I Am In Desperate Need Of Some Eyedews… And New Facedews…

eyedews_logoAfter the week from Hell that I’ve had, which included four of the five of us sick with the stomach flu, I am not looking my best. You could also read this as I look like crap right now. So what I could  really use is some of the loves of my life: Eyedews.

Now I won’t go into a long rant about my love for Eyedews; if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you know I puffy-pink-heart them. But what you might not know is that Eyedews now has a brand spankin’ new product called Facedews. You can’t buy them for individual sale just yet, but you can win one to try out…and I will be trying these out as soon as I can get my hands on some. Which is why you need to be at #DateWithEyedews tomorrow.

Come join @Eyedews on Twitter for a #DateWithEyedews Twitter Party! We’re gonna be hanging out chatting about all things Eyedews on Friday, March 16 at 1:00PST/4:00EST! And guess what? Not only will you have a chance to win a Facedew to try out yourself, but you’ll also be able to win several other prizes:

Simply Charmed is @WinesWithCharm, and they will be  donating one set of wine charms

Bitter Baking Co is @BitterBakingCo, they are donating 4 sets of 6 personalized cookies each

Earth to Alice is @Earth2Alice, and they are  donating one custom handbag and a custom jewelry board

Sarah Colonna is @SarahColonna, and she’s  donating one autographed copy of Life As I Blow It

Creative Travel Mug is @CreativeTravMug, and they are  donating one custom travel mug with sports top

Dandelion Goods is @DomesticDish, and she is  donating $60 to spend in her leather handcrafted goods store (her clutches and scarves are fab!)

And if you don’t already follow them (what’s wrong with you?), you can find Eyedews on Facebook and Twitter.

I want to win a Facedew! I’ll be there tomorrow…will you?