How Often Do Kids Need A Bath? (The Answer Might Surprise You!)

Okay, I’m gonna be honest. I don’t think that kids need a bath every day. And the kids hate taking a bath, so it’s always a battle. Jason on the other hand freaks out if they don’t get a daily bath or shower. I think if I wipe ’em down, what’s it gonna hurt if they take a bath every other day? Especially in the summertime when they are in the pool and sprinklers all day. So how often do kids need a bath?

Now I’m focusing on kids that are the same age as my kids. The girls are almost 6, and Ethan is almost 8. I found this on the American Academy of  Dermatology’s (AAD) site (they also include other recommendations for kids of all ages):

How Often Do Kids Need A Bath?

How often do kids need a bath? Depending on their age, the answer might surprise you! After all, we've all heard the saying, “A little dirt doesn’t hurt?"

How often do kids need a bath? At least once or twice a week? I honestly think they need one more often than that. And my bad for counting the pool as a bath! As long as you rinse them off, I don’t see the need for a bath.

The AAD strongly recommends regular hand washing, and I loved this handwashing how-to post because I showed it and read it to the kids and they “got” it.

The AAD also recommends making bathtime fun (easier said than done sometimes) and offered these tips:

  • Play with a favorite (waterproof) toy.
  • Listen to favorite stories.
  • Read a book made especially for taking into the bathtub.
  • Have fun with an adventure that you create to make bath time fun.

I never thought of reading to them in the bath tub! Duh! So I tried it and it works! There’s no water on the floor from them splashing around like crazy kids, and it helps us transition from bathtime to bedtime.

And I love the way that the Washington Post answered the question how often do kids need a bath: “It all seems pretty straightforward; wash your kid if he stinks or is visibly dirty, but otherwise we can relax a bit on being clean as a whistle. Wash hands regularly with good old fashioned soap and water and spot clean with a washcloth between baths, and I’m willing to bet everyone will be happier (and healthier). After all, haven’t we all heard the saying, “A little dirt doesn’t hurt?”

How often do kids need a bath? Depending on their age, the answer might surprise you! After all, we've all heard the saying, “A little dirt doesn’t hurt?"

So of course I wondered how often everybody else bathes their kids. I asked on Facebook, and got a ton of responses. If you’d like to see them all, you can read them here.

Now it’s your turn! How often do you bathe your kids?


  1. The plan is every-other-day . . . but, well, sometimes that does or doesn't happen. Wednesdays, always, after swimming lessons. Sunday mornings, nearly always, they shower with me. And then, throughout the week? It's really when they're showing signs of being dirty/smelly -- or, if they ask for one (and we have fun in the bath, playing & reading & singing . . . so they commonly ask for one). John (Daddy Runs a Lot) recently posted..Where I chronicle a busy, fun weekend, renewing the “daddy” part of my handleMy Profile
  2. For us it is daily, either before or after dinner. It's a routine we established when they were babies, after shower or bath we do a light massage to apply lavender body lotion.
  3. Danielle says:
    About once a week. My kids have very sensitive skin, an bathing them more frequently dries their skin out. We used to do daily/every other day with our oldest, but his skin problems got so bad that we cut back eventually to just once a week. We wipe them down, wash their hands, and give them a bath sooner if they really need it. I have four kids, 6, 4, 3, and 1, and bathing them is very time consuming! And I plan to have them shower more as they get older and need it more.