This House Needs A Mouse – Book Review

Kids love books full of rhymes and cute pictures that have them finding new things every time they look at them. They also love books that make them giggle, and parents love books that teach kids something important (even though the kids may not realize that it’s happened.) This House Needs A Mouse by C. Jeffrey Nunnally fits the bill on all accounts.

This House Needs A Mouse – Book Review

This House Needs A Mouse by C. Jeffrey Nunnally is an entertaining read for kids about a mouse with a mission to leave his caged life by finding a family to take care of. It's full of rhymes, silly pictures, and is fun to read!

This House Needs A Mouse is the story of a:




This mouse is a very busy mouse who wants nothing more than to find a home full of crumbs he can take care of. He hates living life in a cage, and decides that he needs to find a family who will take him home.

He finds the perfect family – or they find him – when they go looking at the pet store for a mouse to take care of all of the crumbs that their toddler leaves throughout the house.

Life is good, and he becomes an important part of the family, until the mom has a baby and they realize the house is too small. The mouse stays with the house, and the family moves away as another family moves in.

The new family isn’t quite so crazy about having a mouse living in their house. They try to get rid of the mouse by getting a (very lazy) cat who ends up being taken back to the pet shop.

The new family tries everything to get rid of the mouse, but this is a rodent with resolve! Nothing works. Until the family realizes they really do need a mouse and decide to let him stay.

With a cheerful surprise at the end of This House Needs A Mouse, it’s quickly become a book that my kids have asked to read again and again. Ethan likes to read it to his sisters “because it’s fun to read all those rhyming words.” The girls like to have the story read to them “because of the words and the funny pictures.”

I like This House Needs A Mouse because it teaches that a family can be more than just the people you are related to. The best part about having friends (or loving a helpful mouse!) is that you can choose to make them a part of your family.

This House Needs A Mouse is available now for you to purchase on the book’s websiteAmazonBarnes and Noble, and Big Tent Books. You can also find This House Needs A Mouse on Facebook and tweet with the author C. Jeffrey Nunnally on Twitter.

Disclaimer. I received a copy of This House Needs A Mouse to assist in my review. No other compensation was received.


  1. I love that each of your kids get something out of it! (and Mom does too) Alison recently posted..I Am DoneMy Profile
  2. Thank you so much for reviewing my book! And such a kind review, too. I am so glad that your children enjoy the language of the book. That was my goal! Hope they continue to enjoy it! C. Jeffrey Nunnally