I Found A Stroller That Will Make Me Skinny Again!

Okay, I’ve complained about being a fat ass before. Before you start saying things like “Oh, but you look so skinny in pictures!”, let me say that I’m not overweight, but I am out of shape…WAY out of shape, and could stand to lose a good 15 pounds or so. I’m so out of shape that I have cellulite on my knees and refuse to wear skirts above my knee or any kinds of shorts. Sigh.

My problem? I have no willpower. A year ago, I wrote about having no willpower…it’s a funny post, and if you have an extra few minutes you should read it. I just giggled again when I found it.

Anyways, I have to do something about it. Alli is NOT something I want to try again. So I have decided to just eat right…not diet necessarily, but eat better. I also need to start exercising. The dreaded “E” word. Something that I hate doing until I start doing it and get in the habit. But I have to do it because I want to get in a bathing suit this year without wearing a burka-like cover-up!

The stroller I have right now is a beast – the thing is huge. It’s fine for shopping and being out and about. It is not fine for trying to exercise, especially when I have to haul both kids around in it, too. It’s quite possible the thing weighs as much as I do.

So I’ve decided I need to invest in a jogging stroller. Something easy to maneuver, that doesn’t weigh as much as I do, and that can handle different types of surfaces…the road, rocks, the sand, etc.

I found a site called Cymax and they sell strollers; all different kinds of strollers in all different price ranges, including the jogging strollers that I have been eyeing. And I was SO excited to find that they have double jogging strollers at a reasonable price!

My issue now is which one to purchase? I’m one of those people that likes to read reviews and see how many stars a product gets before I buy it. The site does have customer reviews and it does show awards that strollers have received, but no stars. But I can live with that. I spent a lot of time reading reviews, checking prices, cross-checking against other site’s prices, and what I found was the bob stroller.

BOB Gear 2011 Sport Utility Duallie Baby Stroller in Orange

While they are a bit pricey, the stroller seems completely worth the cost – and the reviewers seem to agree. I was looking at the BOB Gear 2011 Sport Utility Duallie Baby Stroller. It has incredible stability, can go anywhere, and is lightweight…exactly what I am looking for. The list price is $684, but on the Cymax site they sell it for $479. And if I use the stroller as my everyday stroller, I could sell the beast of a stroller I currently have and put the money towards the Cadillac of jogging strollers.

If I pay that much for a stroller, it better make me skinny! I’m thinking that if I buy it, I’ll have to use it so I don’t waste my money!Hmmmm….decisions, decisions.

Do you have a jogging stroller? Do you have a BOB stroller? I need some input here, people!

