How I Spend My Free Time: Swooning Over Taste Of Home

I subscribe to a lot of magazines. A LOT of them. I guess you could say I’m a magazine junkie. I get excited around the third week of the month because I know that the next month’s magazines are going to start rolling in. Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Real Simple, Redbook, Woman’s Day…not to mention all of the cooking magazines I subscribe to. You’d probably roll your eyes if I told you how many.

taste_of_home_magazine But my favorite magazine by far (and it has been for years) is Taste of Home. What kind of cooking will you find in this magazine? How about recipes for real food from real home cooks. I’m talking recipes that you can make every night of the week. Recipes that don’t require a ton of ingredients, time or energy. If you aren’t a fan of cooking, you are so weird and I don’t understand how you can not love to cook this magazine is for you because the recipes you’ll find in this magazine are so simply written that you can’t mess them up.

There are pictures of each recipe included, so if you’re like me and eat with your eyes, it’s the perfect way to get your tummy rumbling. Each recipe tells you the prep and cook time, so you know just how long it will take to make them. And they are accurate times, too. Some magazines I’ve come across tend to say “30 minute meals”, but they end up taking much longer than that for me to make.

healthy_cooking_magazine Taste of Home also publishes Healthy Cooking Magazine, which I hadn’t ever had a chance to check out before. On the cover of the October/November issue? Sinful Cinnamon Bread…yes please! This recipes don’t taste or look any less yummy; they’re just more healthier ways of cooking. Watch out Taste of Home, I may have a new favorite!

I think my favorite part of the magazine…the page I look for first…is the test kitchen makeovers, where they take a classic, favorite recipe for something that automatically makes you think “fattening” and they make it over for a healthier version. The makeover spinach and artichoke casserole is to die for, and you would never know it was actually only 245 calories a serving!

For some reason, the good people over at Taste of Home sent me two copies of each magazine. Which means I have copes to give to you! If you haven’t ever checked out Taste of Home or Healthy Cooking, now’s your chance! Just leave a comment and if you are selected, I’ll send you copies!

This giveaway begins on Tuesday, November 1st and will end on Monday, November 7th, 2011 at 8:30 pm. One winner with a valid entry will be selected at random using The winner will be announced the following day and must respond within 48 hours to claim. Otherwise, another eligible entry will be chosen.

Disclosure: I received free copies of Taste of Home and Healthy Cooking magazines. All opinions expressed are my own, and I love both of these magazines!


  1. I used to get TofH and loved it. Some of my favourite recipes come from their magazine. I totally eat with my eyes to. A recipe without a picture is likely never going to be made!
  2. I'm down with anything that has to do with cooking. Both hubs and I love to cook. We're always trying new recipes!
  3. I used to get Taste of Home. The recipes are great. I have all my old issues and go through them periodically looking for something different. It is an awesome magazine.
  4. I haven't heard of either of these magazines, which is surprising because I'm a huge magazine junkie too!!
  5. I also love Taste Of Home, though I've never subscribed. I should do so, since it's cheaper than always buying it at the grocery store :)
  6. I used to hate to cook. Now that my boys are 11 and 13 and have huge appetites, I have found that I enjoy cooking if I'm trying new things all the time. I hate having the same meals every week. Taste of Home sounds like something I need to check out!
  7. i just picked up the chrismas edition of TOH & now really debating getting a subscription or two.
  8. Mmm... Those recipes sound delicious! Thanks for sponsoring such a great giveaway!
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