Anatomy of a Blog Post

How long does it take you to write a post? Do you sit down and write it all at once? Scribble down thoughts and ideas as they come to you? Or is it a process that takes days or hours?

For me, I used to sit down and write and be done with a post within an hour. But since deciding to breathe new life into my blog and my writing, I’ve found myself scribbling notes down on scraps of paper, as notes in my phone, or in emails to myself. I do this when I have a thought that I don’t want to forget, even though I may not be ready to write about it entirely yet. Other times, I have whole chunks of a post that I want to jot down before I forget what I want to say.

Here’s an example of my work:

how to write a blog post

Arrows this way and that. Scribbles that are almost illegible (even to me sometimes!). Mispellings. Little punctuation. Free writing; thoughts that flow from one to another without any shape or rhythm. It’s ugly, but it works for me.

Actually, this piece of paper has four different posts ideas started on it. One was the beginning (actually the middle) of my listen to your gut post. Towards the bottom, you can see I noted “Anatomy of a Blog Post”…this post…with an arrow pointing towards something I wanted to say. There’s a post-it-note attached for another blog idea that I have but haven’t completed yet, and on the left hand side of the paper is a guest post I’m working on that I haven’t finished yet. It’s a big one that I’m excited about!

It may not be the cleanest, most organized way to work, but it’s working for me. Since I started this way of doing things, I have 43 posts in draft. These are all ideas that I probably would have forgotten about had I not taken the time to write them down. This is the most drafts I’ve ever had since I started blogging in 2010!

There’s no manual out there for the proper way to know how to write a blog post. There’s no right or wrong. But it’s interesting to learn everybody’s methods. So tell me, what does the anatomy of one of your blog posts look like?


  1. Mine are almost always freewriting; or I take two freewriting ideas and put them together. Often, I have little Post-its of ideas and then I pound out something and then it needs some cajoling into shape. :) Kristin Shaw recently posted..MilestonesMy Profile
  2. Every notepad in my house looks like that :) Poppy recently posted..What is Sverve?My Profile
  3. My post-writing process has changed over the past six months or so. Now I start drafts in WordPress or jot notes on my phone if I am away from the computer. I have a lot of drafts started and sometimes I combine them or finish one over time. Other times, something will happen and I am out-of-the-blue inspired and just have to write the post *now.* Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted..StripesMy Profile
  4. It takes me generally 3 hours to write a post top to bottom - including editing the photos and SEO'ing the stupid thing. It's so daunting some nights. Lately, I've been starting a new draft and throwing an idea, or just a few words in there, or maybe a link to an article I read. It takes the pressure off for sure. I also carry a notebook with me and write down a ton of notes if I'm feeling inspired. wendy recently posted..30 Days of OrganizingMy Profile
  5. I usually sit down and type at the computer but I have a notebook and pen right by my bed because sometimes I wake up with ideas and have to write them down right then. I can knock out a post pretty fast, especially if it is primarily photos but the writing ones definitely take longer... It is interesting to see other people's methods, for sure! Elaine A. recently posted..Staples Arc Organizing System {Giveaway}My Profile
  6. Like you I have papers all over the place, stuck in my purse..resting on my nightstand, cluttering up my work desk, with ideas, lines that I am trying to get just right etc all scribbled and waiting. I ruminate too much, think WAY too much about what I'm writing and how I am writing it which is why my posts are not every day , I can't seem to bang out posts, I must think on them. Kir recently posted..Someone Like You Makes it All Worth WhileMy Profile
  7. I write down bullet points when I get an idea for a post, then expand on it later. If I actually have time to write when the idea hits, I just free write and edit after a few reads. That is usually my best work. :) Thanks for sharing your process! Alison recently posted..Four, Never FiveMy Profile


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