How I Met My Husband

Rach over at Life With Baby Donut invited me to share the story of how Jason and I met…and how could I say no? It’s actually a story I’ve had in draft forever, and I just haven’t sat down to write it.

Some of you know that I was married before and in a pretty crappy relationship. My ex and I had just separated a few months before I met Jason, and I was very excited to be single and play the field.  I had dated my ex since I was a junior in high school and we were married three years…we were together a total of 8 years and I was ready to have some fun.

So how did we meet? I crashed a wedding. No, seriously…I actually crashed a wedding! I knew the groom, but not well enough to be invited to the wedding. I was living with my sister and her husband at the time, and they were invited to the wedding. They talked me into going with them since I would know a lot of the guests and I needed to get out and have some fun. So I went.

Jason is four years older than me, so we never went to school together. When I got to high school, he had already graduated. I had never seen him before the day of the wedding, he was a groomsman, and one of the groom’s best friends. It’s strange that I knew the groom but not Jason because we all ran in the same crowds. My brother-in-law told me that Jason dated a lot of girls, was going to be a bachelor forever, and would be a perfect guy for me to date for fun. Although I told my brother-in-law I didn’t want him to try to set us up, I did agree that he could introduce me to Jason.

He introduced us at the reception, we chatted for a minute, and Jason walked away. I didn’t think much more about it until I was out dancing with some girlfriends and he came up and started dancing with us. No more than a song or two later, a slow song came on…Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye. He asked if I wanted to dance, and so we did.

By the way, Let’s Get It On was the first song we danced to as husband and wife at our wedding reception!

Anyways, we all ended up going back to the hotel we were staying at, and Jason and I ended up talking alone for the next 4 or 5 hours. We talked about everything…and believe it or not, we realized that he grew up right around the block from me! Literally, if you walked out my front door and hopped to the next street over, you would walk right up to his front door. Nothing happened that night but talking and a kiss, and when he asked for my phone number, I gave it to him.

He didn’t call me for three days! I figured he wasn’t interested, and when he did (finally) call me we talked for almost two hours and he asked me to lunch. I accepted, and since that first lunch date, we have been inseparable.

So much for me playing the field, huh?

I met his mom and sister about a month after that first date…they instantly loved me and I instantly loved them. His dad had died the month before we met, so I never met him. But the next time I saw Jason’s sister (the infamous Auntie S – Tater’s favorite person in the entire world), she told me that she had a dream, and in the dream her dad told her that he had sent Jason an angel. It was just a day or so after she had that dream that Jason and I met.

wedding photoJason is the most amazing man in the world, and I love him with all of my heart and then some. He is kind, caring, more concerned about mine and the kids’ well-being than his own. He is generous, wicked smart, and can laugh at himself…probably the trait that I admire the most.

Well, that is the story of how I met my husband. How did you meet yours?

And Mom…Happy Birthday! And yes, I agree that all of those fireworks are for you!


  1. Your wedding pic is gorgeous! I love that you used that as your first song! So funny how we meet the man we're supposed to be with forever when we aren't looking at all!
  2. Who knew gatecrashing could be so much fun? :) I believe that some people are meant to be together. You and Jason clearly are. That photo speaks volumes.
    • seriously?!? i can't get over the color of these pics! and the cookie shot? geuins. val's a lucky lady to have such talented photographers capture her and tyler's big day! these are so amazing!
  3. That's so funny he grew up right next to you and you'd never met!! I guess when the time is right, it's JUST right!
  4. Awe, sweet story and such a beautiful picture! My husband fixed my rear end. (ROFL!) Seriously, that's how we met. He fixed the differental in my Mustang.
  5. Love that you crashed a wedding and what a great story. And your pic, what a fairy tale image!
  6. That is so super sweet ;)
  7. I love it! God works in mysterious ways. I met my husband in a bar during my last girls weekend with my best friend before I moved from East TN to Nashville. I had had bad relationship after bad relationship and just wanted to be single. I ended up in Newnan, GA (not Nashville where I had a job/apartment/knew people) the next weekend and have been here ever since. It will be 6 years next month. See, we are proof fairy tales really do happen!
  8. What an gorgeous wedding picture! Isn't it funny how life plays out? Love finds us when we're not even looking:)
  9. That picture really captures your sincere love and happiness together!
  10. Wow...the part about sending him an angel brought tears to my eyes! Great story :)
  11. A totally meant-to-be relationship! The part about his sister's dream is so cool. Thanks for sharing!
  12. That is a beautiful pic and a wonderful story..good thing you were a wedding crasher!
  13. Awesome story! Although our stories are nothing alike, there are some similar threads. My husband and I couldn't STOP talking when we first met. And then there was that girl at the bar who told him that he would meet the "girl of his dreams" in the next month only five days before we actually met.
  14. Sweet story! How strange that you grew up that close but never met?! I guess timing really is everything! GORGEOUS wedding picture!!
  15. Such a sweet story and what a gorgeous picture! I love that you guys grew up as neighbors but never met!
  16. Aw, I love your story. My hubby is Jason too and I was married before also. Such a romantic story. I love how you never ended up playing the field after all.
  17. You crash weddings? Is there anything you won't / don't do?! :) I love your "how we met story" and that wedding photo is gorgeous. I wish you & Jason a lifetime of happiness. xoxo