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  1. I have a BOB, its money well spent! Now with 3 kids (I have the single) I have thought about investing in a double. They do have a triple, but its obnoxious! Having several strollers now its by far the best one I own! You're welcome to use the one I have to see how you like it!
  2. I don't like to run or jog, but will be happy to walk along side you while you push that double jogger. I doubt you will going too fast pushing two kids around in that thing! It'll be interesting, to say the least! :)
  3. I have the exact same stroller. It.is.awesome! It is the only stroller we have. I use it to run errands with the girls. It fits through all store doors. And--it's a dream to go running/walking with! The Cadillac of strollers---well, well, well worth the cost! That BOB--he's a great guy! *Swoon* What can I say? I'm in love---BOB is part of my every day life!
  4. I love my BOB. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Worth every single penny. Too bad it's more of a playroom fixture than anything. :-/
  5. I've had the BOB stroller for over a year and I actually call him "my best friend Bob"!! Best purchase of all time. I walk until my feet fall off. Hahaha. But seriously. Buy one. TODAY.
  6. I don't have a BOB but I've heard nothing but wonderful things about it. We just dragged our crappy side-by-side stroller to Disneyland and it seemed like everyone had a BOB stroller. Those parents looked all happy and content while Tim and I were griping the entire time about how crappy our stroller is. But then again, we had 75 pounds of kids stuffed into it, along with a diaper bag that probably weighed around 50 pounds. BTW, I'm thinking about re-doing my blog design. I clicked on the link for the girl who did yours and was pretty impressed with her work!!
  7. We have the single Bob - it's awesome --- for me. My husband gets a sore back when he runs with it because it causes him to bend over just slightly, so I would see if you can take it for a test drive first to make sure you really would run with it.
  8. I had a jogging stroller, a triple one. I used it all the time until the kids insisted on walking. Now we are stroller free.
  9. That is definitely one expensive stroller! But I see a lot of people walking in my neighborhood with one. It must be worth it.
  10. Hey Nat, I've had the BOB for 3 years and I can tell you from firsthand experience, it doesn't make you skinny! ;-P But it is a great stroller. I did a review on it a while back http://gopopgo.wordpress.com/2010/02/24/product-review-bob-revolution-stroller/ And just an FYI: there is a recall on the strollers due to a strangulation hazard, but I don't think it's a big deal. But if you or your hubs is into biking at all, I recommend the Cougar Chariot - it can be adapted into a jogging stroller or a bike trailer. We have the Cougar 2 and love it - though lugging 50lbs worth of kids up a hill isn't very fun.
  11. I have an InStep Grand Safari Double jogging stroller. I did not pay for it as I received it for review. I really do love it though. I'm hoping it makes me skinny! I use it as my everyday stroller, though I occasionally get a door that is too narrow (like our public library. . .boo!) the girls are really comfy in it and it is a smooth ride. I think the swivel wheel in front makes a huge different as our old InStep has a fixed wheel. You can check out my review here: http://dakotapam.com/reviewinstep-grand-safari-double-jogging-stroller/:
  12. I don't have a jogging stroller because I'm too busy avoiding the "e" word to have time to use it.
  13. I got an amazing deal on a Baby Jogger City Classic before BJ stopped making that particular model, and I love it. It's not really a jogging stroller, but it's light (relatively), easy to fold, and has air filled tires. However, if I wouldn't have gotten such a good deal on the stroller I got, I would have bought a BOB. I have never heard a bad thing about them and know a lot of people with them. Have fun!
  14. As someone who put a lot of miles on a jogging stroller, I would go with the BOB Revolution over the Duallie. The Revolution is more versatile and whole lot easier to turn if you want to use it other places besides just exercising and trust me, you will. The Duallie is a beast to push through crowds because of the fixed front wheel. For jogging/running/walking you can set the swivel wheel to a lock position so you can exercise safely. I had the single fixed wheel and the double revolution. The best part about the BOB revolution (I still hae the single for Hank), is I sold it for almost as much as I paid for it on Craigslist.
  15. Just an opinion here, BUT... the twins being old enough to sit up on their own? A combination bike trailer/stroller worked AMAZING for us (we used it for our 6yo and 2yo - the combined weight allowance in it is about 100lbs).. and has the "off-road" jogger-stroller wheels. We got ours for like $40 at target and, even though it was on sale, there's no way it will cost you nearly $500.. I nearly choked when I read that!
  16. Bob strollers are great. I did notice that the picture you posted is of a Bob with a fixed front wheel. DON'T get that one! Pay extra and get the swivel wheel. You can lock it straight for jogging if you need to, but maneuvering a fixed wheel jogging stroller around town is no fun. PS The Bumbleride Indie is a personal favorite of my boss over at Baby Gizmo, and she's the queen of strollers. You should check out her online video reviews on YouTube. I was a fan BEFORE I started working for her, so I'm not trying to pimp her out at all. They really are amazing. Good luck!
  17. I know several moms with that stroller, and they love it except the storage on the bottom is hard to access versus my giant stroller). For that kind of pricing, it would make me skinny just by reducing my food allowance every month!
