathroom with me, and jump in the shower BEFORE my girls are up. Ahhh---peace and quiet in the shower (and while I'm getting ready for the day) :) Julia recently posted..How To Help Others Talk to Little GirlsMy Profile
  13. I have SO been where you are....still there some days. I am athletic, but always stayed in shape by playing sports, so it didn't feel like exercise. During Lent a year ago, I gave up soda and candy, and made the commitment to go to the gym 5 days/week. I also looked up training programs online so I didn't have to think about what to do when I got to the gym. Started with this program: http://www.runningplanet.com/training/beginning-runner-program.html That eased me into it and got me in the habit. And as I finished one training program, I moved on to another one. Now I am 50lbs lighter than I was a year ago. I am not perfect by any means. I will go a couple of weeks without exercising and then feel like I'm starting over again. And today, for instance, i ate approximately 642 chocolate Easter eggs But I have managed to get back on track each time. When I'm at my best, I go to the gym 4-5 times/week. I am usually not looking forward to it, but I tell myself "in an hour it will be over." And I ALWAYS feel proud and happy when I'm done. But I still hate to exercise!!! LOL NPRMommy recently posted..NPRMommy: @Espngreeny u r a rock star! That is WAY cool!My Profile
  14. OK I'm really lazy and I HATE to exercise. I'm a thin out of shape person. Though after three kids the weight gain happens. My best tip to lose weight is a weight loss challenge with someone else. My husband and I did one last year and I lost 8 pounds in 1 month. We had weekly weigh ins and we won prizes based on who one the larger % of their weight. I am super competitve so this really motivated me. And I'll admit that I bought treats that I hate and he loves to help me win. I kicked his butt!!! Man I need to do it again since I've gained 10 pounds since the fall....sigh! Oh and when I exercise, I tell myself that I only have to work out for ten minutes. That way if (but usually when) I wuss out after ten minutes I don't feel bad and ten minutes is better than nothing right? I did mention that I hate to exercise right? Twingle Mommy recently posted..I Just Don't Get It....And I Never WillMy Profile
  15. I love this. Every mom of young children feel this way. I began to stare at magazines and celebrites and I thought to myself WHY CANT I look like that girl in the picture? I CAN! we are both human, we are both women, there is no reason I too can look like that! i thought to myself, my only obstacel is myself! and it became my personal challenge to prove to myself that I too can look like the girl in the magazine and i challenged myself. and it worked!!! i went form 165 to 128 in about four months, HARD WORK, DEDICATION, and a DRIVING DESIRE.
  16. I have no advice because I could totally have written this!! I am constantly claiming I have no time to exercise and then I do things like read an entire book this morning. So really, my reasoning is really a big fat excuse :P Stephanie recently posted..Did I Brush My Teeth Today?My Profile
  17. We are very similar Natalie... I can never start something on Wednesday, what's the point bc the weekend is almost here? I drink wine, often. I don't watch tv but I do sit with this white box on my lap every night. I go in and out of ruts and hate it when I'm in one. For me it takes signing up for something - a 5K, a walk, anything. And then making a plan. Then I buy a special highlighter that is ONLY for that plan. The first week is the hardest but then the second week I become addicted to highlighting the plan. I like planners and schedules so it's more that that does it for me. My plans usually go in 12-15 week spurts so it doesn't seem like it will take forever to get through it. Jamie recently posted..what the junk‽My Profile
  18. I've never had a problem losing weight before, until I had my 3rd child (in 3 years) 4 months ago. I still have about 10 lbs to lose out of 30, and my biggest issue is willpower over food. Making the conscious decision not to put that chocolate, or roll, or wine in your mouth. Remember, it takes a lot more work to burn off calories than it does to not eat the calories in the first place. My best practical piece of advice is to stop eating or drinking anything except water about 4 to 6 hours before bed, and make your last meal protein heavy and card light. It takes a lot of determination, but if you put food in your body when it is not going to be needing it for fuel, it turns into glycogen stores, which turn into fat. Good luck, and I hope this helps a bit! Joanna recently posted..Fabric Hair Bow TutorialMy Profile
  19. Hi Natalie, I have struggled with weight loss too and recently started a Saturday morning walking group on FB. IT is awesome! You should start one with people close by...maybe 20-30 people at least one other person will be up for walking and having a buddy always makes it easier. We have only done three walks so far but especially with summer coming it is so nice to get out and enjoy the morning, chat with mommas (leave the kids at home with daddy so you can walk fast and enjoy yourself). I think it is always good to get it over with early, it gives you energy to socialize and to exercise. Do a few squats and jumping jacks half way through, maybe a three mile walk. Good Times I tell you!
  20. That is exactly how I feel, sad part? my sister in law is a registered dietitian that has helped lots of friends loose the extra weight and maintain it. I agree will power is hard for me these days, eating fast food is easier when running errands, exercise? what is that! But this week I gave up soda {again} a month ago our life was changed and we found out after 11 years we were moving and not local, but other side of the state so eating healthy was out the door and in came stress and bad eating habits. What always worked for me when my second child was born was walking 3 miles every morning after dropping off my oldest at school. It would take us about an hour but that is when I felt happy. Being outdoors was great, walking while pushing the stroller was also good because my son would nap and I would clear my mind. My pants were loose and I dropped a bra size then 2 dress sizes. I think I might do that again soon. :)
  21. My #1 piece of advice is turn off your brain cause the more you listen to the excuses the more you'll rationalize and eventually give in. -Kindra recently posted..I'm an open book... sorta.My Profile


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