  18. I do have a jogging stroller. I have a Dreamer Design. It is very sturdy and smooth (fixed front wheel), but weights about 20 lbs. I started using it with Hayden when he was about 4 or 5 months old. When he was little I could run with him a couple of times a week and do the rest on my own. The older/bigger he got, the harder it was. I think I did my last run with him when he was about 2 1/2. It was ridiculously hard for me, especially since I run on a trail. We are hanging onto the jogger just in case...
  19. If I sat in it you'd get skinny.
  20. Coolwhipmom says:
    I think I own that burka bathing suit you were describing. Heh. Wish we lived closer so we could be workout buddies!
  21. I always wanted one of those- but then I got a Phil and Teds and I love that thing!
  22. I have a stroller buying problem. I have been cut off at this point since I only have one who will actually still sit in a stroller. My favorite is the Baby Jogger City Elite. It is the only side by side that rides easy and will fit in normal doorways that I have found.
  23. I never invested in a bob, but it is hands down the most recommended double stroller in my twins club. My friend even has one for her 2 singletons and I can tell you it is a dteam to push.
  24. Hi Natalie, Sorry I don't have any stroller advice...haven't had a need for a jogging stroller for quite a few years. I just wanted to give you a quick dose of encouragement! I just posted (about 10 min. ago!) about how I wanted to get back to eating healthy and running....and I even forgoed the chips and went and ran a mile tonight!!! Shocking...I know! Thought it was ironic that I posted that and then came over and read your post. Hang in there...taking good care of ourselves is hard...and not always fun...but the sense of feeling good is so worth it. (At least that's what I told myself when I walked by and ignored my friends, The Potato Chips, a few minutes ago!) Be blessed~ Kristi
  25. I had to have a BOB and I love it but Lucas HATES (all caps) HATES it! He can't see anything. The seat only sits up so far. It was great when he was an infant and slept through my walks or runs, but now he wants to look at everything, so it sits in the garage for the most part. Oh, and the tires suck! They are air tires, which are great for traction and hydraulics, but we are forever pumping them up and replacing the inner tube. Not to mention, which you already know, the BOB is pricey! I think there are better joggers out there for the money. Good luck!
  26. Jennifer says:
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my BOB. Definitely invest in one - you won't be sorry!
  27. I have a Bob and it rides like a dream. My suggestion is to get it used, it's so well made there is no reason to spend the money on new.
  28. I am a runner and I prefer joggers with bigger wheels and less stuff on it so it is super light. This would not be the ideal stroller if you plan to go running. But if you plan to use it as a regular stroller, they are amazing and I would say Go for it!
  29. Back when I had a stroller I had a Bugaboo...and I loved it. IT totally inspired me to get out there and exercise with it because it was so expensive! Naturally I didn't pay for it but still... You are SO hard on yourself! WE all have the cellulite and fat in places it never used to be. I feel your pain my friend. I feel your pain!
  30. My daughter is now 10 months old and we have been using the BOB, and only the BOB, since day 1. I didn't want to have a garage full of different kinds of strollers and wanted one that would work from birth to whenever she is too big to be in a stroller and after A LOT of research I ultimately came to purchase the BOB Revolution (in orange which we love!!). It is a little on the expensive side, but considering I am not buying a jogging stroller AND a travel system stroller AND a light weight easy to tote around everywhere stroller, I figured it was worth it. This stoller is awesome on all different types of terrain (hiking trails, beach and of course the streets). The shock system is great and my daughter can snooze comfortably no matter where we are. I have the car seat adapter and have the Graco SafeSeat which works great and has been very convenient to just pop her car seat out and put it on the stroller. The fully rotating wheel makes me able to manuver through stores without taking out other customers or display racks. There is plenty of storage on the BOB, I often walk to the grocery store and load it up and walk home (combining my exercise with running errands- a must do now with the little one!). The BOB folds up quite flat (considering that it is a stoller on the bigger side) and is a bit heavy, but I even had a C-Section and was getting this thing in and out of the car since a week after surgery - I just think of it as some additional exercise! We have also been on several airplane trips with the BOB and use it to hold our carry on bags and then just check it and the car seat when we get to the gate, but the last time we flew they said that it was too big to check at the gate and that we shouldn't have it (supposedly they don't do any big jogging type strollers at the gate, but again I had never had a problem until this last time). So, to sum this up, I highly recommend the BOB Revolution and after 10 months of heavy use it is still in almost perfect condition (some dings from the baggage handlers at the airport). We also later purchased the cupholder thing and I like it - it has a zippered pocket great for keys/phone, etc.
  31. First of all, you're a great writer! Very funny, and 2nd, BOB strollers are the most popular top-end jogging strollers on the market today. They are seriously built, I mean aircraft grade aluminum, wheel bearing, adjustable tracking, etc. I mean, who puts wheel bearing on a stroller, REALLY!! Anyways, If you've got the money, BOB is the BEST!


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